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Growing Lighter ~

Coming soon to a night sky near you ~ can you feel her energy growing?
On December 13th, 2016 at 5:05 pm MST, the Moon waxes Full in Gemini.

Which questions will we pose to Sources wiser than ourselves in order to expand our consciousness? Instead of expecting answers that are black/white – either/or – yes/no, can we consider those that honor both/and?

Can we entertain the idea that the answers we seek lie within the questions?
And then, can we trust the answers to which we are guided?

Here’s to our connection to and expansion of the Light ~

Sacred Waters of Scorpio’s New Moon ~

New Moons are a time to plant intentions, wishes, hopes, and seeds.

The New Moon in Scorpio today finds me wrapping my prayers
in the darkness of the Earth, not for my personal healing,

but for the healing of our collective Family of All Relations.


sacred water

Scorpio energy has a flowing, pulsating intensity about it ~ an innate desire and potency to create life by fusing the polar opposite energies of male and female. Its core energy signature is POWER. Opposite Scorpio in the zodiac, Taurus holds the stable, grounding energy of Mother Earth, that nurtures, nourishes, and feeds us. Its core energy signature is LOVE. 

During these divisive and polarized times, as we are transmuting the vast distortion of control and power on our planet, my prayers on this New Moon are planted deep in the truth of our potential to merge and embody Power and Love ~ with a deep commitment and knowing that both energies shall be fused until a new way of living emerges. In that new expression of being, our Collective Heart pulsates with the Power of Love, and Blessings flow to all beings ~
~ Christina


bronze by Alan Houser: prayer for rain


Full Moon in Aries ~ dreaming and co-creating a new path ~

explosion of love

What if the volatility of October’s Full Moon at 23 degrees Aries, that bumps up against Uranus (the planet of surprising and inspiring events) and squares Pluto (the planet of utter transformation and the busting up of old, worn-out systems), and Mars (the planet of reaching out for our desires), resulted in an explosion of LOVE? 

Uranus’s energy pattern implores us to expand what we know. It inspires us to stretch beyond our current boundaries that may have once had their usefulness, but no longer serve our growth.

Uranus rules the zodiac Air sign of Aquarius, so if we consider those we know with Aquarian natures, we likely conjure out-of-the-box thinkers, who often seem to dwell in a world very different than most. Ingenuity is theirs, along with inspiration to see and create solutions that serve the whole of humanity. Now, imagine Uranus, with all of those qualities and impulses, in the innovative and survival-oriented sign of Aries. Uber-confident, fiery Aries is intent on paving new pathways for others to follow for the survival of self-identity, yes, but also, ultimately for the survival of its species. Surely, if we are to survive, the best of both expressions must be cultivated.

This Full Moon in Aries, on October 15th, Saturday night, at 10:23 pm MST, illuminates explosion of lightthose paths, and invites us to open new doorways to opportunities beyond our imagination, individually and collectively. It squares Pluto in Capricorn, which is perfectly poised to draw our attention to the systems of power and control that need to crumble in order for new life to emerge and flourish. It would be hard to deny that our larger limiting systems of power and control are breaking down in the world. Fortunately, there is increased awareness and transparency of the abuses of power in our world, and many of us are responding to the call to reclaim it. The elevated aspects of Pluto in Capricorn lead us to the wisdom of harnessing the power to co-create our experience and our reality. There is no place for victim-consciousness or remaining stuck in a cycle of blame. Instead, the square in the sky between places power in our realm, and allows us to choose our way forward with our thoughts, words, and actions. Since Pluto is currently conjunct, or next to Mars in Capricorn, the square from the Full Moon amplifies the strong desire we may feel to bust through our limiting belief systems and the structures in the world that keep them intact. Mars may add to our sense of urgency and volatility at this time, so taking care to pause and connect to our collective desires – where everyone wins – aligns us with the wisdom and honorable nature of Capricorn. 

Finally, the Sun in Libra, whose Light illuminates the Full Moon in Aries, must become part of the conversation. Libra: where the scales of balance are weighed; where Venus has her say and the Laws of Love and Harmony come into play; where beauty abides and everyone is valued equally and unequivocally, and we all win.  

What if, as all of these cosmic energies arrange themselves, we choose to see their alignment for our greater good, and then focus on the abundant opportunities to
stretch, bend, and grow our collective heart? 

what if?

It is here that I will meet you tomorrow night, sleeping in the glow of Libran light cast upon the Arian Moon, dreaming and co-creating a new path,
for the good of all relations…

With infinite blessings to all,
Christina ~

Connecting the Lines…still.

light ~Connecting the Lines ~ 

After September 11th. After the Writer’s Workshop. After driving into the rain that comes at you sideways, straight on, reaching its destination despite the massive rock faces that line the highway. After the jackrabbit leaves its safe stand of still-golden aspen and blue spruce and bounds across the open meadow even as a red-tailed hawk circles the twilight sky.

September 12th, 2001 ~

“Look, mom, I’m an airplane!” she squeaks, belly down on her U-shaped swing, tiny four-year-old feet running on the threadbare grass as she approaches it then lifting up as she takes off laughing with unbridled joy. I hear her squeals and I want more than anything for everyone on Earth to know this moment. Her laughter, though, rings out to a silent sky on this late summer afternoon. She twists her swing now, winding around and around and through my tears I glimpse her white-blonde hair twirling against the deep green grass as she lets go, spinning swiftly, freely. Dizzy squeaks of delight intercept my thoughts of peace and grief and together they become a prayer.

October 6th

I walk up the 13 stairs of my redwood deck and I see my husband on the couch watching the Texas-OU football game while our four-year-old daughter sits on the floor playing animal doctor with her stuffed husky dog. The one that resembles our real husky, Sasha, whom we buried on a snowy evening last November.

Their backs are to me and I hear my daughter say, “Hey Dad, are the guys in the striped suits there to make sure nobody cheats?” He begins to explain, “Well, sort of-” But then she hears me close the gate. “Mom is home!” she screams, running to the front door, her blue and yellow plastic stethoscope flying from her neck as she jumps
up to my open arms and we squeeze each other so tight it almost hurts. Then we squeeze each other some more. As we sit on the couch her Sasha dog tumbles in a black and white spiral to the floor. She picks it up, makes sure the band-aid is still stuck to her fur and hugs me again.

When she gets off of my lap to get her stethoscope, I turn to my husband kissing him first just behind his left ear because I know that gives him goosebumps and his right one does not. He turns off the television and waits for me to tell him about my trip, his face a question. But because I know he loves football about as much as I love writing, I turn the tv. back on and relax back into his arms. “I can wait,” I say. “No, really, I’d rather hear how it went.” “Yeah, mom, tell us,” our daughter says as she grabs the remote to silence the game.

“Well,” I begin, “the first animal I saw was a jackrabbit soaked in the pink light of sunset running out of some golden aspen trees into a meadow. Then I drove through rain that came out of the sky sideways, straight at me! And, there were dogs there that you wouldn’t believe,” I say, noticing her eyes get bigger along with her smile. “One dog, named Bandit, was chestnut red,” I tell them, “and at lunch he jumped through the air and stole a burger out of a guy’s hand without even touching anything but the burger.” We all laugh and she quickly asks, “Can you tell that one again, mom?”

“Wait,” I answer, “because there is another story about a dog who was this tall,” my hand stretched out as high as my hip, “who chased two stray cows out of the yard until they jumped over the fence into their pasture. She was an Irish Wolfhound with long gray hair the color of the ashes in our wood stove.” “There was another Irish Wolfhound, too,” I continue, “that was the color of the television screen when it is turned off. He was very wise and he had three legs instead of four. He had two legs in back and one in front—
“Why did he, mom?” she interrupts, “well, he had cancer,” I reply.
 “Like Sasha?” she asks.
 “Yeah, a little bit like Sasha,” I say quietly.
“Oh,” she whispers.

And I know that these are the stories she will ask me to tell her over and over in the days ahead. Always with new questions pouring out of her: what was on the burger? was it a veggie-burger or a meat burger? did the three-legged dog have a tail? did the other wolf-dog jump over the fence after the cows? and on and on until she connects the lines for herself.

October 7th

We used to have this ritual every Sunday morning where we made breakfast together. Whole-wheat oatmeal pancakes, wildberry and real maple syrup, vegetarian sausage, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. They surprise me with it today. It is so delicious it reminds me of the meals I had at the writer’s workshop in the mountains, meals cooked by people with enormous love in their hearts.

It is the middle of the day. I am on the living room floor finishing a collage I began on September 15th. Around me are scissors, cloud-covered poster board, glue sticks, and countless images so full of heart it makes me ache.

I start with the one my daughter picked, the American flag—at half-mast—high above the Rocky Mountains, distant shapes of violet and indigo as the sun begins to rest. My daughter thinks that every flag she sees is a prayer, and a part of me kind of agrees with her.

Now I glue on the close-up black and white of two women holding hands at a makeshift memorial, their tears mingling together as their faces touch side by side.

I am trimming another now, the tiny boy, sandy brown hair cut in a bowl around his face framing his small wire-rimmed glasses. He stands, hands folded under the flag on his Old Navy t-shirt, in the middle of a crowd of Muslims on their knees in a prayer to Allah, his puzzled face contorted in fear and pain.

Above him, I place a small shot of two hands; one black, one white, clasped together in prayer.

Next to that, the human chain wrapped around a mosque at an interfaith ceremony in Denver.

Now, women from Iran, black shawls covering all but their eyes, mourning for us all.

At the bottom I place the throng of people gathered in downtown Chicago at noon on Friday, September 14th, the day of remembrance, the moment of silence.

Finally, the schoolchildren from London, sending their sorrow to us from abroad. Clad in crisp blue and white uniforms, sitting atop their wooden desks, they express condolences with wisdom beyond their years.

In the middle of the collage I place the quote by Lucille Clifton:

Things don’t fall apart. Things hold. Lines connect in thin ways that last and last and lives become generations made out of pictures and words just kept.

It is late. Quiet. My family is asleep. The waning moon is just beginning to rise over the ridge east of our house. I listen to the last thin line of water in the stream as it journeys to a larger body of water somewhere in our world and I write it all down.

After September 11th.
 Sideways rain.
The jackrabbit bounding out of its safe grove of aspen into the meadow at twilight. I connect the lines.

September 11th, Fifteen years later ~
I pause, grow silent, light candles, and pray, remembering and honoring the force that binds us all, and fosters our growth beyond imagination: Love.      Version 2

Jupiter in Libra ~ an invitation

Jupiter moved from Virgo into Libra today, can you feel the shift?

Jupiter’s nature is expansive while Virgo’s is exacting. Jupiter in Virgo asked us what is working and what is not? It was concerned with efficiency and what made sense, especially in terms of how we are meant to serve.

In Libra, Jupiter’s energies shift to the area of what feels balanced, peaceful, and in harmony with a higher perspective where the ‘other’ is also considered. If our relations with ourselves are centered and balanced, we’ll have an easier time expanding our consciousness into the arena of relationships.

 Jupiter will expand whatever it touches ~ so the questions become:
How peaceful are our hearts? How connected are we to others in our lives, our world?
What thoughts are we holding, nourishing with our hearts? Where might
 we cultivate harmony? 



photo credit: NASA

With endless gratitude for infinite blessings ~


Meeting September’s shifts…with gentle steps ~

A gentle cosmic reminder on this eve of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse ~ when Mars, my favorite Red Planet, partners with Saturn which squares Neptune. As if that square between what is dreamt and what is real needed a boost….may we plant our dreams wisely, my dear friends, and grow our world anew.
thoughts ~



greeting ~ This week (and the month of September) offers several potent celestial shifts ~ from Venus moving into Libra, Mercury going Rx, a New Moon in Virgo/Solar Eclipse, to Jupiter moving into Libra and a Full Moon in Pisces/Lunar Eclipse – to name a few.

I offer ~ for now ~ less words and more love.

With blessings that mirror the way the clouds caress the earth,
and the earth responds in kind,
~ Christina

July’s Moon Cycle ~ featuring Summer’s Growth ~


centerAmerica’s Independence Day dawns on
the New Moon in Cancer ~ the zodiac sign ruled by the same Moon that harmonizes the rhythmic tides of the oceans.
It is symbolic of nourishment, emotional sensitivity, comfort, security, family, and growth. I’ve heard that one can never tell how much something in Cancer will grow because its possibilities are endless.

Relying on the horoscope for America on this day in history, and following that sentiment about Cancer ~ as a country, we were born to grow. My birthday wish for Americans is that we grow in connection to each other and honor the elemental truth that there is far more that we share in common than that which separates us. May we live up to the United part of our name and think and act from the heartbeat that connects ~ and heals ~ us all. Then, may we understand and embrace the connection we have to the global pulse and infuse it with our compassion. 

Our collective growth starts within each of us, of course, so this New Moon and this Month of Cancer energies offers a perfect garden in which to plant and nourish our deepest personal seeds ~ from what feeds our sense of comfort and safety to our grandest dreams and wishes ~ and everything in-between.

We can look for an emotionally sensitive beginning to July ~ with Mercury in Cancer and a water trine connecting Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This translates to supportive energy that helps us (if we’re willing) to take what is personal up to the higher realms of trust, forgiveness, and surrender. Neptune in Pisces symbolizes above all else, Oneness. It is consciousness itself, that dwells beyond ego. Here, vivid dreams, artistic creativity, and enhanced intuition are ours if we enter with humility and willingness. 

An opposition to Pluto, the planet that rules personal power and transformation, lends an edge to the New Moon and encourages us to reclaim any power we’ve relinquished in terms of co-creating our lives and our world. In Capricorn, Pluto currently calls us to take back responsibility and call out abuses of power. If Cancer is the sign of infancy and birth, Capricorn is the wise elder who knows how to lead the way. Each dwells in us and awaits our attention and action. 


Mid-month, the Moon waxes Full on the 19th, in the end degrees of Capricorn, shining the light on our choices, allowing us to see if we’ve stepped forward or back.

A T-square aspect to Uranus (the planet of sudden and often surprising changes) in Aries urges us to pay attention to the need for change. In Aries, Uranus stirs the independent warrior within who wants to blaze a new path. Will we ~ individually and collectively ~ allow our unique spirits to shine? Will we be the creative innovators that our world so desperately needs to contribute to a better future? 

The Full Moon in Capricorn brings a passionate embrace between Mercury and Venus in Fiery Leo ~ sparking us to express and love what makes us shine! Getting creative in our conversations and relationships with others is encouraged – and likely unavoidable!

Saturn continues to square Neptune, reminding us to surrender what isn’t working and reshape our beliefs to accommodate what does. What supports an expanded perspective? What limits can stretch – especially those that we’ve held onto long enough? This aspect is designed to help us adjust to a more inclusive worldview ~ our essential humanity, our relationship to others, the pulse of the Cosmos to which we’re all connected. Neptune in Pisces asks, “Can we let go of that which restricts our greater understanding of Unity and Oneness?” May we be united in our answer…

Happy Independence Day to each of us ~ may we be free to choose with our hearts, always.

With infinite blessings and light ~


the mutability of things ~ Summer Solstice 2016 ~

On this eve of Summer Solstice, as a snow-white thunderhead catches the last flicker of light from the Sun tucking into the mountains in the West and edges closer to the dancing Red Planet in the South, I am reminded of the mutability of things.

solstice eveThe clouds have been speaking to me lately. They speak of how moistened air instantly shifts what it touches and what we see; they speak of how our beliefs can change with the speed of thought; they speak of how our yearning to converse and connect with others is as deep and necessary as our need to breathe; they speak of how each phase of the breath (the inhale, the pause, the exhale, the pause) are integral to the whole – the essence of the breath. Without any one of these components, they say, the breath – would not be. Without one, the other would not be. Without the other, one would not be.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon (June 20, 2016) brings all things mercurial to light just before dawn in the mountains of Colorado (5:02 am MDT). At the end degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini, we’re invited to celebrate what we’ve learned and the myriad ways that our awareness has expanded. A Grand Mutable Cross between Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune emphasizes the value of flexibility, of changing our fixed patterns of limiting thoughts and beliefs, and flowing into that expansion. What if the patterns that shape our worldview were not fixed? What if we could, quite literally, lighten up? What if we approached obstacles with a breath of fresh air? These are the questions that drift before me now.

Most especially, this one: What if we trusted our highest truths? The ones that honored the relationship of the one and the other?


Later tomorrow (June 20, 2016 at 4:34 pm MDT), the fluctuating nature of the Sun in Gemini will give way to the Lunar-ruled nourishing ways of Cancer, marking the longest day and the Summer Solstice in the western world. By then, the Moon will have left Sagittarius and entered the wise and mature realm of Capricorn. The Sun and Venus will caress each other in Cancer, helping us to feel our way through it all – through the tears, the joys, the beginnings and endings, the life and the loss. Their joining will support us in honoring each phase of our evolution – each part of the collective breath that we share as
ever-growing beings on this planet, our home for now.

The Grand Mutable Cross will still be in alignment and the question remains – will we?
As we are shown what is and what isn’t working in our lives and our world, (as Mercury in Gemini, and Jupiter in Virgo are want to do) and what foundations that we stand upon are too rigid or limiting for these changing times (as Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are known to bring up), how will we respond? As our ‘reality’ (Saturn) encounters our ‘ideals’ (Neptune) how will we reconcile the differences, if we find them? How willingly and gracefully shall we bring the truth to light? 

With growing faith in the mutability and beauty of things – and our Earthship Crew –
I send infinite blessings in the pauses of each breath on every cloud ~ christina


Gemini’s Illumination, Mercury’s Shift, and the Full Moon!

As the Sun dawns in Gemini on Friday May 20th, at 8:36 am MDT, I want
to acknowledge and thank its ruling planet, Mercury, which has been imparting all
sorts of lessons during its second retrograde (Rx) cycle ~ of 4 this year.

Personally, I’ve been on a bit of a cosmic hiatus (especially recommended if Mercury is Rx in
a sign opposite your own, i.e. Taurus) and I’ve been observing the lessons of the Messenger planet. During this receptive time, I’ve been taking in what has been coming in the way
of intuitive hunches, whispers, and dreams.


In that spirit, look for my monthly newsletters and posts to align with the energy of the Sun as it shifts into each zodiac sign, rather than at the first of the month.

We’re moving from Grounded, Fixed, Earthy Taurus into Intellectual,
Mutable, Light-hearted, 
Airy Gemini,
so get ready for some stimulation ~


That said, as Mercury winds up its retrograde cycle, before it stations direct and begins to
go forward early on Sunday, May 22nd, it is still a perfect time to continue to practice a calm and present state of being. If we haven’t noticed it already, retrograde Mercury encourages
us to nurture an inward journey, where we cultivate ideas,
visions, and dreams
without necessarily acting on them.

This isn’t to say that we have to become totally passive in our daily lives, but forcing our
way forward can be fraught with obstacles from misunderstandings and miscommunication
at best, and all-out conflict and/or failure of our intended operations at worst.

One critical thing to cultivate during any Mercury Rx period is clarity. This can be
an inward look at what we intend to convey, followed by a simple check-in with those
we’re communicating with, such as asking, ‘did you understand what I mean?’
This goes both ways, of course, meaning that we can – and ought to – clarify the intentions
of those around us. Again, simply saying, ‘this is what I heard, is this what you mean?’ will suffice. In this way, we support the mutual win.


All of this is especially important as we move into the Full Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday, May 21st, at 3:14 pm MDT.

Gemini and Sagittarius are two of the 4 mutable signs – another reason to be flexible, to flow with changes in plans, and to surrender control. They both have to do with learning and teaching, with Gemini being the perpetual student and Sagittarius the wise teacher. Seeking higher truths is emphasized with this Full Moon, as is expanding our belief systems, and busting through what limits our evolution in terms of consciousness. 

Full Moons in general carry a certain amount of heightened potency and volatility. This one holds even more of that intensity thanks to a conjunction with the Warrior Planet, Mars, which is retrograde in the early degrees of Sagittarius.   

If cultivating clarity and patience wasn’t a priority during the last few weeks, it ought to be high on our lists this weekend.


Mars is the planet that helps us reach out for what we desire ~ when it is retrograde it helps us clarify what we want. In expansive Sagittarius, the last thing Mars wants is restriction – so we shouldn’t be surprised if we feel more urges to go after what we want – nor should we be surprised if others want their way too. Again, clarity is at the heart of the solution.

In short: Breathe, Ground,
Count to Ten, Repeat.

Seek the higher truth. Walk – better yet – dance the higher path.

This weekend, as Mercury stations direct before it turns around, and the Full Moon joins Mars, may we seek the peaceful, blissful path. And may we cultivate the lessons from these past few weeks as we set out to manifest the dreams and visions that emerged from our Hearts ~   

desert sun

As Emerson said, “Scatter Joy!”

To that end, may we follow the lead
of Nature, and enjoy these bits of
Her happiness scattered throughout
post ~ and our world…




…because he also said,
“The Earth laughs in flowers” ~


with Endless Smiles, Laughter, & Blessings ~