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An Advent Calendar of Inspiration ~

A few years ago, I was inspired to recreate a family tradition of opening a window on each day in December leading up to the Christmas holiday. On my lifelong spiritual journey, I’ve broadened my definition of holiday to see what is holy in each day, in each religion, and even, on my better days, in each moment.

Thankfully, I’m forever blessed with moments of earth, sky, and wild beings that grace my days and nights and remind me of why I came here now.

It is in this spirit that I offer this year’s Advent Calendar of inspiration from Nature and Souls far wiser and more daring than me, whose words and light continue to illuminate the way forward.

With abundant appreciation and blessings for all relations. Always love.
~ Christina

Day 1 ~ Awaken

Day 2 ~ Rise 

Day 3 ~ Play

Day 4 ~ Moments

Day 5 ~ Freedom

Day 6 ~ Sunset

Day 7 ~ Keep close

Day 8 ~ Trees

Day 9 ~ Blossoms

Day 10 ~ Listening

Day 11 ~ Spirit

Day 12 ~ Faith

Day 13 ~ Dimensions

Day 14 ~ Colors

Day 15 ~ Calling 

Day 16 ~ Exploration

Day 17 ~ Soul

Day 18 ~ Curiosity

Day 19 ~ Stars

Day 20 ~ Imagination

Day 21 ~ Perseverance ~ Welcoming Winter Solstice and the return of the light! Happy Birthday to all those Capricorn-born!

Day 22 ~ Love

Day 23 ~ The Way

Day 24 ~ Wilderness

Cosmic Advent Calendar ~ December 2018 ~

Cosmic Advent Calendar ~ 2018 ~ Gifts from Above ~

Day 25 ~ Always, love…

Day 24 ~ The Moon joins the North Node in the end degrees of Cancer, squares Rx Uranus in Aries, and opposes Pluto in Capricorn. A flowing trine from the Moon to Mars and Chiron in Pisces aids our individual and collective healing, while Jupiter and Mercury continue to encourage us to see, speak, and live from a higher place. Taking care of ourselves allows us to serve. Here’s to resting when we need to and waking with love in our hearts.

Day 23 ~ A Water trine between the Moon in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces combined with squares from the Moon in Cancer to Saturn and Pluto in earthy Capricorn invite us to flow today. Here’s to being one with the universal current of grace ~

Day 22 ~ The Moon ebbs full at zero degrees Cancer this morning, asking us to tenderly embrace the little one inside of us. Imagining a world where we awaken to the power
of that simple act of love, always…

Day 21 ~ Winter Solstice Blessings ~ Revel in the return of the light! Drumming up the Winter Solstice Sun in the enchanted Red Rocks park offers a multitude of blessings. Drumbeats stir ancient heart songs as red-tailed hawks circle above lifting prayers to the heavens. Scents of sage and sweetgrass whisk us back to bonfires in sacred groves. Children dance with happy dads and dogs, and cloaks whirl in the wind while friendly folk share colorful messages of truth. Hope, faith, love, and all things beautiful call us into a new year. Here’s to reveling in the light. May it bless us all, always ~  

Day 20 ~ On this eve of Winter Solstice, in the late degrees of Sagittarius, the Sun trines Uranus in Aries, providing a spark of motivation and warmth for the dawning year. The Moon continues to expand in Gemini before she opposes Jupiter and Mercury in Sag later tonight. Maximizing joy as we release all that is outside of our highest good brings us into alignment with the light that returns tomorrow. Happy Winter Solstice Eve, all.
May our blessings be abundant and shared ~

Day 19 ~ A creative Fire trine between the Sun in Sag and Uranus in Aries inspires our genius, while Earthy trines between the Moon in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn help us continue to restructure what matters. Jupiter and Mercury pair up in Sag to lift our vision,
and the Sun in Sag squares Chiron in Pisces to help us take things less personally.
Giving thanks for it all multiplies our blessings.

Day 18 ~ A grounding Moon in Taurus this morning helps us connect to what matters and a trine to Saturn in Capricorn this evening strengthens our boundaries. Here’s to rooting into the Earth and growing from there.

Day 17 ~ The Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn this morning, awakening us to who we are in the world that we’re co-creating and imploring us to become agents of positive change. The day wraps up with a fiery trine between the Aries Moon and the Sun in Sagittarius, turning our attention to inspired endeavors and new possibilities.
Here’s to stepping into the light on purpose!

Day 16 ~ In the words of the wise Rafiki, “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Aspects in the sky today surround us with opportunities for discovery and realization. Venus sextiles Saturn and the Moon trines Jupiter this morning just before it squares Saturn. Later, the night brings another cooperative sextile between Mars and Pluto. Reflection, appreciation, and action elevate our game.

Day 15 ~ It’s another good day to center and ground ourselves since the Moon went void of course this morning. It will move into Mars-ruled Aries later this afternoon. Be nice out there ~ we’re really all one!

Day 14 ~ We’re blessed with the Moon in Pisces embracing Neptune this morning and Mars tonight. If we’re in the western hemisphere and outside later in clear skies, we can look for moonbeams next to the red planet and be inspired. If not, we can be inspired anyway!
Today holds the gift of allowing our souls to connect with the Divine, however we see it or feel it – it’s Pisces after all! 

Day 13 This morning dawned with a Piscean Moon, waxing gently in the sign of Oneness, Intuition, and Dreams. Surrendering what no longer serves our highest vision frees us to be fully alive.

Day 12 ~ Mercury moves into Sagittarius this afternoon ~ Here’s to seeing things from a higher place!

Day 11 ~ What blessings are present when we open our hearts to serve?

Day 10 ~ The moon squares Uranus this afternoon and then shifts into the ingenious landscape of Aquarius today. Opening our minds can take us to refreshing new places. Here’s to seeing the light!

Day 9 ~ Our choices are highlighted today as logical Mercury in Scorpio trines intuitive Chiron in Pisces. The Moon sextiles Neptune and Mars in Pisces before she joins Pluto in Capricorn later this evening. What do we want, and what do we want to change?

Day 8 ~ The Moon moved into Capricorn this morning, joins Saturn there later tonight, and cooperates with Venus in Scorpio via a sextile midday. The night also gifts us with Chiron’s direct motion in Pisces. What is worthwhile, real, and useful? 

Day 7 ~ Along with the Sagittarian New Moon’s invitation to see and feel what else is possible, today holds the healing gift of a Grand Water Trine.

Mercury in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and the North Node in Cancer offer a current of emotional support for our collective healing – if we’re willing to dive in and flow with it. Direct Mercury in Scorpio senses what’s lurking in the deep end, super-sensitive Chiron in Pisces asks us to heal our wounds by trusting our intuition and taking things less personally, and the North Node in Cancer reminds us to prioritize self-love.

Tapping into this current can help us meet the challenge of the New Moon’s square to Mars and Neptune. Mars is a personal planet that helps us get what we want. Its aim is direct and confident. When in Pisces, its focused approach softens and we journey into the transpersonal landscape of Neptune. Here, we’re invited to consider how what we want serves the whole and we’re asked to surrender what separates us. Doing so also supports us in connecting the inconjunct aspect between Mars in Pisces and Uranus in Aires.

The question becomes: What is possible when we embody compassion
and consider our connection with all that is?

Day 6 ~ A busy day in the skies takes us higher into the realms of Sagittarius as the Moon joined Jupiter there early this morning. This afternoon, Mercury goes direct in the late degrees of Scorpio. And later tonight, in the dark of the Moon, as she squares Mars and Neptune in Pisces, we can feel into and love what makes us grow. Balsamic moon phases are fertile places for gestating ideas, dreams, and hopes. Here’s to rising with the Sun and later, dreaming into the deep richness that the night brings on the eve of the New Moon…

Day 5 ~ The Moon goes void of course this afternoon after it joins Rx Mercury in Scorpio – meaning it will make its last significant aspect before changing signs. It will remain void of course until it moves into Sagittarius this evening. These periods of time are perfect for grounding, centering, and simply being. Enjoy!

Day 4 ~ Watery trines from the Moon in Scorpio to Mars and Neptune in Pisces and sextiles to Saturn and Pluto in Earthy Capricorn invite flow and cooperation. Here’s to allowing blessings to arrive…

Day 3 ~ The Moon shifts into Scorpio this morning and then will embrace Venus about an hour later. Venus blesses us with the Law of Attraction, and Scorpio empowers it ~ Here’s to consciously aligning with the Universal Law of Attraction in our thoughts, words, actions, and energy fields!!

Day 2 ~ Venus merges with Scorpio today. Here’s to diving deep into the powerful current of love ~

As the Moon shifted into Libra early this morning, she inspired Day 1 ~ Here’s to breathing in love, beauty, inspiration, and all things Venusian.