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Full Moon in Aries ~ dreaming and co-creating a new path ~

explosion of love

What if the volatility of October’s Full Moon at 23 degrees Aries, that bumps up against Uranus (the planet of surprising and inspiring events) and squares Pluto (the planet of utter transformation and the busting up of old, worn-out systems), and Mars (the planet of reaching out for our desires), resulted in an explosion of LOVE? 

Uranus’s energy pattern implores us to expand what we know. It inspires us to stretch beyond our current boundaries that may have once had their usefulness, but no longer serve our growth.

Uranus rules the zodiac Air sign of Aquarius, so if we consider those we know with Aquarian natures, we likely conjure out-of-the-box thinkers, who often seem to dwell in a world very different than most. Ingenuity is theirs, along with inspiration to see and create solutions that serve the whole of humanity. Now, imagine Uranus, with all of those qualities and impulses, in the innovative and survival-oriented sign of Aries. Uber-confident, fiery Aries is intent on paving new pathways for others to follow for the survival of self-identity, yes, but also, ultimately for the survival of its species. Surely, if we are to survive, the best of both expressions must be cultivated.

This Full Moon in Aries, on October 15th, Saturday night, at 10:23 pm MST, illuminates explosion of lightthose paths, and invites us to open new doorways to opportunities beyond our imagination, individually and collectively. It squares Pluto in Capricorn, which is perfectly poised to draw our attention to the systems of power and control that need to crumble in order for new life to emerge and flourish. It would be hard to deny that our larger limiting systems of power and control are breaking down in the world. Fortunately, there is increased awareness and transparency of the abuses of power in our world, and many of us are responding to the call to reclaim it. The elevated aspects of Pluto in Capricorn lead us to the wisdom of harnessing the power to co-create our experience and our reality. There is no place for victim-consciousness or remaining stuck in a cycle of blame. Instead, the square in the sky between places power in our realm, and allows us to choose our way forward with our thoughts, words, and actions. Since Pluto is currently conjunct, or next to Mars in Capricorn, the square from the Full Moon amplifies the strong desire we may feel to bust through our limiting belief systems and the structures in the world that keep them intact. Mars may add to our sense of urgency and volatility at this time, so taking care to pause and connect to our collective desires – where everyone wins – aligns us with the wisdom and honorable nature of Capricorn. 

Finally, the Sun in Libra, whose Light illuminates the Full Moon in Aries, must become part of the conversation. Libra: where the scales of balance are weighed; where Venus has her say and the Laws of Love and Harmony come into play; where beauty abides and everyone is valued equally and unequivocally, and we all win.  

What if, as all of these cosmic energies arrange themselves, we choose to see their alignment for our greater good, and then focus on the abundant opportunities to
stretch, bend, and grow our collective heart? 

what if?

It is here that I will meet you tomorrow night, sleeping in the glow of Libran light cast upon the Arian Moon, dreaming and co-creating a new path,
for the good of all relations…

With infinite blessings to all,
Christina ~

the mutability of things ~ Summer Solstice 2016 ~

On this eve of Summer Solstice, as a snow-white thunderhead catches the last flicker of light from the Sun tucking into the mountains in the West and edges closer to the dancing Red Planet in the South, I am reminded of the mutability of things.

solstice eveThe clouds have been speaking to me lately. They speak of how moistened air instantly shifts what it touches and what we see; they speak of how our beliefs can change with the speed of thought; they speak of how our yearning to converse and connect with others is as deep and necessary as our need to breathe; they speak of how each phase of the breath (the inhale, the pause, the exhale, the pause) are integral to the whole – the essence of the breath. Without any one of these components, they say, the breath – would not be. Without one, the other would not be. Without the other, one would not be.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon (June 20, 2016) brings all things mercurial to light just before dawn in the mountains of Colorado (5:02 am MDT). At the end degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini, we’re invited to celebrate what we’ve learned and the myriad ways that our awareness has expanded. A Grand Mutable Cross between Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune emphasizes the value of flexibility, of changing our fixed patterns of limiting thoughts and beliefs, and flowing into that expansion. What if the patterns that shape our worldview were not fixed? What if we could, quite literally, lighten up? What if we approached obstacles with a breath of fresh air? These are the questions that drift before me now.

Most especially, this one: What if we trusted our highest truths? The ones that honored the relationship of the one and the other?


Later tomorrow (June 20, 2016 at 4:34 pm MDT), the fluctuating nature of the Sun in Gemini will give way to the Lunar-ruled nourishing ways of Cancer, marking the longest day and the Summer Solstice in the western world. By then, the Moon will have left Sagittarius and entered the wise and mature realm of Capricorn. The Sun and Venus will caress each other in Cancer, helping us to feel our way through it all – through the tears, the joys, the beginnings and endings, the life and the loss. Their joining will support us in honoring each phase of our evolution – each part of the collective breath that we share as
ever-growing beings on this planet, our home for now.

The Grand Mutable Cross will still be in alignment and the question remains – will we?
As we are shown what is and what isn’t working in our lives and our world, (as Mercury in Gemini, and Jupiter in Virgo are want to do) and what foundations that we stand upon are too rigid or limiting for these changing times (as Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are known to bring up), how will we respond? As our ‘reality’ (Saturn) encounters our ‘ideals’ (Neptune) how will we reconcile the differences, if we find them? How willingly and gracefully shall we bring the truth to light? 

With growing faith in the mutability and beauty of things – and our Earthship Crew –
I send infinite blessings in the pauses of each breath on every cloud ~ christina


Gemini’s Illumination, Mercury’s Shift, and the Full Moon!

As the Sun dawns in Gemini on Friday May 20th, at 8:36 am MDT, I want
to acknowledge and thank its ruling planet, Mercury, which has been imparting all
sorts of lessons during its second retrograde (Rx) cycle ~ of 4 this year.

Personally, I’ve been on a bit of a cosmic hiatus (especially recommended if Mercury is Rx in
a sign opposite your own, i.e. Taurus) and I’ve been observing the lessons of the Messenger planet. During this receptive time, I’ve been taking in what has been coming in the way
of intuitive hunches, whispers, and dreams.


In that spirit, look for my monthly newsletters and posts to align with the energy of the Sun as it shifts into each zodiac sign, rather than at the first of the month.

We’re moving from Grounded, Fixed, Earthy Taurus into Intellectual,
Mutable, Light-hearted, 
Airy Gemini,
so get ready for some stimulation ~


That said, as Mercury winds up its retrograde cycle, before it stations direct and begins to
go forward early on Sunday, May 22nd, it is still a perfect time to continue to practice a calm and present state of being. If we haven’t noticed it already, retrograde Mercury encourages
us to nurture an inward journey, where we cultivate ideas,
visions, and dreams
without necessarily acting on them.

This isn’t to say that we have to become totally passive in our daily lives, but forcing our
way forward can be fraught with obstacles from misunderstandings and miscommunication
at best, and all-out conflict and/or failure of our intended operations at worst.

One critical thing to cultivate during any Mercury Rx period is clarity. This can be
an inward look at what we intend to convey, followed by a simple check-in with those
we’re communicating with, such as asking, ‘did you understand what I mean?’
This goes both ways, of course, meaning that we can – and ought to – clarify the intentions
of those around us. Again, simply saying, ‘this is what I heard, is this what you mean?’ will suffice. In this way, we support the mutual win.


All of this is especially important as we move into the Full Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday, May 21st, at 3:14 pm MDT.

Gemini and Sagittarius are two of the 4 mutable signs – another reason to be flexible, to flow with changes in plans, and to surrender control. They both have to do with learning and teaching, with Gemini being the perpetual student and Sagittarius the wise teacher. Seeking higher truths is emphasized with this Full Moon, as is expanding our belief systems, and busting through what limits our evolution in terms of consciousness. 

Full Moons in general carry a certain amount of heightened potency and volatility. This one holds even more of that intensity thanks to a conjunction with the Warrior Planet, Mars, which is retrograde in the early degrees of Sagittarius.   

If cultivating clarity and patience wasn’t a priority during the last few weeks, it ought to be high on our lists this weekend.


Mars is the planet that helps us reach out for what we desire ~ when it is retrograde it helps us clarify what we want. In expansive Sagittarius, the last thing Mars wants is restriction – so we shouldn’t be surprised if we feel more urges to go after what we want – nor should we be surprised if others want their way too. Again, clarity is at the heart of the solution.

In short: Breathe, Ground,
Count to Ten, Repeat.

Seek the higher truth. Walk – better yet – dance the higher path.

This weekend, as Mercury stations direct before it turns around, and the Full Moon joins Mars, may we seek the peaceful, blissful path. And may we cultivate the lessons from these past few weeks as we set out to manifest the dreams and visions that emerged from our Hearts ~   

desert sun

As Emerson said, “Scatter Joy!”

To that end, may we follow the lead
of Nature, and enjoy these bits of
Her happiness scattered throughout
post ~ and our world…




…because he also said,
“The Earth laughs in flowers” ~


with Endless Smiles, Laughter, & Blessings ~






Mercury’s Retrograde Nature ~ another Cosmic Prescription

As April nears its close, Mercury shifts into Retrograde on the 28th, joining 4 other
planets in that introspective position that helps us to pause and reevalutate our thoughts,
beliefs, choices, words, and actions. This quick-moving Messenger planet will go back
through grounded, earthy Taurus, so our need to get centered and take things
slower than normal is emphasized.
I tend to avoid the hype and/or fear around assigning blame to Retrograde Mercury when things go in a direction other than what I’d like, and instead prefer to connect with the
deeper message from the planet’s shift in course.
In this case, I turn to Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, and connect to Love…
HeartLight ~So, now we have the ever delightful, quick-thinking, talkative, Gemini-loving energy of Mercury moving through Taurus, where creating and building things that bring us beauty, pleasures, and comfort lives. Where the Universal Law of ‘Like Attracts Like’ flourishes ~ and Love prevails.

Mercury’s retrograde journey takes us through May 22nd, so we might as well surrender the need to control what is beyond our grip, connect to our hearts’ desires, and enjoy ourselves!

With deep and wide gratitude for an amazing April ~ with its abundant blessings from Above, and the HeartLight that each of us walk forward onto the Earth ~

April’s Gallery ~


cultivating soul ~


As Taurus embraces the Sun today, April 19, 2016, may we cultivate our Soul’s beauty in each moment and all that we build ~ and may Venus smile upon us! be ~drink ~

In honor of two more planets shifting into Retrograde position this month ~ out of the total 5 by April’s end…

Pluto's Heart

April 18, 2016 ~ Today’s Cosmic Prescription ~ Pluto pauses in wise and mature Capricorn until late September to help us claim what we may have relinquished. No matter what we call this cosmic body, Pluto’s power to transform us is palpable. As is Love. May we all claim and embody more of it and lead the way.

Clarity ~

Cosmic Prescriptions ~ or Medicinal Support from Above: Mars shifted Retrograde (Rx) on April 17, 2016, in Sagittarius, where it will remain until late May before inviting us deeper into Scorpio ~ expanding clarity now will make the way forward that much easier…honest!



April’s Healing Gifts: 5 Prescriptions for Reflection & Infinite Energy for Blazing our Path

When the fullness of life bursts just beneath the surface and stirs our primal impulses ~ when leaves bud and animals wake from slumber, when life calls us with its timeless affirmation and commands that we choose. Enter April, and the fullness of Aries: the master of survival with the willingness to emerge triumphant and live fully, absolutely, completely.

Blaze On ~

Many of the clients that I work with were born when the Sun and other planets were in Aries – some would say they “are Aries,” but if you follow astrology you likely know that we are much more than our Sun sign because we possess the energetic qualities of all of the planets to some degree.

When I reflect on the nature of Aries, I’m immediately drawn to the power of Mars, its ruling planet, with its pure desire to express its raw force and energy. It is impulsive, daring; intent on its expression and survival. I think of Spring, when Aries – and new life – begins again.

This April 7th, at 5:24 am MDT, the New Moon is in Aries, accentuating a powerful impulse to burst forth with energy and zeal. It joins the Sun and Uranus in the same fiery sign, urging us to shine in the unique and innovative way that only each of us can. We may well find ourselves on fire to ignite and act out our intentions and instinctive desires during this New Moon cycle. If we take care to avoid rash impulsiveness for personal gain, we’ll honor the collective of which we are a part ~ and likely create and experience harmony versus conflict.

surrenderIf last month’s emphasis was on the spiritual plane of Piscean mystery, dissolution, and flow, this one is about enlivening what was revealed once we wiped the slate clean. What spiritual truths did we encounter as we released what needed to go? What insights did we receive in the dreamtime or in our meditations? How can we bring them to life now?

Several other opportunities for reflection occur in April as 5 planets will be retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn remain retrograde, while this month brings shifts from Mars, Pluto, and Mercury. Instead of being a cause for alarm, I like to consider retrograde planets as prescriptions. Their symbol – Rx – makes it easy to remember this call to go within and reconsider our thoughts, choices, and behavior relative to each planet’s energy.
Rx Journeys or Cosmic Medicine in play:
Jupiter Rx – January 8th – May 9th – the benevolent planet of expansion pauses in the exacting and logical sign of Virgo and asks simply: What is working, and how can it work better?
Saturn Rx – March 25th – August 13th – the planet of limits and boundaries moves through the Jupiter-ruled terrain of expansion and growth. Where can we stretch? What are our fundamental beliefs based on, and are we ready to grow out of them, for the higher gain?
Mars Rx – April 17th – June 29th – Mars transits through Sagittarius and Scorpio helping us reconsider our impulses to both expand and deepen our expression of our desires.
Pluto Rx – April 18th – September 26th – in the middle degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, Pluto calls us to deepen our examination of personal and collective power – are we reclaiming or relinquishing ours? Is our co-creative power limited, and if so, how are we allowing it?
Mercury Rx – April 28th – May 22nd – in Venus-ruled Taurus, the Messenger planet asks us to reexamine our thoughts, beliefs, and words. Are we coming from love and building our lives with the most powerful force of all? Do we believe that thoughts become things, and if so, what are our ‘things’ made of?

April also delivers Taurus energy on the morning of the 19th at 9:29 am MDT, as the Sun shifts from Aries to the Earthy Venus-ruled sign of love and beauty. It’s time to ground, build what we love, nurture what feeds our bodies and souls, and revel in the beauty of the natural world.

Lilac           Iris Dew           Spring Crocus

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Full Moon gleams in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus on the night of April 21 at 11:23 pm, and pulls us into the depths where we can transform our shadows by embracing them – and our power – with pure love.

As Gandhi also said, “Nothing is impossible for pure love.”

Wishing all of us more of that, always ~ and especially as we honor our Mother Earth on Friday, April 22nd, for all our relations ~ 






Fresh Starts, New Life, and Deeper Growth ~ Welcome, March!

“Of the water elements, surrender
Pisces symbolizes clear rivers and streams,
which when free from surface disturbances,
reflect that which is above.”
Isabel Hickey

March offers us abundant opportunities to free our lives from surface disturbances ~ to flow with the greater energy of pure Spirit, and to be living examples of the wisdom: “As above, so below.”

Eclipses hold the energy of wiping the slate clean and charting a new course, and March holds two of these events on the New and Full Moons. The New Moon on the 8th, at 6:58 pm MST, brings a total Solar Eclipse with 7 planets or points in super-sensitive Pisces: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ceres, Chiron, South Lunar Node, and Neptune.  This is a dynamic event with several important aspects. At 18 degrees Pisces, the Eclipse forms a T-square by opposing  Jupiter in Virgo and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Jupiter trines Pluto in Capricorn which squares Uranus in Aries, and Uranus trines Saturn. If you’re thinking “what does this mean?” you aren’t alone. Squares present challenges while trines support flow.

When synthesized, the cosmic arrangement of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse strikes me with the idea of walking ourselves into the world in ways that align with our highest truths – where we witness life and live it, without egoistic attachment. Where spiritual gains drive us more than material ones, and we know the perfection in each imperfect step we take with authentic intention. Where we invite and engage changes that free us from limiting influences and past conditioning to co-create a more evolved, harmonious world.

There is an emotional component that may bring up feelings of loneliness because our longing for social connection is challenged by our need to express our authentic selves. Striking the balance lies in realigning our lives to meet both needs. When tension or restlessness builds, taking time to connect with higher guidance can help us shift our perception and experience. Patience is called for as we cut away what isn’t working and separate ourselves from people and circumstances that aren’t serving the whole of us. As we nurture connections with like-minded and like-hearted others, we can both find and create peace in our collective authenticity. Pisces is the ultimate sign of dissolution – so if something isn’t working and wants to go, this powerful planetary line-up in Pisces invites us to surrender it and trust what comes.


On March 23rd, at 5:48 am MDT, The Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon brings some of the same issues to light, including another opportunity for wiping the slate clean, with a potential increase in the area of relationships. The Full Moon at 03 degrees Libra opposes the Sun at 03 degrees Aries and Mercury at 02 degrees Aries, while a variation of the T-square shows up with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Venus in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. The same squares and trines mentioned above remain in play, with an addition of the Sun’s trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

Here, one way to flow with the dynamics in our lives is to explore our relationships and connections with others and discern if we are being authentic. Do they serve us or limit us?
Do we serve them or limit them? Paying attention to our desires to end things is important –
on both conscious and unconscious levels. Mars in Sagittarius does not want to be blocked in – it seeks freedom and expansion. Again, discernment in the area of what is working and what is not working is essential, as is surrendering what needs to go, embracing forgiveness, and trust.

Spring arrives in-between the 2 eclipses on March 19th, at 10:30 pm MDT, when the Sun moves into Aries. The Moon is in Leo that day, trining both Saturn and Uranus and supporting more of our rebirthing process. Aries inspires us with fiery drive, and Leo adds dramatic flair to the flames. Play, Grow, Stretch, Dance! Lean into life and love!

Two Retrograde Planets to note are Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter remains retrograde in Virgo through early May, so we are supported in continuing to make positive strides in the way we care for our health. Showing up in new ways in our self-care routine increases our success!

Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius on March 25th ~ and will remain here through August 13th. We can prepare to re-evalute the foundations that the rivers of our lives are built on, checking (and re-checking) boundaries, beliefs, relationships, and circumstances for the ones that allow our authenticity and truth to flow freely.

Enjoy the dynamic shifting energies of March ~ May they invigorate and inspire your highest vision and assist its manifestation like the easy song of a river.

Infinite Blessings, Always,

February’s Leap of Faith ~ Opportunities Abound!

As we leap into the month with our hearts leading the way, we find February filled with opportunities, or Ops! In the crystallized skies of midwinter, the Aquarian Sun invites us
to swim in colorful waves of Light and shift our thinking as easily as the changing clouds.

Op #1 – We get an extra day to Live and to Love in this Leap Year of 2016!
How will we greet and embrace our bonus day?

Op #2 – The month opens with Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius, a potent astrological position known as The Great Attractor, where time bends and we can see the past, present and future. It holds this auspicious place through the 12th, so if we’re willing, we can shift into higher places of truth and wisdom that heal not only this moment, but also the his/her-story we carry with us and the one that future generations will continue to co-create.
12 days of absolute mind-bending possibility!
This Saturn is also in a cooperative relationship with the Sun in Aquarius, inspiring and supporting new, innovative thought patterns. In other words, as we engage what seems to be a stretch ~ we might be wonderfully surprised!

Op #3February 8th at 7:39 am MST, marks the arrival of the Chinese New Year, that always occurs on the 2nd New Moon after Winter’s Solstice. 2016 brings in the Year of the Monkey! With the forward, humanitarian-minded Aquarius energy of this New Moon, this event calls us to embrace the quick-thinking, witty, and fun-loving mind of the monkey. New Moon energy always supports new intentions and this one invites us to step outside of our norm into surprising new perspectives where our thoughts and actions reach way outside of our personal circles. What big ideas can we plant that serve our planet? And which ones inspire change in ways that inspire contagious fun?

What to watch out for during much of February ~ A square from the Sun (and the New Moon on the 8th) to Mars in Scorpio can distract us a bit. Look out for old patterns involving power struggles that may pull us into the past. As we stretch our thinking and rid ourselves of limiting thoughts and behaviors, we may trigger a need for control and security. The higher path helps us transcend the false sense of security that comes with asserting power over others, situations, etc. and into a new understanding of the power of co-creating with others, situations, etc. 

Op #4 – Jupiter remains retrograde in Virgo and continues to assist and support our efforts toward greater health, work, and service. This benevolent beauty remains retrograde  until May 9th ~ we can literally imagine and create our new physical versions of ourselves that allow us to fully serve according to our highest purpose – both individually and collectively.
I love that the symbol for a retrograde planet is this: Rx ~ Truly, retrograde planets are Universal prescriptions for a better way of life.
Jupiter Rx in Virgo is a prescription for expansion and wisdom manifested on Earth.

Op #5 – The Sun shifts from air to water on the 18th, at 10:34 pm MST, when Pisces draws us deeper into the mystery of emotion and sensitivity. Dreams are heightened on this night, and for the Piscean cycle ahead, so plant dream seeds and take note of the answers that are revealed. Tuning into and trusting our intuition is called for, and we are wiser for listening to and answering the call.

Bonus Op for Women!! I’ll be presenting a talk at Gifted Women’s evening in Arvada at A Touch for Wellness at 6:30 pm MST, on Thursday, February 18th ~ see my FB page for more details as the event draws near:

Op #6 – The Full Moon in Virgo follows shortly afterward on the 22nd, at 11:20 am MST. What did we plant on the New Moon that we want to keep, nurture, and grow? This Full Moon illuminates our abilities of analysis and discernment, especially in the areas of healing, serving and making choices. Responsiveness reigns over obligation and any sense of serving from duty.

As the month filled with opportunities and support to clarify and create our higher purpose on the planet closes with a bonus day, may we seek, find, and embrace the Lighter side of Life!

Enjoy, with Infinite Blessings, always ~ Christina

watercolor sky


Gathering wisdom and walking it into the world ~ January 2016

Bless the day ~Warm New Year’s Greetings ~
In my search to understand life’s journey as told by the story of the stars and to assist others called to do the same, I’m compelled to offer the wisdom of a medicine woman I worked with during my first Saturn return, a pivotal period of realignment that occurs around age 29.

Perhaps it’s the influence of the current placement of Saturn in the truth-seeking, expanding sign of Sagittarius where we can gather the gifts of life, open their wrapping to reveal the blessings, and share them. Perhaps it’s because I’m struck by the raw shadowy humanity I see around me near and far: embers of old wounds smoldering underneath layers of protection and separation; conflicts sparked and fueled by fear; remnants of a collective lineage longing to be acknowledged, healed, and released – transformed into something beautiful. Perhaps it’s that 2016 brings the culmination of a three-year period of radical acceleration of information from higher realms driving positive change on the planet – and a sense of urgency in making each moment count, for all of our sake. Whatever the impulse, as one committed to channeling the Light I see as clearly as humanly possible, I offer these insights in great faith for all.

Saturn helps us build our lives much like the way the banks of a river shape its direction and flow. When we’re young our river banks are formed by others: parents, family members, and institutions like schools, churches, and society. By the time Saturn cycles again to the place it held when we were born in our late twenties, we take more responsibility for reshaping and reforming the structure and direction of our river of life. Typically, the first 4 years of this 29 year cycle brings the most adjustments. For me, seeking was a critical component of my first Saturn return and I embarked on a 4 year quest for my Soul’s truth.

The Lakota word ‘henbleyche’ means ‘to cry for vision’ and traditionally describes a ceremony for young men as they come of age. After being blessed to connect with a medicine woman of Lakota lineage, I pledged to a 4 year vision-questing process in the wilderness of Colorado’s mountains. On the quest of my 3rd year, as I came off of the cliff-side circle of rocks, I asked my teacher/mentor/medicine woman what I was to do with the surreal and profound messages I received: the medicine of crows diving into the abyss between rock outcroppings; the punctuated growl of another mountain lion’s visit – the third in three years – deep in the night, when the Full Moon’s light was captured by just enough broad tree trunks so that I would trust what is audible but invisible – like whispers of intuition that resound deep inside your gut; a family of deer quietly grazing just before dawn, and countless other moments of certainty regarding the omnipresence and omnipotence of Spirit and Truth and the simple quiet way both imbue our essence.

Her reply: “Walk it into the world.”Lotus Ripples

As we step into this Leap year of 2016, my prayer is that each of us walk our wisdom into the world. May we release what needs to go, not with disdain nor bitterness, but with gratitude for the blessings that the experiences revealed. May we bless instead of begrudge those involved who took on the roles necessary to propel our growth, knowing that whether it is created in love or fear, the energy with which we release things creates ripples all the same.

Recently, my medicine woman’s wisdom of ‘walking it into the world’ came to me in a whisper, and it said: “May I bless the day.”

Now, as another year of integration invites us to reshape our lives and our collective world, instead of asking to be blessed, may we claim the co-creative power of responsibility given to us at birth and ‘be the blessings’ that our world needs.

In terms of cosmic support, these are the gifts to come, may we open and walk them into the world with great care:

January 1st – 7:18 pm MST ~ Mercury moves into Aquarius inspiring new innovative consciousness and communication. Spark new conversations that challenge the status quo.

January 3rd into the 4th ~ Mars moves into Scorpio in the morning providing a surge of power that multiplies with its conjunction to the Moon in Scorpio at 12:51 pm MST.
Dig deep, but let Spirit propel your expression of emotions and desires for the most positive impact. Enhance the magic with pure willingness ~ a new twist on will power.
Later that night, from midnight to just before dawn on the 4th, step outside to glimpse the Quadrantids meteor showers.

January 5th – After squaring Mars just before dawn, Mercury goes retrograde until January 25th – it begins to turn in the early degrees of Aquarius, but slips back into Capricorn for the bulk of its cycle, even after it turns direct. Retrograde Mercury always presents opportunities to pause and reconsider our thought patterns and expression. In mental, airy Aquarius, we can consider the value of thinking differently, originally. In grounded, earthy Capricorn we can reevaluate the practicality of our way of thinking, managing to think in ways that are logical and valuable. It remains in Capricorn until February 13th, when it shifts back into Aquarius. If we’re attuned, Mercury’s back and forth dance can help us gather the wisdom from the past (Capricorn) and make it new again (Aquarius).

January 7th – Jupiter, the big benevolent planet in the sky, turns retrograde, deeper into the practicality, logic, and efficiency of Virgo. It remains here until early May, so we have much opportunity to serve the greater whole with the blessings we have and are. Virgo is about bringing our mastery to Earth in pragmatic ways that function to improve the world, and when Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, prolongs its stay in the sign of service and choice, how can we refuse that invitation?

January 9th – The New Moon steeps in Capricorn at 6:30 pm MST, and offers another chance to pull wisdom from the past and fertilize the seeds within that we want to sprout. This energy is all the more effective if we choose to manage ourselves rather than others. It follows that the same applies to allowing ourselves to be managed by others and/or circumstances. The ability to respond – or choose not to – always lies within.

January 20th – The Sun shifts into Aquarius at 8:27 am MST, bringing the inspiration and light that dances in this consciousness-based fixed sign. Imagine a bridge to higher levels of awareness, step forward, and contribute to our collective evolution. All it takes is a shift.

January 23rd – The first Full Moon of the year beams in Leo at 6:46 pm MST, the sign that the Sun loves and rules so that Leo and Aquarius now come into our focus. If we allow the Sun’s Aquarian Light to engage Leo’s strong desire to shine more than the ego, we come to the center of both and everyone wins.

January 25th – Mercury goes direct in Capricorn. Hopefully, we’ve had enough time to reflect and can bring the insights gleaned to life. It conjuncts Pluto at month’s end on the 29th, so imagine plugging consciousness into a huge power source and putting that energy to use!

Speaking of Pluto in Capricorn, its cardinal square to Uranus in Aries that began in 2012 and struck exactly 7 times between then and 2015, continues to be in orb in 2016, although its energy is waning. Those with strong Cardinal energies in their charts (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) and others that have undergone strong currents of change over the last few years may continue to notice reverberations. We can breathe deeply, acknowledge the enormous shifts of head and heart that we’ve made, and carry on.
It was not, nor is it ever, for naught.

Guardian of Light ~



With much joy, and deeper gratitude,

Christina ~




December’s Gifts of Divine Order ~

Golden GiftHeartfelt Greetings ~
On a crisp morning after a storm I followed an internal whisper to go to a small Aspen grove north of our home. Watching the snow sift to the ground like powered sugar as gentle winds stirred the branches, a flock of Evening Grosbeaks graced me with a photo session.
Intuition continues to be heightened now, as Neptune went direct in Pisces (which it rules and loves) last month and currently squares Saturn in Sagittarius.

Tuning into and trusting the ways we are nudged in certain directions pays off in small and large ways, and sharing the gifts we receive multiplies the blessings. The cycle of giving and receiving reminds me of the astrological wheel, with no heirarchy, no beginning and no ending ~ in Divine and Perfect Order ~ always.

It follows then, that our mores are shifting as we personally and collectively make room for more inclusion and connection with higher truths ~ and each other. To that end, Neptune in Pisces encourages forgiveness and suspends judgment ~ for ourselves and each other ~
as we surrender into grace.

Fortunately, December opens and closes with supportive aspects to Inspire and Center us.

SoarThe month begins with a Grand Fire Trine ~ igniting the Spirit within. Trines offer flowing supportive energy, and those in Fire signs stir us to create ourselves anew. This one involves the Moon in Leo, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries. It motivates and encourages action. What inspires us? What do we feel passionate about? What new action can we take to let our Spirits shine? What do we need to release in order to engage the new intention?
The Moon in Leo brings the energy of the Sun to light, driving us to Shine our Souls. Mercury in Sag seeks higher planes of consciousness, stirs elevated conversation, and takes ideas to new levels. Uranus in Aries sparks sudden and often surprising changes that give life to new ways of being. Tapping into this trinity of planetary gifts offers immense power – which is good, given that the Saturn/Neptune square can present challenges if we attempt to hold on to the past…

The New Moon on the 11th at 3:29 am MST is in expansive Sagittarius, inviting us to nurture and cultivate areas and thoughts that we want to stretch. It forms aspects to both Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces, creating a T-square that invites us to look at what’s working and what is not. What is healing, and what is harming? Once again, seeking the higher path, solution, idea, and action is called for. Carefully cultivating mindfulness is wise with this New Moon’s energy.

The wheel turns to the Winter Solstice on the 21st, when the Sun moves into Capricorn at 9:48 pm MST. Another supportive Grand Trine forms, this time in Earth signs, to help us ground and center our intentions. The Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Virgo align with gifts of stabilizing energy. The Moon in Taurus offers Venus’s magnetic field to help us attract and build what we love. Mercury in Capricorn bears practical wisdom while Jupiter in Virgo helps us find workable solutions that serve the whole. Together, this trinity blesses our solstice with abundance.

The Full Moon arrives before Dawn on the 25th at 4:11 am MST in the watery, home-and- family-loving sign of Cancer. As we gather with those we love this month, on whatever holy days we may be celebrating or choosing not to celebrate, may we connect to the family of which we are all a part, no matter our beliefs, with a purity of Heart that transcends language, lineage, and history.


Cancer symbolizes the infant in us that needs love in order to grow. Perhaps our gift to our Mother Earth, and all those who call Her Home, can be that Love.

Wherever our personal journeys take us, may we serve our collective one with Light, Love, and the Universal Presence of Peace ~

With Infinite Blessings,
~ Christina