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Gathering wisdom and walking it into the world ~ January 2016

Bless the day ~Warm New Year’s Greetings ~
In my search to understand life’s journey as told by the story of the stars and to assist others called to do the same, I’m compelled to offer the wisdom of a medicine woman I worked with during my first Saturn return, a pivotal period of realignment that occurs around age 29.

Perhaps it’s the influence of the current placement of Saturn in the truth-seeking, expanding sign of Sagittarius where we can gather the gifts of life, open their wrapping to reveal the blessings, and share them. Perhaps it’s because I’m struck by the raw shadowy humanity I see around me near and far: embers of old wounds smoldering underneath layers of protection and separation; conflicts sparked and fueled by fear; remnants of a collective lineage longing to be acknowledged, healed, and released – transformed into something beautiful. Perhaps it’s that 2016 brings the culmination of a three-year period of radical acceleration of information from higher realms driving positive change on the planet – and a sense of urgency in making each moment count, for all of our sake. Whatever the impulse, as one committed to channeling the Light I see as clearly as humanly possible, I offer these insights in great faith for all.

Saturn helps us build our lives much like the way the banks of a river shape its direction and flow. When we’re young our river banks are formed by others: parents, family members, and institutions like schools, churches, and society. By the time Saturn cycles again to the place it held when we were born in our late twenties, we take more responsibility for reshaping and reforming the structure and direction of our river of life. Typically, the first 4 years of this 29 year cycle brings the most adjustments. For me, seeking was a critical component of my first Saturn return and I embarked on a 4 year quest for my Soul’s truth.

The Lakota word ‘henbleyche’ means ‘to cry for vision’ and traditionally describes a ceremony for young men as they come of age. After being blessed to connect with a medicine woman of Lakota lineage, I pledged to a 4 year vision-questing process in the wilderness of Colorado’s mountains. On the quest of my 3rd year, as I came off of the cliff-side circle of rocks, I asked my teacher/mentor/medicine woman what I was to do with the surreal and profound messages I received: the medicine of crows diving into the abyss between rock outcroppings; the punctuated growl of another mountain lion’s visit – the third in three years – deep in the night, when the Full Moon’s light was captured by just enough broad tree trunks so that I would trust what is audible but invisible – like whispers of intuition that resound deep inside your gut; a family of deer quietly grazing just before dawn, and countless other moments of certainty regarding the omnipresence and omnipotence of Spirit and Truth and the simple quiet way both imbue our essence.

Her reply: “Walk it into the world.”Lotus Ripples

As we step into this Leap year of 2016, my prayer is that each of us walk our wisdom into the world. May we release what needs to go, not with disdain nor bitterness, but with gratitude for the blessings that the experiences revealed. May we bless instead of begrudge those involved who took on the roles necessary to propel our growth, knowing that whether it is created in love or fear, the energy with which we release things creates ripples all the same.

Recently, my medicine woman’s wisdom of ‘walking it into the world’ came to me in a whisper, and it said: “May I bless the day.”

Now, as another year of integration invites us to reshape our lives and our collective world, instead of asking to be blessed, may we claim the co-creative power of responsibility given to us at birth and ‘be the blessings’ that our world needs.

In terms of cosmic support, these are the gifts to come, may we open and walk them into the world with great care:

January 1st – 7:18 pm MST ~ Mercury moves into Aquarius inspiring new innovative consciousness and communication. Spark new conversations that challenge the status quo.

January 3rd into the 4th ~ Mars moves into Scorpio in the morning providing a surge of power that multiplies with its conjunction to the Moon in Scorpio at 12:51 pm MST.
Dig deep, but let Spirit propel your expression of emotions and desires for the most positive impact. Enhance the magic with pure willingness ~ a new twist on will power.
Later that night, from midnight to just before dawn on the 4th, step outside to glimpse the Quadrantids meteor showers.

January 5th – After squaring Mars just before dawn, Mercury goes retrograde until January 25th – it begins to turn in the early degrees of Aquarius, but slips back into Capricorn for the bulk of its cycle, even after it turns direct. Retrograde Mercury always presents opportunities to pause and reconsider our thought patterns and expression. In mental, airy Aquarius, we can consider the value of thinking differently, originally. In grounded, earthy Capricorn we can reevaluate the practicality of our way of thinking, managing to think in ways that are logical and valuable. It remains in Capricorn until February 13th, when it shifts back into Aquarius. If we’re attuned, Mercury’s back and forth dance can help us gather the wisdom from the past (Capricorn) and make it new again (Aquarius).

January 7th – Jupiter, the big benevolent planet in the sky, turns retrograde, deeper into the practicality, logic, and efficiency of Virgo. It remains here until early May, so we have much opportunity to serve the greater whole with the blessings we have and are. Virgo is about bringing our mastery to Earth in pragmatic ways that function to improve the world, and when Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, prolongs its stay in the sign of service and choice, how can we refuse that invitation?

January 9th – The New Moon steeps in Capricorn at 6:30 pm MST, and offers another chance to pull wisdom from the past and fertilize the seeds within that we want to sprout. This energy is all the more effective if we choose to manage ourselves rather than others. It follows that the same applies to allowing ourselves to be managed by others and/or circumstances. The ability to respond – or choose not to – always lies within.

January 20th – The Sun shifts into Aquarius at 8:27 am MST, bringing the inspiration and light that dances in this consciousness-based fixed sign. Imagine a bridge to higher levels of awareness, step forward, and contribute to our collective evolution. All it takes is a shift.

January 23rd – The first Full Moon of the year beams in Leo at 6:46 pm MST, the sign that the Sun loves and rules so that Leo and Aquarius now come into our focus. If we allow the Sun’s Aquarian Light to engage Leo’s strong desire to shine more than the ego, we come to the center of both and everyone wins.

January 25th – Mercury goes direct in Capricorn. Hopefully, we’ve had enough time to reflect and can bring the insights gleaned to life. It conjuncts Pluto at month’s end on the 29th, so imagine plugging consciousness into a huge power source and putting that energy to use!

Speaking of Pluto in Capricorn, its cardinal square to Uranus in Aries that began in 2012 and struck exactly 7 times between then and 2015, continues to be in orb in 2016, although its energy is waning. Those with strong Cardinal energies in their charts (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) and others that have undergone strong currents of change over the last few years may continue to notice reverberations. We can breathe deeply, acknowledge the enormous shifts of head and heart that we’ve made, and carry on.
It was not, nor is it ever, for naught.

Guardian of Light ~



With much joy, and deeper gratitude,

Christina ~




September’s Cosmic Shifts ~ Super Moons x 3 ~ Shine On!

Golden Journey ~Golden Harvest Greetings!

The Super Moon in Pisces on August 29th (at 12:35 pm MDT) emphasizes making our dreams become reality because it illuminates both Pisces and Virgo energy. On the Sun’s side, we find Jupiter, expanding what we focus on; on the Moon’s side, we find Neptune, taking us deeper into the mystery and the emotional waters of life. Given the amplification of all things emotional, we’ll do well to watch for ‘over the top’ reactivity. Staying centered on Earth while connected with the world of Spirit offers peace and enlightenment. To make the most of these energies where surrendering and co-creating merge, we might consider keeping a dream journal along with our list of goals to reach. This Pisces Super Moon is perfect for preparing us the next two Super Moons(in Aries and Taurus) and the eclipses to come. Letting go of whatever is not working is highly encouraged! Imagine that…

Virgo-Pisces TIP ~ if the question “Whose responsibility is this?” surfaces, look into a mirror, then smile at your reflection! It’s all about choices – seeing ours, and if necessary consciously choosing again… and granting others that same right. At its best, Virgo learns from all of its mistakes – er…choices!

Two planets end their retrograde cycles this month, even as Mercury begins its own.
Venus moves direct in Leo on the 6th, so we can look for more forward motion in all things Venus related: beauty, love, comfort, pleasure. Think ‘law of attraction’ and draw what is valued closer. Making what we love real is Venus’s specialty; in Leo, all the better if it brings illumination and helps us shine!

Pluto moves direct on the 25th, in Capricorn. Pluto moves slowly, so it will be in Capricorn for a while, where it aids our evolution by helping us break down – or through – power structures that keep us stagnant. On a personal level, its shift supports areas of transformation that help us expand and grow.

September 13th brings the New Moon in Virgo (more co-creation opportunities!) at 12:41 am and a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE shortly after that at 12:52 am. Fresh starts, clean slates, and new perceptions prevail. Again, Virgo/Pisces is on stage helping us make what is unconscious conscious. A nod to Chiron helps us tap into intuition and support from beyond this realm – and assists our leap of faith to manifest our biggest dreams. Look and listen for insight from higher places and keep that dream journal close!

Mercury turns retrograde this month from September 17th to October 9th. Beginning its turn at 15º Libra, it conjures the image of the center of a teeter-totter where balance is struck. What if, when faced with two opposing viewpoints, instead of wrestling our way through the fray we found a way to acknowledge both? At its best, Libra seeks harmony and peace. In our world of duality and contrast, it offers respite, solace ~ breathing space. Remember standing in the center of the teeter-totter until it was suspended equally on both sides? This is the mental game to embrace as Mercury retrograde gives us pause. In the middle – where suffering is neutralized, instead of pitting opposites against each other –
we give both sides room to simply be. Think compassionate detachment when things seemingly ‘breakdown’.

Autumn arrives on the 23rd as the wheel spins into Libra at 2:20 am, the home of harmony, peace, and equilibrium. Gathering our harvest ~ again, with compassion ~
is supported now.

Back to the Super Moon Energy! September’s Super Moon on the 27th at 8:50 pm MDT follows the peak of a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 04º Aries at 8:47 pm MDT. Aries is where the zodiac wheel begins again and is all about a fresh start; this event amps up the energy of survival, emergence, and living out loud. Ruled by Mars, it commands self-expression. Libra, which hosts the Sun now, is ruled by Venus, and implores us to consider relationship. The challenge? To honor others while simultaneously honoring the self…or conversely, understanding that honoring the self truly honors all – if our intentions are pure and unconditional.

That takes us through September – the month of harvest – may yours be both beautiful and bountiful! More good stuff to come in October when the Super Moon in Taurus helps us build on what we’ve gathered. Until then, I’ll be sleeping and dreaming with these three Super Moons and sharing what shows up!

Many blessings, always,


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June’s Celestial Spark ~ Be Inspired!

Spirited Greetings!
June’s Full Moon inspires us on the 2nd at 10:19 am MDT in Sagittarius, as she sparks a Grand Fire Trine between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. Trines support energy flow and fire refers to spirit. Aries serves to motivate while Leo wants to create and shine. Sagittarius pulls both toward expansion. Voila! Inspired Life!

on fireIn addition to the stars sparking the fire within early this month, we have an abundance of Gemini energy awakening our curiosity with the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Mars together in this mental air sign. Gemini loves to question the status quo and name things. Words, definitions, labels, and stories are emphasized now so watching what we think and say is especially important. If thoughts become things, then many thoughts become many things. To Gemini, attention is energy, so we can make the most of this mentally active time by attending to what we focus on. Where do we place our energy and what do we create by doing so?
Once again, I’m reminded of the energy that we leave behind as well as what we carry with us. Which thoughts result in the experience that we want to live, and how does the story we’re creating affect the other characters involved? What is our energetic footprint?

The duality inherent in Gemini lends itself to comparisons and contrasts so it can be easy to become distracted or even obsessed with measuring up or falling behind. Instead of a good/bad, either/or perspective, it may be helpful to embrace a more inclusive outlook of both/and. This point of view will flow well with the motion of Neptune as it turns retrograde in Pisces on the 12th, just after Mercury goes direct in Gemini on the 11th. As the planet of oneness, unity, intuition and faith, Neptune helps us to connect with and accept the perfection of our higher selves completely. From this centered loving place of acceptance, it is easy to embrace inclusiveness and extend kindness to all.

More celestial highlights to come in my Summer Solstice Update ~ Until then, may your Spirit be Uplifted, Inspired, and Blessed ~

From Earth and Above,
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“Yes, We May!” ~ 2015 ~

awakening softly Remember the childhood game “Mother May I?” Contemplating our relationship with Mother Earth and each other as the Sun radiates in Taurus’s earthy, Venus-ruled realm of Love makes me wish we would consult Her in that simple way before we take all of our steps, whatever their nature: baby, half, full, giant, slow, fast, jumping, skipping, spinning, running, scissoring, cart-wheeling, forward, backward, sideways…

What would Mother Earth’s “Yes, you May!” look like if our steps were grounded in love and service to Her and the lives of all of her inhabitants, including ourselves and each other? What if we considered the effects of our choices before we made them, the weight or lightness of our thoughts before we spoke them, and moved in harmony with the heartbeat we share with Mother Earth and all relations?

If the patterns in the sky offer any hints, it might look like a way out of old patterns that pit opposites against each other by finding a solution in the middle, where both sides are seen as part of the same whole. It might look like merging Love and Power, the energies of Taurus/Venus and Scorpio/Pluto, respectively. In the middle, instead of denying one and/or wielding the other, out of fear of rejection or feeling left out or less than, we have the potential to realize and manifest the Power of Love. Here, loving our power allows us to know, embody, and become the absolute, omniscient essence of the power of love.

Highlights of May’s cosmic patterns include much encouragement for this shift in consciousness.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd at 9:42 MDT, brings the Scorpio/Taurus opposition mentioned above to the table. Whether we see things as a confrontation or a conversation, a battle or an embrace, is up to us. We could get distracted by the T-square to Jupiter in Leo which wants to expand our creative self-expression…
…or, perhaps we may bring that energy into the dance and see how our illumination helps others shine even brighter. Perhaps we may let Jupiter’s light shine on our shadow places where power is played out in ways that weaken our collective. Perhaps we may gather enough of the Love that encircles and infuses our world to courageously transform and transcend old, habitual, conditioned responses that limit our highest expressions.

The messenger planet, Mercury, moves into Gemini, the sign it loves and rules just before May 1st, encouraging us to ask the questions and collect the data that allow us to evolve. Its opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius invites us to stretch our understanding of spiritual limits, where we realize that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Their opposition forms another T-square – this one to Neptune in Pisces. We could trip over old tendencies to escape via addictions and repetitive habits that inhibit our expansion and feed a ‘victim/martyr’ mentality or ‘us vs. them’ mindset…
…or, perhaps we may use Neptune’s gifts of sensitivity, forgiveness, unity, and mastery to trust our process of spiritual growth and expand our reach into realms beyond our current beliefs. Perhaps we may employ intuition and faith to help us reframe our questions and redefine our limits.

Perhaps, when Venus moves into Cancer on May 7th, we may feel secure in our expressions and experiences of love, power, and unity. Then, perhaps, when Mars moves into Gemini on May 11th, we may name and claim the information needed to create the relationships we desire.

Perhaps, when the New Moon hugs the Sun in Taurus on May 17th, at 10:13 pm MDT, we may plant new seeds and dreams: ones filled with integrity and values worthy of our best selves – our most-loved, expansive, spiritual selves.

Perhaps, when Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 18th and remains so through June 11th, we may pause with it instead of resisting or blaming it (or others) for what we perceive to be delays or obstacles. Perhaps we may redefine how we see, create, and receive support, and trust the guidance that shows up, however it shows up.

Perhaps, as the Sun shifts from earthy Taurus into airy, thoughtful Gemini on May 21st, we may ask the best questions…and know unequivocally that the answers always follow, for they are held within each one.

May marks a month of fertility and festivals, where new life emerges from the depths of Mother Earth, and flora and fauna blossom in celebratory song.
Mother, may our choices and steps reflect your Love?
Yes, they may!

With infinite blessings from somewhere in the middle,
May we Unite in Peace,


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Aquarian Awakening ~

Wild GeeseThe Aquarian Sun illuminates our collective brain on January 20th at 2:43 am MST. Then, the New Moon shifts into the Humanitarian Sign of Unlimited Possibilities bright and early at 6:14 am MST, just before Mercury turns around in the same realm of Inspiration the next day. Air signs inspire ~ think of breathing in fresh new ideas, reaching through time and space to greater heights, and letting go of what weighs you down. Cosmic help arrives to assist that last part, as the New Moon and Sun sextile Saturn in Sagittarius. This brings cooperative energy to the table where we are invited to examine and choose what we believe. Since thoughts create things, we can consider this a cosmic “What Are We Thinking?” question from Above. Looking at our thoughts, especially those that limit us, is critical now. Many of us are defying what we thought was impossible and out of reach. Simultaneously, serious issues continue to come to light…fortunately, ingenuity is increasing along with the problems that are surfacing. This New Moon can illicit sudden shifts and inspiring turns as its ruling planet Uranus activates progressive change. Look for, and then step onto, the path of possibilities!

More support arrives with the pause from Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Wednesday, January 21st at 8:54 am MST. Now the Universal focus pulls us deeper into our consciousness as it relates to how we are serving the whole of humanity rather than only ourselves. Open-mindedness serves all now and over the next three weeks until Mercury goes direct on February 11th. Clearing the air makes space for new ideas and creative solutions, personally and collectively, so that we all win. Enjoy the Breath of Fresh Air, and the Flight it brings, to ever greater Heights and Views.

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