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Dawn’s First Light ~ Winter Solstice Blessings 2015 ~

Greetings of Winter Solstice Love and Light ~
Tonight at 9:48 pm MST the wheel of time will turn the Sun’s light into Capricorn’s domain,
and bless us once again, with life and love, and the promise of a new day.

As I welcomed the Sun on this Sacred Dawn in the midst of a most exalted song of beating hearts, drums, rattles and prayers, I was struck by the abundant blessings that surround us in every moment on this planet Earth. Leaving the amphitheater of ancient red rocks in the silence after the song, I turned my gaze skyward to a Red-Tailed Guardian basking in the golden light of the Sun, taking it all in and blessing us as one.



Solstice Moment
With deep and wide gratitude to you, my kindred soul family, I offer a few of these exquisite moments in time. May they inspire and nourish your Earth journey, along with my love ~




Blessings, always,
from Earth and Above,

Christina ~



December’s Gifts of Divine Order ~

Golden GiftHeartfelt Greetings ~
On a crisp morning after a storm I followed an internal whisper to go to a small Aspen grove north of our home. Watching the snow sift to the ground like powered sugar as gentle winds stirred the branches, a flock of Evening Grosbeaks graced me with a photo session.
Intuition continues to be heightened now, as Neptune went direct in Pisces (which it rules and loves) last month and currently squares Saturn in Sagittarius.

Tuning into and trusting the ways we are nudged in certain directions pays off in small and large ways, and sharing the gifts we receive multiplies the blessings. The cycle of giving and receiving reminds me of the astrological wheel, with no heirarchy, no beginning and no ending ~ in Divine and Perfect Order ~ always.

It follows then, that our mores are shifting as we personally and collectively make room for more inclusion and connection with higher truths ~ and each other. To that end, Neptune in Pisces encourages forgiveness and suspends judgment ~ for ourselves and each other ~
as we surrender into grace.

Fortunately, December opens and closes with supportive aspects to Inspire and Center us.

SoarThe month begins with a Grand Fire Trine ~ igniting the Spirit within. Trines offer flowing supportive energy, and those in Fire signs stir us to create ourselves anew. This one involves the Moon in Leo, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries. It motivates and encourages action. What inspires us? What do we feel passionate about? What new action can we take to let our Spirits shine? What do we need to release in order to engage the new intention?
The Moon in Leo brings the energy of the Sun to light, driving us to Shine our Souls. Mercury in Sag seeks higher planes of consciousness, stirs elevated conversation, and takes ideas to new levels. Uranus in Aries sparks sudden and often surprising changes that give life to new ways of being. Tapping into this trinity of planetary gifts offers immense power – which is good, given that the Saturn/Neptune square can present challenges if we attempt to hold on to the past…

The New Moon on the 11th at 3:29 am MST is in expansive Sagittarius, inviting us to nurture and cultivate areas and thoughts that we want to stretch. It forms aspects to both Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces, creating a T-square that invites us to look at what’s working and what is not. What is healing, and what is harming? Once again, seeking the higher path, solution, idea, and action is called for. Carefully cultivating mindfulness is wise with this New Moon’s energy.

The wheel turns to the Winter Solstice on the 21st, when the Sun moves into Capricorn at 9:48 pm MST. Another supportive Grand Trine forms, this time in Earth signs, to help us ground and center our intentions. The Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Virgo align with gifts of stabilizing energy. The Moon in Taurus offers Venus’s magnetic field to help us attract and build what we love. Mercury in Capricorn bears practical wisdom while Jupiter in Virgo helps us find workable solutions that serve the whole. Together, this trinity blesses our solstice with abundance.

The Full Moon arrives before Dawn on the 25th at 4:11 am MST in the watery, home-and- family-loving sign of Cancer. As we gather with those we love this month, on whatever holy days we may be celebrating or choosing not to celebrate, may we connect to the family of which we are all a part, no matter our beliefs, with a purity of Heart that transcends language, lineage, and history.


Cancer symbolizes the infant in us that needs love in order to grow. Perhaps our gift to our Mother Earth, and all those who call Her Home, can be that Love.

Wherever our personal journeys take us, may we serve our collective one with Light, Love, and the Universal Presence of Peace ~

With Infinite Blessings,
~ Christina

Luminaries among us ~ Falling into October 2015

Love ~Luminaryn., –
1) a body that gives off light, such as the Sun or the Moon;
2) a person who sheds light on some subject or enlightens humankind; famous intellectual





luminousAn evening with Jane Goodall as October opens inspires this writing and call to “each of us to do our bit.” Seated with her and 8000+ others in a moment of silence for those in Oregon’s tragedy that morning, the quiet power of love permeated the room. After greeting us with the hello of our chimpanzee relatives, she shared the path of her heart, where animals and the well-being of our planet Earth dwell in her unwavering embrace.

connectionHer simple, moving stories stirred the childlike wonder and sense of hope in all of us ~ from taking earthworms to bed when she was small (until her mother told her they need the Earth to live), to waiting in the hen house to see where eggs really came from, to her first connection with the chimpanzees she so carefully studied.
She went on to say that we could take infinite moments of silence for all of the violence around the world right now. To each other, animals, our home and planet.

To the question of why she continues to travel and speak 300 days of every year at the age of 81, she answers because she must. She is driven to share her message of hope and inspire each of us to make the difference we can in the small window of time that we have. She feels a surge of energy as she engages with others, particularly young people, in symbolic acts of kindness for our Earth, such as planting 10 trees and naming them after her first ten chimps, with others in Boulder that morning, or marching with over 400,000 others for climate change. There are countless more magical moments, but what I awoke with this morning was the memory that Jane was born in early April, which means her Sun is in the sign of Aries. In the post prior to this one (scroll down) I wrote about Aries, with its drive to survive, and Libra, its polar opposite sign with its commitment to harmony. At its highest frequency, Aries’ focus expands from itself to the whole, and it is completely committed to the survival of its species. Jane’s journey is a sublime example of living the potentiality of her life’s purpose. She demonstrates the harmony and perfection of coming to the center-point of one’s planetary blueprint – with the energies of Libra and Aries alone. I don’t need to know the whole of her chart to know that she’s living it with passion and courage, casting off light like the Sun or the Moon, for the survival and evolution of us all.
That she does so with such grace is our gift. 

light showWith deep gratitude to Jane, the luminaries among us, and within us, I bow in awe and reverence. To those of us who are here, now, shining our light and love in the darkest of rooms, I say thank you. Together, we shine brighter, and where there is love, and passionate action, there is hope.


October’s Luminous Journey ~

As our individual and collective light shines stronger, it illuminates what must change. In the months ahead, we can look for more transparency and continued transformation of structures that fall short of what lifts us up and makes our world a better place. We are being called to understand the truth and then bring it to life, both personally and collectively. In astrological terms, Saturn in Sagittarius has much to do with this shift. When Saturn, the teacher of discipline and limits, is in the sign that Jupiter (the planet of expansion) rules, it offers us a test of understanding. When we are out of sync, there can be an overdoing of what is wrong, and an underdoing of what needs to be done. At its best, we expand our understanding of our limits, and grow beyond them.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo and is well-suited for the task of improving our lives and our world. When out of sync here, we may overemphasize Virgo’s analytical nature and engage criticism that limits our growth. The magic happens when we see things from both perspectives: what is right in front of us, and the bigger picture. In the animal kingdom, the medicine of mouse and hawk have equal value.

Planetary shifts this month ~
Mercury turns direct in Virgo on the 9th as Venus moves into the same sign ~
Mercury is at home here so we can look for common sense to emerge, and clarity in our communications with others – and ourselves. Venus in Virgo loves to serve. If our work is geared toward service from our hearts, we can avoid any sense of duty that Virgo may express.

New Moon on the 12th in Libra ~
Plant seeds that allow harmony to bloom. Let Venus shower them.
Our collective garden needs the Love .

Super Moon on the 27th in Taurus ~
More Venus energy illuminates what, who, and how we love, because Venus rules Taurus. A fixed sign, Taurus draws to it and builds what it holds dear. Time to celebrate what we’ve reaped by surrendering what needed to go at August’s Super Moon in Pisces, and the Aries Eclipsed Super Moon in September. What intentions did we whisper as we gathered to watch that spectacular event, or felt as the majestic photos circulated our world? What realizations, feelings and desires are coalescing and how do we bring them to life? These are the building blocks that Taurus knows well.

With infinite heart-light, may your October be blessed,






love ~ hanging in the balance ~

super moon sunset ~ equilibrium

super moon sunset ~ equilibrium

Libra ~ With its ruling planet Venus, this zodiac sign understands that when two or more options, opinions, or pathways exist, harmony can still be sought out – and experienced. It is wired for harmony and balance. Its keywords are ‘I weigh’…and it will do just that – sometimes to the dismay of those waiting for a decision! Chances are good, if Libra is operating at its higher frequency, that the decision will benefit all concerned.


Aries Eclipsed Super Moon ~

Aries Eclipsed Super Moon ~

Aries ~ With its ruling planet Mars, is
much more interested in having its way. It is wired for survival and owns the keywords, ‘I am’…indeed, it is – and it does!
These are the two energies that are largely in play now, with the event of the super moon
Lunar Eclipse yesterday, and in-between 3 super moons in a row (Pisces last month, Aries now, and Taurus at October’s end). At its best, Aries is attuned to the survival of more than itself…

love ~ hanging in the balance

love ~
hanging in the balance

…which brings us here, now. Centered between the best of both signs, we strike the sacred balance. We know that our survival and expression, is inextricably connected to that of others ~ the whole of us ~ and we honor that knowing with our actions. Aries embarks on new paths. Libra not only joins, but invites others with heartfelt sincerity and love. Harmony takes it all in, and smiles.
With the strength and passion of Mars, and the softness of Venus, may all lives be blessed, and balanced. ~ Christina


On eclipses, rearranging the furniture, and the energy we leave behind…

In the space in-between this month’s Partial Solar Eclipse (September 13th’s New Moon in Virgo) and Total Lunar Eclipse coming up on the 27th during Aries’ Super Moon, my thoughts recall events of this Spring’s Lunar Eclipse (eclipses tend to connect the dots that way…).
In fact, just reflecting on your experiences in April can lend great insight into what’s occurring now and how you can best integrate life’s lessons of what needs to go and what awaits an embrace.

Soul Adventures ~April of 2015 took me to an intimate oceanside conference with this amazing heart and soul-centered medium,
James Van Praagh. Prior to our class
and under his direction, our small group rearranged the furniture in the hotel’s conference room, not once but several times. Rows of chairs and tables – too linear and exact for what was about to occur – were moved until an simple, open circle emerged. As we moved heavy tables into the hallway, James spoke of how important it is to
consider how we approach and leave the rooms we occupy. Essentially, moving the  furniture became a metaphor for moving our energy.
I remember him saying that we’ll leave that room different than it was when we entered it – and it was up to us to choose the
state that we wanted to leave the room in for those who would occupy it next.

What happened next was exquisite. As we opened our hearts and minds to each other and our journeys, and connected to the tethers of those who left the rooms we occupy on the Earth-plane, the energy in the room elevated to an undeniable and sublime state of love.

Now, as I center myself, free from linear arrangements of what may be expected or
even normal, this question, indelibly imprinted on my heart, remains and continues
to inspire me:

What energy do I wish to leave behind?

Lunar Eclipse in Aries
May this cycle of eclipses help you rearrange your furniture – and your life – into a place and state of well-being, upliftment, and love. And may your energetic footprint be ever so light ~

~ Christina
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September’s Cosmic Shifts ~ Super Moons x 3 ~ Shine On!

Golden Journey ~Golden Harvest Greetings!

The Super Moon in Pisces on August 29th (at 12:35 pm MDT) emphasizes making our dreams become reality because it illuminates both Pisces and Virgo energy. On the Sun’s side, we find Jupiter, expanding what we focus on; on the Moon’s side, we find Neptune, taking us deeper into the mystery and the emotional waters of life. Given the amplification of all things emotional, we’ll do well to watch for ‘over the top’ reactivity. Staying centered on Earth while connected with the world of Spirit offers peace and enlightenment. To make the most of these energies where surrendering and co-creating merge, we might consider keeping a dream journal along with our list of goals to reach. This Pisces Super Moon is perfect for preparing us the next two Super Moons(in Aries and Taurus) and the eclipses to come. Letting go of whatever is not working is highly encouraged! Imagine that…

Virgo-Pisces TIP ~ if the question “Whose responsibility is this?” surfaces, look into a mirror, then smile at your reflection! It’s all about choices – seeing ours, and if necessary consciously choosing again… and granting others that same right. At its best, Virgo learns from all of its mistakes – er…choices!

Two planets end their retrograde cycles this month, even as Mercury begins its own.
Venus moves direct in Leo on the 6th, so we can look for more forward motion in all things Venus related: beauty, love, comfort, pleasure. Think ‘law of attraction’ and draw what is valued closer. Making what we love real is Venus’s specialty; in Leo, all the better if it brings illumination and helps us shine!

Pluto moves direct on the 25th, in Capricorn. Pluto moves slowly, so it will be in Capricorn for a while, where it aids our evolution by helping us break down – or through – power structures that keep us stagnant. On a personal level, its shift supports areas of transformation that help us expand and grow.

September 13th brings the New Moon in Virgo (more co-creation opportunities!) at 12:41 am and a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE shortly after that at 12:52 am. Fresh starts, clean slates, and new perceptions prevail. Again, Virgo/Pisces is on stage helping us make what is unconscious conscious. A nod to Chiron helps us tap into intuition and support from beyond this realm – and assists our leap of faith to manifest our biggest dreams. Look and listen for insight from higher places and keep that dream journal close!

Mercury turns retrograde this month from September 17th to October 9th. Beginning its turn at 15º Libra, it conjures the image of the center of a teeter-totter where balance is struck. What if, when faced with two opposing viewpoints, instead of wrestling our way through the fray we found a way to acknowledge both? At its best, Libra seeks harmony and peace. In our world of duality and contrast, it offers respite, solace ~ breathing space. Remember standing in the center of the teeter-totter until it was suspended equally on both sides? This is the mental game to embrace as Mercury retrograde gives us pause. In the middle – where suffering is neutralized, instead of pitting opposites against each other –
we give both sides room to simply be. Think compassionate detachment when things seemingly ‘breakdown’.

Autumn arrives on the 23rd as the wheel spins into Libra at 2:20 am, the home of harmony, peace, and equilibrium. Gathering our harvest ~ again, with compassion ~
is supported now.

Back to the Super Moon Energy! September’s Super Moon on the 27th at 8:50 pm MDT follows the peak of a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 04º Aries at 8:47 pm MDT. Aries is where the zodiac wheel begins again and is all about a fresh start; this event amps up the energy of survival, emergence, and living out loud. Ruled by Mars, it commands self-expression. Libra, which hosts the Sun now, is ruled by Venus, and implores us to consider relationship. The challenge? To honor others while simultaneously honoring the self…or conversely, understanding that honoring the self truly honors all – if our intentions are pure and unconditional.

That takes us through September – the month of harvest – may yours be both beautiful and bountiful! More good stuff to come in October when the Super Moon in Taurus helps us build on what we’ve gathered. Until then, I’ll be sleeping and dreaming with these three Super Moons and sharing what shows up!

Many blessings, always,


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Progress, anyone? Enter Jupiter into Virgo ~

“Inspiration comes from working everyday.” ~ Charles Baudalaire
Buttercup BeeBy being present, fully engaged in the
moment, completely attentive to our
chosen task, we grow.  A recent visit to the
gardens with an array of pollinators brought
home the gift of August’s astrological
alignment. As Jupiter moves into Virgo on
the 11th, an expansive quality blesses the
beliefs we choose and the ways we
implement them to serve the sum of Us.
Miner of Gold
Virgo’s energy holds the power of making progress.  It thrives on choices that produce
efficiency and practical results. When we harness this energy and apply it to work and/or
service that we love, our potential for achievement and success grows exponentially. This
includes self-care and well-being because Virgo rules the areas of health and daily routine.
As Jupiter, the planet of benevolent expansion, enters the sign of Virgo we are given the
charge of discerning how our choices serve us ~ both individually and as a collective. Our
intricate and delicate connection with each other, fellow species, and our Earth home comes
to our attention as we strive to find ways to solve the mounting problems that we face.
If Jupiter in Virgo were invited to dinner and a conversation ensued, it would likely ask us
to explain our methodology, discern what is working, discard what is not, and make short
order of helping us get our acts together!
Fortunately, a paradigm shift is occurring where awareness of our interconnectedness
with other living organisms is growing. As we examine our belief systems and challenge
those that are limiting, we access the support of Jupiter’s Virgo energy and make growth
and progress tangible. It really comes down to choice and responsibility ~ two things Virgo
knows well. Add in the idea that we possess the ability to respond in ways that serve, and
voila’: Progress! Enjoy answering the call!
Light Worker
“I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted, and behold, service was joy.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore
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Abundant Love ~ July’s Invitation

July opens with a joining of Jupiter, the benevolent planet of expansion and fortune, and Venus, the planet of love, attraction and beauty as they partner in the western sky. In the fiery sign of Leo they trine the Moon in the final degree of Sagittarius for more expansion before it waxes full in Capricorn on the evening of July 1st. Fire trines refer to the flow of energy or Spirit and this one ignites the expansion of Spirit, as it manifests through us ~ especially in the areas of love, abundance, fortune, confidence, and creative expression.

In a universal affirmation of abundant blessings, July bestows two full moons upon us, the first on the first, and the second on the last day of the month, in Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian efforts, inspiration, friendship, genius intellect, and galactic limits where everything is absolutely possible.

Full Moons are typically times of completion and celebration, when intentions planted at the New Moon come to fruition. Capricorn symbolizes the outer limits of our current level of maturity, so the expansion we engage and/or allow now helps us stretch those limits. Aquarius’s reach is boundless, so the more we stretch our beliefs, and let go of those that hold us back or limit us, the easier it will be to shift at month’s end, and through the rest of this year, which is full of opportunities to grow, transform and actualize our potential.

Capricorn FullnessCapricorn’s Full Moon (8:19 pm MDT) is the perfect time to put the expansion we’re experiencing toward the realization of our goals. Or, if we’ve already done so, to celebrate our accomplishments! In Capricorn, we know the benefit of working toward endeavors that are worthwhile, providing we let go of things we do out of obligation that weigh us down. So, even if there are tasks that must be done, of which life is full, finding a way to appreciate our capacity to do them honors and engages the nature of Capricorn’s gifts. Perhaps opening to a state of gratitude for those in our lives that we serve can shift us from a place of duty or burden that is indicative of the lower, more limiting vibration of Capricorn. With the presence of Love
so strong during this Full Moon, reaching that blissful and content place of appreciation is entirely possible ~ especially as we look with gratitude to the western sky and embrace the gifts that Jupiter and Venus are offering us.
Their partnership continues through the month so we can open our arms and hearts to love each night, literally amplifying our blessings!

Mid-month brings a potent New Moon in Cancer on July 15th (7:24 pm MDT) where we get to feel into our dreams, plant what we want to grow, nourish what we love, and trust our heightened sensitivities. Mercury, the messenger planet and Mars, the warrior planet, join the Moon and Sun to amplify the emotional nature of Cancer and the real need to express our feelings. Trusting our guts and honoring our feelings while realizing others have the same abilities and rights, is paramount with this strong Cancer line-up. Letting go of old emotions that keep us stuck is also important because New Moons are fertile periods where whatever we attend to grows. In Cancer, we seek and require nourishment ~ when we do so from a place of strength and authentic vulnerability instead of neediness or co-dependency, we honor the power of Cancer, and support the growth of our our Hearts and Souls and our collective Family.

The second Full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st (4:43 am MDT) illuminates what we’ve nourished. Planting big dreams pays off with this Moon of Possibilities where limits are invisible. Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign in the zodiac ~ making friends with inventiveness, possibilities and opportunities ~  that serve the whole of us ~ honors the gifts of this Moon. We can reach far, believe, and become the potential we imagine.

With Abundant Enthusiasm, Bright Joy, and Deep Love,
~ Christina

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ShiftToday’s New Moon in Airy Gemini joins Mars and the Sun for ideas, conversations and efforts to shine! Mars amplifies the impetus of the Moon’s cycle for charting new courses, making new connections and enlivening ideas. Look for inspiration and opportunities everywhere ~ and then learn from all of them! This powerful stellium in Gemini links to Uranus in Aries in a most positive and cooperative way so it boosts any changes we stir up that bring innovation to life.

Strike the conversation ~ even if it is in your own head! Then let the mutable energy of Gemini move through your connections with others. As I write this, the element Air stirs the landscape and transforms the valleys, forest, and mountains. Shifts in perspective abound.

Embark on untraveled trails and ignite new neural pathways in your brain! Take a chance! There really is not much to lose when an attitude of learning from everything is embraced.

So many factors are lining up in our favor, waiting for us to leap. Look west in the evening sky for more inspiration from Jupiter and Venus, lining up ever closer in Leo. Jupiter offers benevolent expansion and Venus is all about the energy of Love.

When we Expand Love, Everything is Possible ~ and Everyone Shines ~

Expansive Blessings!

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June’s Celestial Spark ~ Be Inspired!

Spirited Greetings!
June’s Full Moon inspires us on the 2nd at 10:19 am MDT in Sagittarius, as she sparks a Grand Fire Trine between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. Trines support energy flow and fire refers to spirit. Aries serves to motivate while Leo wants to create and shine. Sagittarius pulls both toward expansion. Voila! Inspired Life!

on fireIn addition to the stars sparking the fire within early this month, we have an abundance of Gemini energy awakening our curiosity with the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Mars together in this mental air sign. Gemini loves to question the status quo and name things. Words, definitions, labels, and stories are emphasized now so watching what we think and say is especially important. If thoughts become things, then many thoughts become many things. To Gemini, attention is energy, so we can make the most of this mentally active time by attending to what we focus on. Where do we place our energy and what do we create by doing so?
Once again, I’m reminded of the energy that we leave behind as well as what we carry with us. Which thoughts result in the experience that we want to live, and how does the story we’re creating affect the other characters involved? What is our energetic footprint?

The duality inherent in Gemini lends itself to comparisons and contrasts so it can be easy to become distracted or even obsessed with measuring up or falling behind. Instead of a good/bad, either/or perspective, it may be helpful to embrace a more inclusive outlook of both/and. This point of view will flow well with the motion of Neptune as it turns retrograde in Pisces on the 12th, just after Mercury goes direct in Gemini on the 11th. As the planet of oneness, unity, intuition and faith, Neptune helps us to connect with and accept the perfection of our higher selves completely. From this centered loving place of acceptance, it is easy to embrace inclusiveness and extend kindness to all.

More celestial highlights to come in my Summer Solstice Update ~ Until then, may your Spirit be Uplifted, Inspired, and Blessed ~

From Earth and Above,
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“Yes, We May!” ~ 2015 ~

awakening softly Remember the childhood game “Mother May I?” Contemplating our relationship with Mother Earth and each other as the Sun radiates in Taurus’s earthy, Venus-ruled realm of Love makes me wish we would consult Her in that simple way before we take all of our steps, whatever their nature: baby, half, full, giant, slow, fast, jumping, skipping, spinning, running, scissoring, cart-wheeling, forward, backward, sideways…

What would Mother Earth’s “Yes, you May!” look like if our steps were grounded in love and service to Her and the lives of all of her inhabitants, including ourselves and each other? What if we considered the effects of our choices before we made them, the weight or lightness of our thoughts before we spoke them, and moved in harmony with the heartbeat we share with Mother Earth and all relations?

If the patterns in the sky offer any hints, it might look like a way out of old patterns that pit opposites against each other by finding a solution in the middle, where both sides are seen as part of the same whole. It might look like merging Love and Power, the energies of Taurus/Venus and Scorpio/Pluto, respectively. In the middle, instead of denying one and/or wielding the other, out of fear of rejection or feeling left out or less than, we have the potential to realize and manifest the Power of Love. Here, loving our power allows us to know, embody, and become the absolute, omniscient essence of the power of love.

Highlights of May’s cosmic patterns include much encouragement for this shift in consciousness.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd at 9:42 MDT, brings the Scorpio/Taurus opposition mentioned above to the table. Whether we see things as a confrontation or a conversation, a battle or an embrace, is up to us. We could get distracted by the T-square to Jupiter in Leo which wants to expand our creative self-expression…
…or, perhaps we may bring that energy into the dance and see how our illumination helps others shine even brighter. Perhaps we may let Jupiter’s light shine on our shadow places where power is played out in ways that weaken our collective. Perhaps we may gather enough of the Love that encircles and infuses our world to courageously transform and transcend old, habitual, conditioned responses that limit our highest expressions.

The messenger planet, Mercury, moves into Gemini, the sign it loves and rules just before May 1st, encouraging us to ask the questions and collect the data that allow us to evolve. Its opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius invites us to stretch our understanding of spiritual limits, where we realize that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Their opposition forms another T-square – this one to Neptune in Pisces. We could trip over old tendencies to escape via addictions and repetitive habits that inhibit our expansion and feed a ‘victim/martyr’ mentality or ‘us vs. them’ mindset…
…or, perhaps we may use Neptune’s gifts of sensitivity, forgiveness, unity, and mastery to trust our process of spiritual growth and expand our reach into realms beyond our current beliefs. Perhaps we may employ intuition and faith to help us reframe our questions and redefine our limits.

Perhaps, when Venus moves into Cancer on May 7th, we may feel secure in our expressions and experiences of love, power, and unity. Then, perhaps, when Mars moves into Gemini on May 11th, we may name and claim the information needed to create the relationships we desire.

Perhaps, when the New Moon hugs the Sun in Taurus on May 17th, at 10:13 pm MDT, we may plant new seeds and dreams: ones filled with integrity and values worthy of our best selves – our most-loved, expansive, spiritual selves.

Perhaps, when Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 18th and remains so through June 11th, we may pause with it instead of resisting or blaming it (or others) for what we perceive to be delays or obstacles. Perhaps we may redefine how we see, create, and receive support, and trust the guidance that shows up, however it shows up.

Perhaps, as the Sun shifts from earthy Taurus into airy, thoughtful Gemini on May 21st, we may ask the best questions…and know unequivocally that the answers always follow, for they are held within each one.

May marks a month of fertility and festivals, where new life emerges from the depths of Mother Earth, and flora and fauna blossom in celebratory song.
Mother, may our choices and steps reflect your Love?
Yes, they may!

With infinite blessings from somewhere in the middle,
May we Unite in Peace,


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