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March’s New Moon in Pisces and the Wisdom of Adaptability

As Mercury begins its retrograde journey today at 29° Pisces, it’s encouraging us
to surrender old issues and wounds, and it’s amplifying its message by tugging on
Chiron at 00° Aries.

While it’s true that we must begin again in Aries in order to grow, the messenger planet is asking us to make sure we’ve cleaned everything up. Even – and especially – the stuff we’re not consciously aware of: the stuff gathering dust in dark corners, the stuff we revisit in our dreams, the covert stuff we’d rather not discover or accept.

The courageous ones among us will tend to our inner whispers and dreams. The wise ones will cultivate patience, meditation, and allowing. Then, when the timing is just right, we will begin the process of gestating the ideas that are calling for fresh air and light.

Tomorrow morning, on March 6th, 2019, at 9:04 am MST, the New Moon joins Neptune and Vesta in watery Pisces, and sextiles Mars in earthy Taurus and Saturn in earthy Capricorn on either side of it. It also creates a T-square to Juno in airy Gemini and Ceres in fiery Sagittarius, while it squares Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The nature of this Pisces New Moon is watery, feminine, and mutable.

Mutable – adjective– liable to change.

The importance of adaptability was made clear to me as I recently traveled with a friend to the high desert of Sedona just after a record snowstorm. Witnessing the miracle of desert rock formations draped in thick snow, I felt that Mother Earth was quenching her thirst, and I drank in her beauty as I walked with extra care upon her.

As the snow melted, it traveled through rising creeks as sunlight danced with joy upon the swirls and pools that refreshed prickly pear cacti, twisted juniper, and pinyon pine. Forgoing
our plans for long hikes on sacred lands, we breathed into the beauty that presented itself around us and
flowed with what was. 

We’re living in a time where the Universe is asking us if we’re sure of ourselves. And sometimes (often, it seems), it nudges us to choose again. The ability to notice and heed the nudges is at the heart of this New Moon’s gift…and gifts are best when received with open hearts. 

Here’s to receiving the abundant blessings of adaptability and flowing with grace ~

With great blessings and gratitude, always,
~ Christina

Aligning with our noble purpose ~ July’s Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018 highlights the Aquarius/Leo axis. The Full Moon, Retrograde (Rx) Mars, and the South Node in Aquarius are opposed to the Sun in Leo, and their polarity creates a T-square to Uranus in Taurus.

If there ever was a time to align with our noble purpose, this is it.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is Life. It is Spirit’s form manifested in our distinct creative expression. It gives us confidence, courage, and will.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius represents our higher collective will that aims to serve the greater good. It inspires us to stretch beyond our limited views and personal desires to support all of life, and the future.

When challenges are revealed in astrology, we look to the gifts to help us through them. Tomorrow, as we continue to shake up our routines that aren’t loyal to our truest values via the T-square, we can look to four key trines for support.

In this case, gifts arrive in Water, Earth, and Fire trines involving the outer planets and the closer personal ones.

We can breathe into our Hearts, the Earth, and Spirit for inspiration and guidance.

  • Our hearts can find solace in the watery connection between Jupiter in Scorpio and Rx Neptune in Pisces. Feeling into the depths of truth and wisdom is the guiding force here. Jupiter in Scorpio dives deep and Rx Neptune Pisces elevates the search for the truth to the realm of the intuitive heart.
  • As Uranus in earthy Taurus aligns with Rx Saturn in earthy Capricorn we’re invited to ground into our deepest values as we continue to release situations, possessions, and/or relationships that limit us. Rx Saturn in Capricorn has been helping us create new boundaries that work – Uranus in Taurus yearns to help us stretch those boundaries. This Capricorn/Taurus trine reminds us to do the work. If the goal, the process, and the outcome are grounded in love, success is assured – and we all win.
  • Rx Pluto provides another grounded current to Venus in Virgo. As we transform systems built on outworn, conditioned beliefs and reclaim our authority to create lives we love, what are the processes and routines that nurture and heal us? What works? What heals? In the world of Venus in Virgo, they are one and the same: What works heals us and what heals us works. 
  • Finally, the Sun in Leo sparks a fiery inspiring current of healing to Rx Chiron in Aries, igniting confidence that will get us through anything. Healing our perceptions of ourselves as wounded beings is illuminated ~ and if we engage the playful nature of Leo, we can see and trust the way forward with clarity and excitement.
    This trine says, “Lighten Up!” 

If we were to sit with our Master/s – our Highest Guide/s – our Wisest Manifestations of our Souls, however that looks to us ~ whether it’s a reflection of our Highest Selves, a Team of Supporters or Guardians, a band of Angels or Archangels, one omnipotent and omniscient Being, or many such Beings ~ How would we approach the space? What would it feel like? What would we share? What would we receive? 

In the midst of this cycle of eclipses,
I invite us to go there
with all our hearts,
and find out…

With abundant blessings and love ~ always,


p.s. with all of the hype out there about Rx Mercury in Leo, I simply want to say thank you to the Messenger planet for helping us pause and reconsider how we express our willfulness. 😉

By the Light of the Full Moon in Libra ~

Lunar Blessings in Libra on this last day of March ~

She squared Mars and Saturn in Capricorn early this morning (6:37 am MDT), while the Arian Sun that reflected her beauty hugged Mercury in its retrograde phase, heightening the polarity of self and other.

Whenever the cardinal signs of fiery Aries and airy Libra are activated, I’m driven to find the center point between myself and others.

Who am I?

Who are you?

And most critically – especially now – who are we together?

Her square to strong forces in Capricorn takes me to the landscape of boundaries and lines.

We draw them every day, every moment, as we create patterns in our brains – and our lives.
We constantly revisit and retrace old tracks of opinions, assessments, definitions, judgments, and we make decisions from our inner, comfortable landscape.

Unless…we allow space, which is one of Libra’s gifts, to permeate our conditioning.

Unless…we breathe into the silence of presence and consideration.

Unless…we dare to carve new pathways that create unfamiliar yet exciting new connections within ourselves and with others.

Consideration and Cooperation. Courage and Action.

If we’re open enough…

If we’re daring enough…

These are the blessings of Libra’s Full Moon, and what I wish for us, always ~





December’s Gifts from Above ~

Before most of us in the western world rise on December 1st, 2017, Venus will already have shifted into the expansive, ever-wise sign of Sagittarius at 2:14 am MST – encouraging us to stretch ourselves in the areas and moments governed
by Love and Truth –

and, when it comes right down to it, isn’t that every area, 
and every moment? 

I cannot imagine a place, nor state of mind that wouldn’t benefit from the presence of love – nor from the love of presence.
  As more truths become exposed in our world, Venus in Sagittarius asks, “How we will meet them?” She implores us to step into our courageous feminine aspects and show up with love. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Mars in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries as the month begins so we have even more motivation to find and come from a place of loving kindness. 

Saturn has been helping us with the exposure of truth for some time now.

On December 3rd, at 12:34 am MST, Mercury, the Messenger planet of communication, not only joins Saturn in that mission, but also turns back in the end degrees of Sagittarius to enter a Retrograde period until Dec. 22nd. 
Keeping in mind the shadow period on either period of that timeframe – when Mercury passes the zodiacal degrees of its retrograde path, we know that Mercury in Sagittarius has been working in the background already – and will continue to do so into 2018. The shadow period for this  Rx cycle is mid-November 2017 to January 11, 2018. 

Rx Mercury in Sagittarius asks us first to seek and clarify the truth, then to understand and speak it. It helps us to see our paths from a higher place, and if we’re intelligent enough –
if we’re courageous enough – we’ll slow down, center ourselves, and then stand up enough to see, think, and speak from that vantage point. When we cooperate, Mercury’s gift is wisdom.

December’s Full Moon in Gemini is a Super Moon that adds to the excitement of the month’s first weekend. It peaks at 8:47 am MST, just after Mercury begins to slow down on December 3rd, 2017. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is all about learning and teaching; questioning and knowing; seeking and expanding ~ always with wisdom being the subject.

Let’s roam – inside, outside, wherever ~ with open minds and open hearts!

If we’ve been noticing an increase in our sixth sense, we can thank both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Neptune went direct in November after a long retrograde period. On Dec. 3rd, Neptune squares the Full Moon, which could bring challenges if we aren’t tuning into and trusting our intuition. So, let’s check in, first.

Chiron goes direct on Dec. 5th. Chiron symbolizes the wise healer within, so we have even more encouragement to be compassionate with ourselves, which surely will radiate out to the world. Chiron in Pisces also reminds us to practice non-attachment when we may tend to taking things too personally. See the gift.

Mars, the fiery planet that helps us reach out for what we want, moves into Scorpio in the night sky on December 9th. Personal power and influence come into play and the power of and in secrets is emphasized. We can likely expect more of humanity’s underbelly to be revealed and we will do well to watch our need for control in personal relationships and interactions with others. Scorpio’s keywords are I desire – and Mars is an older ruler of Scorpio (the newer ruler is Pluto) so Mars is perfectly suited for ramping up personal power as it drives through the sign of Scorpio. Passion and intensity can help us accomplish amazing feats if channeled with intention ~ otherwise, watch out for Scorpio’s sting! It’s definitely a time to focus our attention on what we truly want! 

Five planets line up in Sagittarius for the New Moon on Dec. 17th, 2017 at 11:30 pm MST. Mercury Rx and Venus embrace the Sun and Moon on one side, while Saturn closes the circle on the other. If there ever was a time to plant seeds of truth that will culminate in our collective growth and expansion, this is it. 

A fiery trine from the New Moon in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries and Ceres in Leo supports the activation and assertion of individual rights and freedom of expression in ways that feed our creative souls. It’s time to spark what inspires us, and to revel in the light.

Just before the winter solstice, Saturn will move from Sagittarius into Capricorn, emphasizing the importance of restructuring larger systems in our world, especially those that hold authority. Sifting through the truths that Saturn in Sagittarius recently revealed, we are now  asked to respond. How much authority will we continue to abdicate to those in power? How can we align with Saturn to restructure our collective boundaries? 

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to rise with the desert Sun with other kindred relations each morning – we sat in a circle around a bonfire as the Sun ascended into a sky
of pink, orange, and blue ribbons. In a simplified, yet humble and grateful way, we honored a native tradition of offering our prayers to all our relations. As we invoked the directions, swirls of white sage and flute song encircled us and cleared our minds so we could touch what matters. Doves, including the one pictured above, lined up to welcome the sun with us. As our hearts softened, we offered our intentions to the fire and the smoke carried our concerns, our wishes, our gratitudes upward. During moments like these, I’m reminded of what is right, and good, and true. Something stirs in my heart’s soul that transcends limitation and suffering ~ and all my relations are blessed by what I witness and what I open to.

The Winter Solstice is another sacred time for my soul, when the Sun’s light rises to the drumbeats of kindred souls and our collective heart beats in tune to something deep,
ancient, and true. This year, that sacred moment occurs on December 21st, at 9:28 am MST, when the Sun shifts into Capricorn. If it is true that Capricorn represents the outer limits of our evolution of consciousness, then let us stretch those limits more than what we believe is possible. Let us work together and help each other as we climb the mountain,
so that all of us can see, and know, and love what lies ahead. 

As the month ends, all of the planets will be in direct motion offering forward momentum. Here’s to aligning and running with it into a brighter world!

May all relations know what is true ~ May all relations know love ~
May all relations know more kindness and beauty ~

Many blessings, always,


Meeting September’s shifts…with gentle steps ~

A gentle cosmic reminder on this eve of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse ~ when Mars, my favorite Red Planet, partners with Saturn which squares Neptune. As if that square between what is dreamt and what is real needed a boost….may we plant our dreams wisely, my dear friends, and grow our world anew.
thoughts ~



greeting ~ This week (and the month of September) offers several potent celestial shifts ~ from Venus moving into Libra, Mercury going Rx, a New Moon in Virgo/Solar Eclipse, to Jupiter moving into Libra and a Full Moon in Pisces/Lunar Eclipse – to name a few.

I offer ~ for now ~ less words and more love.

With blessings that mirror the way the clouds caress the earth,
and the earth responds in kind,
~ Christina

Gemini’s Illumination, Mercury’s Shift, and the Full Moon!

As the Sun dawns in Gemini on Friday May 20th, at 8:36 am MDT, I want
to acknowledge and thank its ruling planet, Mercury, which has been imparting all
sorts of lessons during its second retrograde (Rx) cycle ~ of 4 this year.

Personally, I’ve been on a bit of a cosmic hiatus (especially recommended if Mercury is Rx in
a sign opposite your own, i.e. Taurus) and I’ve been observing the lessons of the Messenger planet. During this receptive time, I’ve been taking in what has been coming in the way
of intuitive hunches, whispers, and dreams.


In that spirit, look for my monthly newsletters and posts to align with the energy of the Sun as it shifts into each zodiac sign, rather than at the first of the month.

We’re moving from Grounded, Fixed, Earthy Taurus into Intellectual,
Mutable, Light-hearted, 
Airy Gemini,
so get ready for some stimulation ~


That said, as Mercury winds up its retrograde cycle, before it stations direct and begins to
go forward early on Sunday, May 22nd, it is still a perfect time to continue to practice a calm and present state of being. If we haven’t noticed it already, retrograde Mercury encourages
us to nurture an inward journey, where we cultivate ideas,
visions, and dreams
without necessarily acting on them.

This isn’t to say that we have to become totally passive in our daily lives, but forcing our
way forward can be fraught with obstacles from misunderstandings and miscommunication
at best, and all-out conflict and/or failure of our intended operations at worst.

One critical thing to cultivate during any Mercury Rx period is clarity. This can be
an inward look at what we intend to convey, followed by a simple check-in with those
we’re communicating with, such as asking, ‘did you understand what I mean?’
This goes both ways, of course, meaning that we can – and ought to – clarify the intentions
of those around us. Again, simply saying, ‘this is what I heard, is this what you mean?’ will suffice. In this way, we support the mutual win.


All of this is especially important as we move into the Full Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday, May 21st, at 3:14 pm MDT.

Gemini and Sagittarius are two of the 4 mutable signs – another reason to be flexible, to flow with changes in plans, and to surrender control. They both have to do with learning and teaching, with Gemini being the perpetual student and Sagittarius the wise teacher. Seeking higher truths is emphasized with this Full Moon, as is expanding our belief systems, and busting through what limits our evolution in terms of consciousness. 

Full Moons in general carry a certain amount of heightened potency and volatility. This one holds even more of that intensity thanks to a conjunction with the Warrior Planet, Mars, which is retrograde in the early degrees of Sagittarius.   

If cultivating clarity and patience wasn’t a priority during the last few weeks, it ought to be high on our lists this weekend.


Mars is the planet that helps us reach out for what we desire ~ when it is retrograde it helps us clarify what we want. In expansive Sagittarius, the last thing Mars wants is restriction – so we shouldn’t be surprised if we feel more urges to go after what we want – nor should we be surprised if others want their way too. Again, clarity is at the heart of the solution.

In short: Breathe, Ground,
Count to Ten, Repeat.

Seek the higher truth. Walk – better yet – dance the higher path.

This weekend, as Mercury stations direct before it turns around, and the Full Moon joins Mars, may we seek the peaceful, blissful path. And may we cultivate the lessons from these past few weeks as we set out to manifest the dreams and visions that emerged from our Hearts ~   

desert sun

As Emerson said, “Scatter Joy!”

To that end, may we follow the lead
of Nature, and enjoy these bits of
Her happiness scattered throughout
post ~ and our world…




…because he also said,
“The Earth laughs in flowers” ~


with Endless Smiles, Laughter, & Blessings ~






Mercury’s Retrograde Nature ~ another Cosmic Prescription

As April nears its close, Mercury shifts into Retrograde on the 28th, joining 4 other
planets in that introspective position that helps us to pause and reevalutate our thoughts,
beliefs, choices, words, and actions. This quick-moving Messenger planet will go back
through grounded, earthy Taurus, so our need to get centered and take things
slower than normal is emphasized.
I tend to avoid the hype and/or fear around assigning blame to Retrograde Mercury when things go in a direction other than what I’d like, and instead prefer to connect with the
deeper message from the planet’s shift in course.
In this case, I turn to Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, and connect to Love…
HeartLight ~So, now we have the ever delightful, quick-thinking, talkative, Gemini-loving energy of Mercury moving through Taurus, where creating and building things that bring us beauty, pleasures, and comfort lives. Where the Universal Law of ‘Like Attracts Like’ flourishes ~ and Love prevails.

Mercury’s retrograde journey takes us through May 22nd, so we might as well surrender the need to control what is beyond our grip, connect to our hearts’ desires, and enjoy ourselves!

With deep and wide gratitude for an amazing April ~ with its abundant blessings from Above, and the HeartLight that each of us walk forward onto the Earth ~

April’s Healing Gifts: 5 Prescriptions for Reflection & Infinite Energy for Blazing our Path

When the fullness of life bursts just beneath the surface and stirs our primal impulses ~ when leaves bud and animals wake from slumber, when life calls us with its timeless affirmation and commands that we choose. Enter April, and the fullness of Aries: the master of survival with the willingness to emerge triumphant and live fully, absolutely, completely.

Blaze On ~

Many of the clients that I work with were born when the Sun and other planets were in Aries – some would say they “are Aries,” but if you follow astrology you likely know that we are much more than our Sun sign because we possess the energetic qualities of all of the planets to some degree.

When I reflect on the nature of Aries, I’m immediately drawn to the power of Mars, its ruling planet, with its pure desire to express its raw force and energy. It is impulsive, daring; intent on its expression and survival. I think of Spring, when Aries – and new life – begins again.

This April 7th, at 5:24 am MDT, the New Moon is in Aries, accentuating a powerful impulse to burst forth with energy and zeal. It joins the Sun and Uranus in the same fiery sign, urging us to shine in the unique and innovative way that only each of us can. We may well find ourselves on fire to ignite and act out our intentions and instinctive desires during this New Moon cycle. If we take care to avoid rash impulsiveness for personal gain, we’ll honor the collective of which we are a part ~ and likely create and experience harmony versus conflict.

surrenderIf last month’s emphasis was on the spiritual plane of Piscean mystery, dissolution, and flow, this one is about enlivening what was revealed once we wiped the slate clean. What spiritual truths did we encounter as we released what needed to go? What insights did we receive in the dreamtime or in our meditations? How can we bring them to life now?

Several other opportunities for reflection occur in April as 5 planets will be retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn remain retrograde, while this month brings shifts from Mars, Pluto, and Mercury. Instead of being a cause for alarm, I like to consider retrograde planets as prescriptions. Their symbol – Rx – makes it easy to remember this call to go within and reconsider our thoughts, choices, and behavior relative to each planet’s energy.
Rx Journeys or Cosmic Medicine in play:
Jupiter Rx – January 8th – May 9th – the benevolent planet of expansion pauses in the exacting and logical sign of Virgo and asks simply: What is working, and how can it work better?
Saturn Rx – March 25th – August 13th – the planet of limits and boundaries moves through the Jupiter-ruled terrain of expansion and growth. Where can we stretch? What are our fundamental beliefs based on, and are we ready to grow out of them, for the higher gain?
Mars Rx – April 17th – June 29th – Mars transits through Sagittarius and Scorpio helping us reconsider our impulses to both expand and deepen our expression of our desires.
Pluto Rx – April 18th – September 26th – in the middle degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, Pluto calls us to deepen our examination of personal and collective power – are we reclaiming or relinquishing ours? Is our co-creative power limited, and if so, how are we allowing it?
Mercury Rx – April 28th – May 22nd – in Venus-ruled Taurus, the Messenger planet asks us to reexamine our thoughts, beliefs, and words. Are we coming from love and building our lives with the most powerful force of all? Do we believe that thoughts become things, and if so, what are our ‘things’ made of?

April also delivers Taurus energy on the morning of the 19th at 9:29 am MDT, as the Sun shifts from Aries to the Earthy Venus-ruled sign of love and beauty. It’s time to ground, build what we love, nurture what feeds our bodies and souls, and revel in the beauty of the natural world.

Lilac           Iris Dew           Spring Crocus

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Full Moon gleams in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus on the night of April 21 at 11:23 pm, and pulls us into the depths where we can transform our shadows by embracing them – and our power – with pure love.

As Gandhi also said, “Nothing is impossible for pure love.”

Wishing all of us more of that, always ~ and especially as we honor our Mother Earth on Friday, April 22nd, for all our relations ~ 






Gathering wisdom and walking it into the world ~ January 2016

Bless the day ~Warm New Year’s Greetings ~
In my search to understand life’s journey as told by the story of the stars and to assist others called to do the same, I’m compelled to offer the wisdom of a medicine woman I worked with during my first Saturn return, a pivotal period of realignment that occurs around age 29.

Perhaps it’s the influence of the current placement of Saturn in the truth-seeking, expanding sign of Sagittarius where we can gather the gifts of life, open their wrapping to reveal the blessings, and share them. Perhaps it’s because I’m struck by the raw shadowy humanity I see around me near and far: embers of old wounds smoldering underneath layers of protection and separation; conflicts sparked and fueled by fear; remnants of a collective lineage longing to be acknowledged, healed, and released – transformed into something beautiful. Perhaps it’s that 2016 brings the culmination of a three-year period of radical acceleration of information from higher realms driving positive change on the planet – and a sense of urgency in making each moment count, for all of our sake. Whatever the impulse, as one committed to channeling the Light I see as clearly as humanly possible, I offer these insights in great faith for all.

Saturn helps us build our lives much like the way the banks of a river shape its direction and flow. When we’re young our river banks are formed by others: parents, family members, and institutions like schools, churches, and society. By the time Saturn cycles again to the place it held when we were born in our late twenties, we take more responsibility for reshaping and reforming the structure and direction of our river of life. Typically, the first 4 years of this 29 year cycle brings the most adjustments. For me, seeking was a critical component of my first Saturn return and I embarked on a 4 year quest for my Soul’s truth.

The Lakota word ‘henbleyche’ means ‘to cry for vision’ and traditionally describes a ceremony for young men as they come of age. After being blessed to connect with a medicine woman of Lakota lineage, I pledged to a 4 year vision-questing process in the wilderness of Colorado’s mountains. On the quest of my 3rd year, as I came off of the cliff-side circle of rocks, I asked my teacher/mentor/medicine woman what I was to do with the surreal and profound messages I received: the medicine of crows diving into the abyss between rock outcroppings; the punctuated growl of another mountain lion’s visit – the third in three years – deep in the night, when the Full Moon’s light was captured by just enough broad tree trunks so that I would trust what is audible but invisible – like whispers of intuition that resound deep inside your gut; a family of deer quietly grazing just before dawn, and countless other moments of certainty regarding the omnipresence and omnipotence of Spirit and Truth and the simple quiet way both imbue our essence.

Her reply: “Walk it into the world.”Lotus Ripples

As we step into this Leap year of 2016, my prayer is that each of us walk our wisdom into the world. May we release what needs to go, not with disdain nor bitterness, but with gratitude for the blessings that the experiences revealed. May we bless instead of begrudge those involved who took on the roles necessary to propel our growth, knowing that whether it is created in love or fear, the energy with which we release things creates ripples all the same.

Recently, my medicine woman’s wisdom of ‘walking it into the world’ came to me in a whisper, and it said: “May I bless the day.”

Now, as another year of integration invites us to reshape our lives and our collective world, instead of asking to be blessed, may we claim the co-creative power of responsibility given to us at birth and ‘be the blessings’ that our world needs.

In terms of cosmic support, these are the gifts to come, may we open and walk them into the world with great care:

January 1st – 7:18 pm MST ~ Mercury moves into Aquarius inspiring new innovative consciousness and communication. Spark new conversations that challenge the status quo.

January 3rd into the 4th ~ Mars moves into Scorpio in the morning providing a surge of power that multiplies with its conjunction to the Moon in Scorpio at 12:51 pm MST.
Dig deep, but let Spirit propel your expression of emotions and desires for the most positive impact. Enhance the magic with pure willingness ~ a new twist on will power.
Later that night, from midnight to just before dawn on the 4th, step outside to glimpse the Quadrantids meteor showers.

January 5th – After squaring Mars just before dawn, Mercury goes retrograde until January 25th – it begins to turn in the early degrees of Aquarius, but slips back into Capricorn for the bulk of its cycle, even after it turns direct. Retrograde Mercury always presents opportunities to pause and reconsider our thought patterns and expression. In mental, airy Aquarius, we can consider the value of thinking differently, originally. In grounded, earthy Capricorn we can reevaluate the practicality of our way of thinking, managing to think in ways that are logical and valuable. It remains in Capricorn until February 13th, when it shifts back into Aquarius. If we’re attuned, Mercury’s back and forth dance can help us gather the wisdom from the past (Capricorn) and make it new again (Aquarius).

January 7th – Jupiter, the big benevolent planet in the sky, turns retrograde, deeper into the practicality, logic, and efficiency of Virgo. It remains here until early May, so we have much opportunity to serve the greater whole with the blessings we have and are. Virgo is about bringing our mastery to Earth in pragmatic ways that function to improve the world, and when Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, prolongs its stay in the sign of service and choice, how can we refuse that invitation?

January 9th – The New Moon steeps in Capricorn at 6:30 pm MST, and offers another chance to pull wisdom from the past and fertilize the seeds within that we want to sprout. This energy is all the more effective if we choose to manage ourselves rather than others. It follows that the same applies to allowing ourselves to be managed by others and/or circumstances. The ability to respond – or choose not to – always lies within.

January 20th – The Sun shifts into Aquarius at 8:27 am MST, bringing the inspiration and light that dances in this consciousness-based fixed sign. Imagine a bridge to higher levels of awareness, step forward, and contribute to our collective evolution. All it takes is a shift.

January 23rd – The first Full Moon of the year beams in Leo at 6:46 pm MST, the sign that the Sun loves and rules so that Leo and Aquarius now come into our focus. If we allow the Sun’s Aquarian Light to engage Leo’s strong desire to shine more than the ego, we come to the center of both and everyone wins.

January 25th – Mercury goes direct in Capricorn. Hopefully, we’ve had enough time to reflect and can bring the insights gleaned to life. It conjuncts Pluto at month’s end on the 29th, so imagine plugging consciousness into a huge power source and putting that energy to use!

Speaking of Pluto in Capricorn, its cardinal square to Uranus in Aries that began in 2012 and struck exactly 7 times between then and 2015, continues to be in orb in 2016, although its energy is waning. Those with strong Cardinal energies in their charts (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) and others that have undergone strong currents of change over the last few years may continue to notice reverberations. We can breathe deeply, acknowledge the enormous shifts of head and heart that we’ve made, and carry on.
It was not, nor is it ever, for naught.

Guardian of Light ~



With much joy, and deeper gratitude,

Christina ~




September’s Cosmic Shifts ~ Super Moons x 3 ~ Shine On!

Golden Journey ~Golden Harvest Greetings!

The Super Moon in Pisces on August 29th (at 12:35 pm MDT) emphasizes making our dreams become reality because it illuminates both Pisces and Virgo energy. On the Sun’s side, we find Jupiter, expanding what we focus on; on the Moon’s side, we find Neptune, taking us deeper into the mystery and the emotional waters of life. Given the amplification of all things emotional, we’ll do well to watch for ‘over the top’ reactivity. Staying centered on Earth while connected with the world of Spirit offers peace and enlightenment. To make the most of these energies where surrendering and co-creating merge, we might consider keeping a dream journal along with our list of goals to reach. This Pisces Super Moon is perfect for preparing us the next two Super Moons(in Aries and Taurus) and the eclipses to come. Letting go of whatever is not working is highly encouraged! Imagine that…

Virgo-Pisces TIP ~ if the question “Whose responsibility is this?” surfaces, look into a mirror, then smile at your reflection! It’s all about choices – seeing ours, and if necessary consciously choosing again… and granting others that same right. At its best, Virgo learns from all of its mistakes – er…choices!

Two planets end their retrograde cycles this month, even as Mercury begins its own.
Venus moves direct in Leo on the 6th, so we can look for more forward motion in all things Venus related: beauty, love, comfort, pleasure. Think ‘law of attraction’ and draw what is valued closer. Making what we love real is Venus’s specialty; in Leo, all the better if it brings illumination and helps us shine!

Pluto moves direct on the 25th, in Capricorn. Pluto moves slowly, so it will be in Capricorn for a while, where it aids our evolution by helping us break down – or through – power structures that keep us stagnant. On a personal level, its shift supports areas of transformation that help us expand and grow.

September 13th brings the New Moon in Virgo (more co-creation opportunities!) at 12:41 am and a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE shortly after that at 12:52 am. Fresh starts, clean slates, and new perceptions prevail. Again, Virgo/Pisces is on stage helping us make what is unconscious conscious. A nod to Chiron helps us tap into intuition and support from beyond this realm – and assists our leap of faith to manifest our biggest dreams. Look and listen for insight from higher places and keep that dream journal close!

Mercury turns retrograde this month from September 17th to October 9th. Beginning its turn at 15º Libra, it conjures the image of the center of a teeter-totter where balance is struck. What if, when faced with two opposing viewpoints, instead of wrestling our way through the fray we found a way to acknowledge both? At its best, Libra seeks harmony and peace. In our world of duality and contrast, it offers respite, solace ~ breathing space. Remember standing in the center of the teeter-totter until it was suspended equally on both sides? This is the mental game to embrace as Mercury retrograde gives us pause. In the middle – where suffering is neutralized, instead of pitting opposites against each other –
we give both sides room to simply be. Think compassionate detachment when things seemingly ‘breakdown’.

Autumn arrives on the 23rd as the wheel spins into Libra at 2:20 am, the home of harmony, peace, and equilibrium. Gathering our harvest ~ again, with compassion ~
is supported now.

Back to the Super Moon Energy! September’s Super Moon on the 27th at 8:50 pm MDT follows the peak of a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 04º Aries at 8:47 pm MDT. Aries is where the zodiac wheel begins again and is all about a fresh start; this event amps up the energy of survival, emergence, and living out loud. Ruled by Mars, it commands self-expression. Libra, which hosts the Sun now, is ruled by Venus, and implores us to consider relationship. The challenge? To honor others while simultaneously honoring the self…or conversely, understanding that honoring the self truly honors all – if our intentions are pure and unconditional.

That takes us through September – the month of harvest – may yours be both beautiful and bountiful! More good stuff to come in October when the Super Moon in Taurus helps us build on what we’ve gathered. Until then, I’ll be sleeping and dreaming with these three Super Moons and sharing what shows up!

Many blessings, always,


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