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2019 ~ Flowing with the Current of Grace ~

2019 greets us with two potent eclipses to make sure we’re on track right out of the gate.

Meanwhile Mars, our favorite red planet of action, finds its home in fiery Aries on January 1st, and remains in there all month. We can get inspired to reach out for what we truly desire – especially in the area of self-expression and fulfillment. Using this energy will be important so that frustration and/or anger doesn’t build up. 

The New Moon on the 5th ushers in the first eclipse of the year – a partial solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn. At the center of Capricorn, the power and wisdom of owning the consequences of our choices waits for our recognition. Choosing our commitments with care and showing up for what matters brings great rewards.

The Full Moon on the 20th inspires us with a total lunar eclipse at 00° Leo. Planetary energies are most potent at the early and end degrees, and this Full Moon should prove it.     
As the Moon grows full and is eclipsed, we’ll do well to shine our light as the Sun does, simply because it must. In doing so, it enlivens and warms all that it touches. Leo has much to do with the will. When we engage our will for the good of the whole, we embody the best of Leo and Aquarius and align with the quintessential power of Light.

Light-bearers, all, this is our time to shine.

A square from expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius to dreamy Neptune in Pisces is activated all month long. Being aware of higher truths that help us grow will ease potential tension, while tuning into and trusting our dreams and intuition helps us release limitation and know freedom. The mutability of these signs say: “Be flexible.” “Compromise.” “Let go.”

Update on 1/4/19 ~ during the Balsamic phase of the moon…

In this dark, balsamic phase of the moon, just before it emerges new tomorrow at 15 degrees Capricorn…just before we experience a partial solar eclipse embraced by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, just before Uranus shifts into direct motion in Aries, what is asking to be released?
What is outworn in our thinking and our ways of living in the world that we’ve co-created? What are we better than? January holds two potent eclipses for fresh starts – tomorrow’s and a total lunar eclipse on January 20th.
How will we hold and dance with the light? Firemancers all, may we do it mindfully, with great care, and with our hearts leading the way ~

With blessings of light and a refreshing air of optimism,
may we flow with the current of grace, always,
~ Christina


Meeting September’s shifts…with gentle steps ~

A gentle cosmic reminder on this eve of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse ~ when Mars, my favorite Red Planet, partners with Saturn which squares Neptune. As if that square between what is dreamt and what is real needed a boost….may we plant our dreams wisely, my dear friends, and grow our world anew.
thoughts ~



greeting ~ This week (and the month of September) offers several potent celestial shifts ~ from Venus moving into Libra, Mercury going Rx, a New Moon in Virgo/Solar Eclipse, to Jupiter moving into Libra and a Full Moon in Pisces/Lunar Eclipse – to name a few.

I offer ~ for now ~ less words and more love.

With blessings that mirror the way the clouds caress the earth,
and the earth responds in kind,
~ Christina

Gemini’s Illumination, Mercury’s Shift, and the Full Moon!

As the Sun dawns in Gemini on Friday May 20th, at 8:36 am MDT, I want
to acknowledge and thank its ruling planet, Mercury, which has been imparting all
sorts of lessons during its second retrograde (Rx) cycle ~ of 4 this year.

Personally, I’ve been on a bit of a cosmic hiatus (especially recommended if Mercury is Rx in
a sign opposite your own, i.e. Taurus) and I’ve been observing the lessons of the Messenger planet. During this receptive time, I’ve been taking in what has been coming in the way
of intuitive hunches, whispers, and dreams.


In that spirit, look for my monthly newsletters and posts to align with the energy of the Sun as it shifts into each zodiac sign, rather than at the first of the month.

We’re moving from Grounded, Fixed, Earthy Taurus into Intellectual,
Mutable, Light-hearted, 
Airy Gemini,
so get ready for some stimulation ~


That said, as Mercury winds up its retrograde cycle, before it stations direct and begins to
go forward early on Sunday, May 22nd, it is still a perfect time to continue to practice a calm and present state of being. If we haven’t noticed it already, retrograde Mercury encourages
us to nurture an inward journey, where we cultivate ideas,
visions, and dreams
without necessarily acting on them.

This isn’t to say that we have to become totally passive in our daily lives, but forcing our
way forward can be fraught with obstacles from misunderstandings and miscommunication
at best, and all-out conflict and/or failure of our intended operations at worst.

One critical thing to cultivate during any Mercury Rx period is clarity. This can be
an inward look at what we intend to convey, followed by a simple check-in with those
we’re communicating with, such as asking, ‘did you understand what I mean?’
This goes both ways, of course, meaning that we can – and ought to – clarify the intentions
of those around us. Again, simply saying, ‘this is what I heard, is this what you mean?’ will suffice. In this way, we support the mutual win.


All of this is especially important as we move into the Full Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday, May 21st, at 3:14 pm MDT.

Gemini and Sagittarius are two of the 4 mutable signs – another reason to be flexible, to flow with changes in plans, and to surrender control. They both have to do with learning and teaching, with Gemini being the perpetual student and Sagittarius the wise teacher. Seeking higher truths is emphasized with this Full Moon, as is expanding our belief systems, and busting through what limits our evolution in terms of consciousness. 

Full Moons in general carry a certain amount of heightened potency and volatility. This one holds even more of that intensity thanks to a conjunction with the Warrior Planet, Mars, which is retrograde in the early degrees of Sagittarius.   

If cultivating clarity and patience wasn’t a priority during the last few weeks, it ought to be high on our lists this weekend.


Mars is the planet that helps us reach out for what we desire ~ when it is retrograde it helps us clarify what we want. In expansive Sagittarius, the last thing Mars wants is restriction – so we shouldn’t be surprised if we feel more urges to go after what we want – nor should we be surprised if others want their way too. Again, clarity is at the heart of the solution.

In short: Breathe, Ground,
Count to Ten, Repeat.

Seek the higher truth. Walk – better yet – dance the higher path.

This weekend, as Mercury stations direct before it turns around, and the Full Moon joins Mars, may we seek the peaceful, blissful path. And may we cultivate the lessons from these past few weeks as we set out to manifest the dreams and visions that emerged from our Hearts ~   

desert sun

As Emerson said, “Scatter Joy!”

To that end, may we follow the lead
of Nature, and enjoy these bits of
Her happiness scattered throughout
post ~ and our world…




…because he also said,
“The Earth laughs in flowers” ~


with Endless Smiles, Laughter, & Blessings ~






Musings on the Eve of Libra’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~

Libra Lunar Eclipse ~

For those of us feeling the earth shift beneath our feet on the eve of this Penumbral Libra Lunar Eclipse, where the energies of Self and Other lie in the balance ~

Lest we falter, may we instead surrender those tethers that are weakening, knowing and trusting that new connections will emerge, even as Spring returns and the Sun rises with each dawn, slowly putting shadows to rest.


With infinite blessings,
~ christina

Fresh Starts, New Life, and Deeper Growth ~ Welcome, March!

“Of the water elements, surrender
Pisces symbolizes clear rivers and streams,
which when free from surface disturbances,
reflect that which is above.”
Isabel Hickey

March offers us abundant opportunities to free our lives from surface disturbances ~ to flow with the greater energy of pure Spirit, and to be living examples of the wisdom: “As above, so below.”

Eclipses hold the energy of wiping the slate clean and charting a new course, and March holds two of these events on the New and Full Moons. The New Moon on the 8th, at 6:58 pm MST, brings a total Solar Eclipse with 7 planets or points in super-sensitive Pisces: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ceres, Chiron, South Lunar Node, and Neptune.  This is a dynamic event with several important aspects. At 18 degrees Pisces, the Eclipse forms a T-square by opposing  Jupiter in Virgo and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Jupiter trines Pluto in Capricorn which squares Uranus in Aries, and Uranus trines Saturn. If you’re thinking “what does this mean?” you aren’t alone. Squares present challenges while trines support flow.

When synthesized, the cosmic arrangement of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse strikes me with the idea of walking ourselves into the world in ways that align with our highest truths – where we witness life and live it, without egoistic attachment. Where spiritual gains drive us more than material ones, and we know the perfection in each imperfect step we take with authentic intention. Where we invite and engage changes that free us from limiting influences and past conditioning to co-create a more evolved, harmonious world.

There is an emotional component that may bring up feelings of loneliness because our longing for social connection is challenged by our need to express our authentic selves. Striking the balance lies in realigning our lives to meet both needs. When tension or restlessness builds, taking time to connect with higher guidance can help us shift our perception and experience. Patience is called for as we cut away what isn’t working and separate ourselves from people and circumstances that aren’t serving the whole of us. As we nurture connections with like-minded and like-hearted others, we can both find and create peace in our collective authenticity. Pisces is the ultimate sign of dissolution – so if something isn’t working and wants to go, this powerful planetary line-up in Pisces invites us to surrender it and trust what comes.


On March 23rd, at 5:48 am MDT, The Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon brings some of the same issues to light, including another opportunity for wiping the slate clean, with a potential increase in the area of relationships. The Full Moon at 03 degrees Libra opposes the Sun at 03 degrees Aries and Mercury at 02 degrees Aries, while a variation of the T-square shows up with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Venus in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. The same squares and trines mentioned above remain in play, with an addition of the Sun’s trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

Here, one way to flow with the dynamics in our lives is to explore our relationships and connections with others and discern if we are being authentic. Do they serve us or limit us?
Do we serve them or limit them? Paying attention to our desires to end things is important –
on both conscious and unconscious levels. Mars in Sagittarius does not want to be blocked in – it seeks freedom and expansion. Again, discernment in the area of what is working and what is not working is essential, as is surrendering what needs to go, embracing forgiveness, and trust.

Spring arrives in-between the 2 eclipses on March 19th, at 10:30 pm MDT, when the Sun moves into Aries. The Moon is in Leo that day, trining both Saturn and Uranus and supporting more of our rebirthing process. Aries inspires us with fiery drive, and Leo adds dramatic flair to the flames. Play, Grow, Stretch, Dance! Lean into life and love!

Two Retrograde Planets to note are Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter remains retrograde in Virgo through early May, so we are supported in continuing to make positive strides in the way we care for our health. Showing up in new ways in our self-care routine increases our success!

Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius on March 25th ~ and will remain here through August 13th. We can prepare to re-evalute the foundations that the rivers of our lives are built on, checking (and re-checking) boundaries, beliefs, relationships, and circumstances for the ones that allow our authenticity and truth to flow freely.

Enjoy the dynamic shifting energies of March ~ May they invigorate and inspire your highest vision and assist its manifestation like the easy song of a river.

Infinite Blessings, Always,

love ~ hanging in the balance ~

super moon sunset ~ equilibrium

super moon sunset ~ equilibrium

Libra ~ With its ruling planet Venus, this zodiac sign understands that when two or more options, opinions, or pathways exist, harmony can still be sought out – and experienced. It is wired for harmony and balance. Its keywords are ‘I weigh’…and it will do just that – sometimes to the dismay of those waiting for a decision! Chances are good, if Libra is operating at its higher frequency, that the decision will benefit all concerned.


Aries Eclipsed Super Moon ~

Aries Eclipsed Super Moon ~

Aries ~ With its ruling planet Mars, is
much more interested in having its way. It is wired for survival and owns the keywords, ‘I am’…indeed, it is – and it does!
These are the two energies that are largely in play now, with the event of the super moon
Lunar Eclipse yesterday, and in-between 3 super moons in a row (Pisces last month, Aries now, and Taurus at October’s end). At its best, Aries is attuned to the survival of more than itself…

love ~ hanging in the balance

love ~
hanging in the balance

…which brings us here, now. Centered between the best of both signs, we strike the sacred balance. We know that our survival and expression, is inextricably connected to that of others ~ the whole of us ~ and we honor that knowing with our actions. Aries embarks on new paths. Libra not only joins, but invites others with heartfelt sincerity and love. Harmony takes it all in, and smiles.
With the strength and passion of Mars, and the softness of Venus, may all lives be blessed, and balanced. ~ Christina


On eclipses, rearranging the furniture, and the energy we leave behind…

In the space in-between this month’s Partial Solar Eclipse (September 13th’s New Moon in Virgo) and Total Lunar Eclipse coming up on the 27th during Aries’ Super Moon, my thoughts recall events of this Spring’s Lunar Eclipse (eclipses tend to connect the dots that way…).
In fact, just reflecting on your experiences in April can lend great insight into what’s occurring now and how you can best integrate life’s lessons of what needs to go and what awaits an embrace.

Soul Adventures ~April of 2015 took me to an intimate oceanside conference with this amazing heart and soul-centered medium,
James Van Praagh. Prior to our class
and under his direction, our small group rearranged the furniture in the hotel’s conference room, not once but several times. Rows of chairs and tables – too linear and exact for what was about to occur – were moved until an simple, open circle emerged. As we moved heavy tables into the hallway, James spoke of how important it is to
consider how we approach and leave the rooms we occupy. Essentially, moving the  furniture became a metaphor for moving our energy.
I remember him saying that we’ll leave that room different than it was when we entered it – and it was up to us to choose the
state that we wanted to leave the room in for those who would occupy it next.

What happened next was exquisite. As we opened our hearts and minds to each other and our journeys, and connected to the tethers of those who left the rooms we occupy on the Earth-plane, the energy in the room elevated to an undeniable and sublime state of love.

Now, as I center myself, free from linear arrangements of what may be expected or
even normal, this question, indelibly imprinted on my heart, remains and continues
to inspire me:

What energy do I wish to leave behind?

Lunar Eclipse in Aries
May this cycle of eclipses help you rearrange your furniture – and your life – into a place and state of well-being, upliftment, and love. And may your energetic footprint be ever so light ~

~ Christina
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September’s Cosmic Shifts ~ Super Moons x 3 ~ Shine On!

Golden Journey ~Golden Harvest Greetings!

The Super Moon in Pisces on August 29th (at 12:35 pm MDT) emphasizes making our dreams become reality because it illuminates both Pisces and Virgo energy. On the Sun’s side, we find Jupiter, expanding what we focus on; on the Moon’s side, we find Neptune, taking us deeper into the mystery and the emotional waters of life. Given the amplification of all things emotional, we’ll do well to watch for ‘over the top’ reactivity. Staying centered on Earth while connected with the world of Spirit offers peace and enlightenment. To make the most of these energies where surrendering and co-creating merge, we might consider keeping a dream journal along with our list of goals to reach. This Pisces Super Moon is perfect for preparing us the next two Super Moons(in Aries and Taurus) and the eclipses to come. Letting go of whatever is not working is highly encouraged! Imagine that…

Virgo-Pisces TIP ~ if the question “Whose responsibility is this?” surfaces, look into a mirror, then smile at your reflection! It’s all about choices – seeing ours, and if necessary consciously choosing again… and granting others that same right. At its best, Virgo learns from all of its mistakes – er…choices!

Two planets end their retrograde cycles this month, even as Mercury begins its own.
Venus moves direct in Leo on the 6th, so we can look for more forward motion in all things Venus related: beauty, love, comfort, pleasure. Think ‘law of attraction’ and draw what is valued closer. Making what we love real is Venus’s specialty; in Leo, all the better if it brings illumination and helps us shine!

Pluto moves direct on the 25th, in Capricorn. Pluto moves slowly, so it will be in Capricorn for a while, where it aids our evolution by helping us break down – or through – power structures that keep us stagnant. On a personal level, its shift supports areas of transformation that help us expand and grow.

September 13th brings the New Moon in Virgo (more co-creation opportunities!) at 12:41 am and a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE shortly after that at 12:52 am. Fresh starts, clean slates, and new perceptions prevail. Again, Virgo/Pisces is on stage helping us make what is unconscious conscious. A nod to Chiron helps us tap into intuition and support from beyond this realm – and assists our leap of faith to manifest our biggest dreams. Look and listen for insight from higher places and keep that dream journal close!

Mercury turns retrograde this month from September 17th to October 9th. Beginning its turn at 15º Libra, it conjures the image of the center of a teeter-totter where balance is struck. What if, when faced with two opposing viewpoints, instead of wrestling our way through the fray we found a way to acknowledge both? At its best, Libra seeks harmony and peace. In our world of duality and contrast, it offers respite, solace ~ breathing space. Remember standing in the center of the teeter-totter until it was suspended equally on both sides? This is the mental game to embrace as Mercury retrograde gives us pause. In the middle – where suffering is neutralized, instead of pitting opposites against each other –
we give both sides room to simply be. Think compassionate detachment when things seemingly ‘breakdown’.

Autumn arrives on the 23rd as the wheel spins into Libra at 2:20 am, the home of harmony, peace, and equilibrium. Gathering our harvest ~ again, with compassion ~
is supported now.

Back to the Super Moon Energy! September’s Super Moon on the 27th at 8:50 pm MDT follows the peak of a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 04º Aries at 8:47 pm MDT. Aries is where the zodiac wheel begins again and is all about a fresh start; this event amps up the energy of survival, emergence, and living out loud. Ruled by Mars, it commands self-expression. Libra, which hosts the Sun now, is ruled by Venus, and implores us to consider relationship. The challenge? To honor others while simultaneously honoring the self…or conversely, understanding that honoring the self truly honors all – if our intentions are pure and unconditional.

That takes us through September – the month of harvest – may yours be both beautiful and bountiful! More good stuff to come in October when the Super Moon in Taurus helps us build on what we’ve gathered. Until then, I’ll be sleeping and dreaming with these three Super Moons and sharing what shows up!

Many blessings, always,


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April’s Opening to The Power of Love

True to the season of Spring and the Emergence of Life that it brings, April greets us with both dynamic and stabilizing forces that support grounding our spirit-inspired lives on the planet and using our life-forces to serve. Yes, Pluto and Uranus are still squared off and we’re gearing up for a powerful lunar eclipse in the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra in just 4 days! And yes, this period of time represents the culmination of what has been for many, a tumultuous journey, especially those with major planets or points in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn!

However, when I study the patterns on the first day of April, and see a kite emerge in the feminine arrangement of Earth and Water elements, I relax into a comforting embrace of reassurance and possibility. In astrological terms, the kite looks like this:  The Moon, Venus and Pluto form a Grand Earth Trine (in Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn respectively)The tip of the kite is formed by Chiron in Pisces that opposes the Moon and forms sextile aspects to both Venus and Pluto. Earth trines have to do with how energy and form interact, and the addition of the kite serves to activate their connection.

In simple earth terms, we are encouraged to let intuition, faith and forgiveness link power and love in ways that allow us to channel the available energy into service, for ourselves and others. And that’s just from the kite! Add to that the Fire trines from the Sun in Aries to both Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo and we have the masculine spark of energy to fuel our actions.

It all comes down, of course, to choice, especially with a Moon in Virgo. The question, “Who and/or what do we serve?” is asked by this Moon. When free from burdensome guilt and duty, life is handled with poise, grace, and ease, so liberating ourselves from confining judgments is pivotal to access the transforming power of these aspects. Chiron offers infinite liberating energy via intuitive hits, visions, dreams, gut feelings, and guidance. It is known as the wise healer who facilitates our leap from our personal world to an elevated expansive Cosmic one.

Perhaps the simple joy of flying a kite is in order on this April Fool’s Day! Whatever your choices and experiences, as always, may you know life as blessed and be in the powerful state of Gratitude ~ and Love.

…And as the Lunar Eclipse of April 4th approaches, highlighting the arena of ‘self’ and ‘other’, I am deeply grateful for this quote, that I was blessed to hear just the other day, by one of my favorite teachers:

Journey of Love








~ Be the Prism ~ March’s Epic Celestial Illumination ~

The Epic Solar Eclipse on March 20th, occurs at 29 degrees Pisces, the final end-point of the zodiac wheel that ushers in a New Era ~ The Sabian Symbol for this point is
“Light Breaking into Many Colors as it Passes Through a Prism”

Filtering Light x 2As I look at the planetary patterns over the past 3 years since the Occultation of Venus as it transited the Sun in June of 2012 (and flooded the Earth with Divine Feminine energy) and the ongoing tango between the super-charged planets of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (which culminates this month with their 7th of 7 exact squares) I am excited beyond words to see the Amazing Arrangement that is unfolding before and through us.
The cardinal energies of Capricorn and Aries urge us to surrender the old worn-out story that keeps us limited, burdened, and held back ~ whether it is based in fear, doubt, guilt, resentment, blame, pity, or myriad other patterns that keep the Light from filtering through us, the question remains:

What new story do we want to co-create…for ourselves and the One that we all are, now?

What does it look like to be open to, receive, and act on the abundant and ever-present feminine energies of intuition, compassion, and forgiveness offered by the many planets in Pisces (Sun, Neptune, Chiron, for now and Mercury mid-month)? How does connecting with the power of Pluto by claiming the authority to co-create our lives feel? What new innovative ways can we be proactive about changing ourselves and our lives, as inspired by Uranus in Aries?

To align with the forward motion available now for a fresh, new, liberating story, see the following ideas and information on timing of cosmic shifts. May they inspire an epic new story, where we all unequivocally shine our most radiant Colorful Light! 

Commit to a Spiritual Practice & Source ~ however that looks for you ~ 

Surrender and Release whatever serves less than the Highest Version of You ~

Ask for Help ~ Guidance surrounds us and the veils are thinning ~

Trust the Intuitive Aid you Receive, from within and without ~

Act on the Guidance and Light received that resonates in your Heart ~ and ripples out
to All  ~ BE THE PRISM ~

Cosmic Events:

Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 5th 11:05 am MST ~ The Light of Virgo helps us choose and serve. Ever-efficient and analytical, how powerful would it be to release the need to control and to instead connect passion with perfection?

Mercury moves into Pisces ~ March 12th 9:52 pm MDT ~  The left and right brain merge when Mercury, the planet of consciousness and communication, floats into Pisces, where logic and intuition work together for the mutual win. Both Divine and Visionary, this heart-led mind can create anything, and everything.

Saturn goes retrograde ~ March 14th 9:02 am MDT ~ In the early degrees of Sagittarius, this task-master in the sky turns around and gives us pause. We can check the foundation of what we’ve created, and wish to create. Is it sound? Based in truth and wisdom? Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom that comes from seeing all possibilities. It is the teacher and the traveler. When Saturn is here, it asks us to question and expand our limits, stretch our boundaries, and reach our potential. It calls us to challenge our beliefs that shape our choices and from which we create our lives. Saturn will remain retrograde through early August, dipping back into the later degrees of Scorpio in mid-June. More on that to come…

Pluto squares Uranus for the 7th and final time since 2012 ~ March 16th 8:54 pm MDT ~
This final exact square of these dynamic planets have much potential to wake us up: to our power, our passion, and our potential, both personally and collectively. The upshot: Uranus in Aries inspires us to take charge of change. Pluto in Capricorn calls us to claim the authority and responsibility for co-creating our lives. Things in Capricorn must be completed before the new can emerge in Aries. Finish what needs to be finished. Clear the space for a new expression.
Let Go…and then LEAP!

Venus moves into Taurus ~ March 17th 4:14 am MDT ~
When the planet of Love abides in one of the signs it rules, its energy amplifies. Venus in Taurus embodies the essence of love and its ability to attract the vibrations it emanates. Our Hearts are the ultimate magnet ~ we draw to us that which we love, perhaps even moreso when we love what we’ve drawn to us.   

…drum-roll please…for the BIG “I AM” day of Light and Life ~

NEW MOON IN PISCES ~ MARCH 20th 3:36 am MDT !!!
New Moons bring initiating energy, when intentions are best planted and nourished by intuition, guidance and support from above. In Pisces, we can feel into higher realms, dream our deepest dreams, and co-create them into form. Unity, Oneness, Compassion, Trust, Faith, Forgiveness. It’s all here. Now. Sensitivity increases, so choosing what we nourish and surround ourselves with, both in our psyche’s and our environment, is especially important.

Eclipses serve to give us a fresh start. Assuming we’ve willingly let go of the old story that limits our potential, this ‘end of an era’ eclipse helps us launch a totally new original expression of ourselves, our lives, our consciousness, and our world. It occurs in the final stages of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac before the wheel continues to let life emerge in Aries.
The phrase, “Out of Many, One” comes to mind.
Pisces is where we merge. Aries is where we e-merge.
The collective story is personal, and vice versa.

This is where Aries, the “I AM” sign of the zodiac brings us to Life, as it embraces the Sun and ushers in Spring. New beginnings. Seeds sprouting. Birth. Rebirth. Emergence. Life. Be.

Mercury moves into Aries ~ March 30th 7:43 pm MDT
When the messenger planet leaps out of watery Pisces and into Fiery Aries, get ready to think, talk, and act in terms of possibility. be fearless. be motivated. be focused.

Mars moves into Taurus ~ March 31st 10:26 am MDT ~
Mars is the planet of Action, it is how we express our selves and our energy. Taurus represents fixed energy, with drawing power, so Mars becomes a powerful magnet here. Consider it energy invested in forming or building something from an idea. What do we want to create? Mars in Taurus says “Begin it, now!”

Enjoy this Life and Light-filled Month ~ Many Blessings!!!