Scorpio’s Super Full Moon ~ stirring up love

Tonight’s Super Moon waxes full at 9:31 pm MST, at 7 degrees in the watery depths of Scorpio.
She opposes the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury in Taurus, activates a T-square to Saturn in Aquarius, and invites us to open ourselves to the sacred, honest and potent space of what we love and how we empower it.

In fixed signs, these energies are magnetic and pull our attention to what we’re attracting with our thoughts, words and actions, but mostly with our primal, unconscious desires.

What is it that we’re longing for in terms of security, values and comfort (Taurus) and passion, power and deep transformative drives (Scorpio)?

The T-square to Saturn in Aquarius brings limitless – or limited – possibilities into the picture, depending on how open our minds and hearts are to transforming and transcending current structures that hold us back.

How does what we desire and hold close to our hearts serve all sentient beings?

The activation to Uranus in Taurus suggests that circumstances outside of our control could be the impetus to changes that need to happen. Whenever Uranus is involved, it’s critical to remember that while we can’t control what happens in our world we can always control our responses to events and situations.

Coming to the center of the Scorpio/Taurus axis allows us to know and embody the power of love.
May the light of this powerful moon alight upon us in ways that stir our collective soul toward love, for the highest good of all relations.

Blessings, always.
~ Christina


Awakening our Spark of Light with the New Moon in Aries

The New Moon blesses us tonight, April 11, 2021 at 8:31 pm MDT. She opens us to the creative fire of Aries, where she joins the Sun at 22 degrees, with Venus, Ceres, Mercury and Chiron nearby in the sign that starts the zodiacal journey. We begin again in spring in the Northern hemisphere, and like the shoots that breakthrough soil to drink in the warmth of the Sun, we are given another opportunity to come alive. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “The Gate Opens to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.” This New Moon makes supportive sextile aspects to Mars in Gemini, where energy follows attention, and Jupiter in Aquarius, where adaptability is understood, emphasizing integration of what we’ve discovered and experienced in order to expand into our potential. Mars and Jupiter are joined in an airy trine of possibility, so creating space to connect to higher ideas serves us well this month.

Meanwhile, a mutable square from Mars in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces challenges us to not give up when doubt and uncertainty surface. The mutability of this square offers some fluidity if we work together, knowing that we’re not alone in our struggles.

While the abundance of Aries energy of this lunar cycle feels like a breath of fresh air, it is important to take the time to reflect on what we’ve created personally and collectively up to this point. A square from the New Moon to Pluto in Capricorn urges us to dive deeper into our journeys to uncover and claim what has been buried, repressed, and/or denied. Shadows are part of us, too, and call out to be embraced.

May we be kind to ourselves ~ and each other ~ in this critical time of integration and transformation into wholeness. For the highest good of all relations ~

The garden is calling, and I must go…
With great love and light, always.
~ Christina


Reflections on Libra’s Full Moon and the healing power of love ~

The angles that this moon makes to celestial bodies to further our collective evolution brings a healing balm to my soul.

The Moon in Libra forms an air trine between Saturn in Aquarius and the North Lunar Node and Mars in Gemini. An inconjunction from the Moon to Uranus in Taurus and Pallas Athena in Pisces activates the ongoing square between Uranus to Saturn.

Meanwhile, the Moon reflects the pure light of consciousness, love, and light of the Sun, Chiron, Venus and Ceres in Aries and a partnership between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces strengthens our commitment to Divinity and Unity.

I immediately make the connection to the current of fresh ideas and possibilities that expand our understanding of ourselves in relation to others when we embrace the perspective of inclusivity.

Standing in the middle of this energetic field of possibility, I embody the essence of life and unequivocally know that love is crucial to our survival. The sensation is palpable and deeply comforting as evidence of unresolved trauma and pain continually surfaces on our planet to be healed.
Here’s to opening our minds and hearts to the energy of the cosmos and embracing all that is possible in the ever-expanding realm of universal love and light. We are the catalysts of our expansion.

With abundant gratitude and love ~
~ Christina

Manifesting the Compassion of the Piscean New Moon

Piscean blessings float upon the mist we breathe when we open our hearts to love.

March’s New Moon partners with Venus and Neptune, creating an infinite pool of compassion for our journey into grace. Our need for self-care deepens with the tenderness of love, and our efforts ripple outward, touching every living thing on our sacred planet.  If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ~ Dalai Lama

With abundant grace and blessings for all relations.
~ Christina

Reinforcing Aquarian Inspiration

The second New Moon of 2021 invites us to look up and be inspired. The air is filled with possibilities for our collective evolutionary leap in consciousness. As each of us expresses and energizes our deepest hopes and wishes, our power to manifest them expands exponentially.
The New Moon on February 11, 2021 at 12:05 pm MST offers a lineup of seven celestial bodies in the fixed air sign of Aquarius.

~ The Aquarian Sun blesses us with the drawing power of perceived future possibilities. It motivates us to evolve, to make progress and to break physical limits and laws.
~ The Moon in Aquarius is a galactic, conscious channel of inspiration and ideas that serve the common good of all sentient beings. Our collective Soul calls us home.
~ The asteroid Pallas Athena in Aquarius is aligned with intelligence and awareness. She invites us to venture into the distant future with confidence and strength.
~ Aquarian Mercury gifts us with an inventive mind, impersonal thought and adaptation. The Aquarian mind has the gift to mediate between human and universal, galactic thought. Its retrograde motion calls us to pause and infuse our thoughts and words with these higher frequencies.
~ Venus in Aquarius turns our hearts to the frequency of unconditional love, and takes us into the realm of impersonal, non-possessive love. Our values are non-judgmental and self-worth is inclusive here, and life  and love for all are valued and absolute.
~ Jupiter in Aquarius helps us to expand beyond our normal limits by embodying our potential naturally and without effort.
~ Aquarian Saturn heightens our intuitive guidance and reminds us that each of us has the inborn right to be unique. Limits become broken or galactic and we know that we have the right to live beyond boundaries.

Signs in fixed modalities are self-sustaining and they substantiate activity. In the air element of Aquarius, this process occurs by the reinforcement of ideas. This New Moon cycle is the perfect time to ask ourselves what thoughts and ideas we’re reinforcing, and the square to Mars in Taurus calls us to make sure that these are worthwhile.
In other words, do our thoughts and ideas align with matters of the heart? 
Will our expression of them serve the common good of all? 
Here’s to breathing in the celestial gifts that stir within our hearts and minds during this New Moon cycle. Here’s to stretching ourselves further than we’ve gone before and then further, still.  Here’s to aligning with what is possible for all of us, for the collective body of beauty, light and form that we are, from the perspective of Aquarius. For the highest good of all relations.
With expansive blessings and love.
Always, love.
~ Christina

2021 ~ Restoring Harmony

One of the overriding themes of the year ahead is to restore balance and harmony to what is broken. We still have much work to do, as January brings myriad challenging astrological aspects that call us to consider our ability to respond to situations and the emotions they spark.
Maintaining a daily regimen of mindfulness serves us well this month and sets the stage for the individual and collective healing that the year ahead requires.

Since our greatest point of power, and therefore our work, is always in this moment, if we continually show up when discord stirs within and around us, we can see and own our shortcomings, flaws, doubts and misgivings. When we’re able to do this while incrementally increasing our expressions of self-love, our capacity to love others grows exponentially. This
is how the integration that 2021 is calling for will take place. Nourish self; nourish all.
This is a perfect time to keep clarifying what truly matters and nurture it as if our lives depend upon it. Hopefully, we find ourselves at the center of this exploration and our unconditional love and acceptance spirals outward and upward, expanding all that it touches.

The universe thrives on change and expansion, and we are as much agents of it as the celestial bodies of which we are made.
Here’s to daring to show up again and again as integrated beings of wholeness, perfect in our imperfection and willing to support ourselves and each other with compassion, grace and love.

With great courage and blessings, and always, love.
~ Christina

Full Moon in Cancer ~ Honoring light and shadow as 2020 comes to a close

As the Moon waxes full in Cancer tonight and peaks at 8:28 pm MST, I’m reminded of – and awed by – how much she affects and blesses us.
Her presence and power are constant, even as she changes form. Each of her phases shapes us in different ways, but she is always there, even when invisible.

A shape shifter of souls, she takes us on journeys across time and space. For this final full moon in Cancer during the year of 2020, I am called to honor her light, her shadow and her darkness, along with ours.

In her balsamic phase, when she’s dark and invisible, we dive deep into ourselves and our desires. Ideas percolate and gestate here, stirred by our attention.

With her seam of light, we are born anew, and her thin waxing crescent of potential awaits our impulses and intentions.
As she grows into her first quarter or half moon, possibilities increase and if we are awake enough to notice and wise enough to trust, opportunities begin to coalesce around us.
Half moons bring a sense of clarity and balance – tipping points where we can go this way or that, choose one path or another. It’s up to us to build our dreams.Momentum increases as she moves from her half moon phase into her waxing gibbous phase and the choices we’ve made are supported, regardless of our opinions, judgments, wishes or hopes.

When she waxes full, her light spills upon our path and beyond it – illuminating what is calling for realization and celebration while supporting our way forward.
In her waning gibbous phase, we begin to release what is not yet born and needs more time. Her third quarter phase is another tipping point, but this one turns us toward what needs to be trimmed and/or cut away for the next cycle of growth.

Her waning crescent helps us to surrender further and invites us to trust ourselves and the process of creation all over again.
With infinite gratitude, I recall all of the times she carried me across the expanse of night, helped me maneuver the terrain of what is felt but not seen, and emerge into the light of day.

The sense of what was, is, and will be possible fills me as I recall her surrendering in the western sky at dawn while the Sun, her partner in this dance of light and shadow and soul, claimed the day with me.

As her fullness shines upon us tonight and highlights the closure of this tumultuous year of contraction, growth and expansion, I bow to her demonstration of constancy in the midst of transformation and pray that we emulate her shape shifting brilliance for the highest good of all relations and sentient beings.

With infinite blessings of light and shadow and everything in-between,
~ Christina




A Winter Solstice Prayer ~

As Jupiter and Saturn partner together and invite us into a new era, may we be wise and brave enough to join them. 

May we open our minds and hearts enough to discover innovative solutions to global problems with the aid of Jupiter’s transit into Aquarius.

May we stretch ourselves beyond the limits of what we believe possible with Saturn’s support as it transits into Aquarius. 
With warm Winter Solstice blessings to all,
Always love.
~ Christina

Reflections on December 2020’s New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

On the eve of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius,
here’s to reflecting on what is true for us and letting everything else
soften into the sacred space that we share with all sentient beings.

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Sagittarius peaks at 9:15 am MST/9:17 am MST respectively, December 14, 2020, and it brings us yet another opportunity to release our beliefs, language and behaviors that no longer serve our highest expression. 

As I align with the stars and ground to the earth during the final moments of the balsamic moon on the eve of this celestial event, I’m aware that I’m closest to my highest truths when I’m immersed in nature. Its authentic beauty takes me to a place of stillness that stretches beyond time and space ~ and plants me right here, right now. Centered here, my reach has no limits and everything is possible.

Here’s to each of us connecting to our ultimate truths and allowing others to do the same as we journey upward together.

Blessings always,
~ Christina

Gemini’s Lunar Eclipse ~ Embracing and healing our collective story with love

As the year draws toward its close and I pour over the lunar cycles and eclipses left before the days grow lighter on the Winter Solstice, I’m struck by these questions:

~ What if the stories of our collective past simply yearn to be acknowledged?

~ What if the burdens of lineage to which we’re tied desire nothing more than to venture out of the shadows into the healing light of our hearts?

~ How refreshing and profound would it be if we met current triggers of past traumas with a welcoming sense of gratitude instead of dread?

Maybe the season of giving follows the season of gratitude in a way that aligns perfectly with the higher truth of both states of being.

When we are grateful, we are generous.
When we are generous, we are grateful.
In both states of being, we are for giving, and we are blessed.

What if we embraced all of the personal and collective pain that is emerging now with the spirit of gratitude, generosity, and forgiveness?

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse at November 30, 2020 at 2:43 am MST, helps us clear the way forward by encouraging us to let go of what is dying. With the Moon at the eighth degree of Gemini and the Sun opposing it in Sagittarius, this eclipse asks us to speak of what is leaving in a way that honors its truth even as we bid it farewell. If we can do this with words wrapped in love and gratitude in our hearts, we can harness the limitless power of the spoken word and embrace the expansive optimism of Sagittarius.  In two short weeks, on December 14, 2020 at 9:15 am MST, we’ll have another opportunity to continue clearing the way forward during the Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius. We’ll be called once again to open our minds and hearts to the higher truths of humanity’s collective consciousness and own our part in creating it. As we acknowledge and release our pain now, we’ll be more prepared to co-create a place worthy of our presence.

Here’s to mining the collective treasures of our deeper work and creating a new world where we abide in love together.With peace and light, for all relations.
~ Christina