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Spring Equinox 2020 ~ Birthing our New Earth’s Essence ~

As the Sun shifts from Pisces into Aries on March 19, 2020 at 9:49 pm MDT, and marks Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves grounded in a circle of celestial light.

Alert yet calm, we invite the energies around us
to infuse our awareness and show how to be in this new world.

The primal fire of the Sun in Mars-ruled Aries ignites our survival instinct, while its partnership with Chiron in Aries stretches our perceptions to a new, higher understanding of how our survival is connected to that of others. A fresh understanding of self worth and success dawns upon us and an acute sense of what is critical for our physical bodies emerges now.

In the hush that falls upon us, we can almost intuit humanity’s collective new purpose and we instinctively know that our choices and actions have the power to support or suppress it.

The fundamental challenge of caring for ourselves– meeting our immediate needs now – seems to be at odds with a growing awareness of the interconnectedness between all living species on our planet, and indeed, Earth herself. This misalignment of our bodies and our spirits is calling for correction. 

When Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in the earth element, it points to the expansion of structures. The structures we’ve built as humans on our Earth home are changing rapidly now and expanding into something else entirely. Although on some primal level the changes we’re experiencing aren’t completely mysterious, they are nonetheless uncomfortable and/or unbearable for many. Growth thrives in zones of discomfort.

When planets are in Capricorn, they function at the level of our current definition of our human capacity. When Jupiter is in Capricorn, we become walking proof of our belief systems and any limits or freedoms that they hold. As Jupiter partners with Mars in earthy Capricorn, there is an extra magnetic force around us that draw our desires to us. Whether those desires are fueled by fear or love is up to us to decide.

As the wheel of winter turns to spring, what is unfinished in Capricorn must be resolved so that what waits to be born in Aries can arrive. Saturn, the celestial ruler of Capricorn, is at the end degrees of this mature sign, urging us to redefine what it means to be human now. Saturn and Pluto have been partnering in Capricorn for awhile to support our breakthrough to completely new understandings of ourselves and our limitless potential.

It’s up to us to take the next courageous steps forward and
assume our roles as creators of our ever-expanding reality.

If we drop into our hearts as we sit in this circle, compassion from Neptune in Pisces softens our rigid edges. As the noise of what was quiets and a sense of something bigger than ourselves fills the void, we court the concepts of trust and faith. The lines between us blur and we know that we’re not alone, nor were we ever, despite conditioning that led us to cling to that illusion.

As Spring dawns upon us this year, may our collective awakening
inspire compassionate action for our collective spirited expansion of love
across all boundaries of time and space.  

With great love and blessings,
~ Christina

Opening to Spring Equinox and the Full Moon in Libra ~

The Sun glares at zero degrees Aries and embraces Chiron at one degree Aries as the wheel turns and we welcome the Vernal Equinox at 3:58 pm MDT today, March 20, 2019.

The Sun and Chiron conjunction forms a semi-sextile to Uranus at zero degrees Taurus, creating a low-level of tension that could build as the Moon grows full tonight, so we’re urged to consider whether or not our desires are aligned with our deepest values.
The Full Moon at zero degrees Libra, at 7:43 pm MDT, accentuates any potential gap between our desires and our values, and asks:

~ What and/or whom do we love?

~ What and/or whom calls out for healing?

~ How can we cultivate beauty, love, and all things Venusian as we exert our reach for what we desire?

~ How can we strike a point of balance and harmony between ourselves and others?

~ Where does the power to co-create our world originate?

These questions are highlighted by several other aspects in the charts of the Vernal Equinox and tonight’s Full Moon in Libra –

  • Mars and Venus square each other in fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius, respectively. Think masculine/feminine, expression/reception, warrior/lover, and bridge the gap between them.
  • Mar in Taurus is inconjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, so we may let our primal needs take precedent over our higher ones. Think stubborn obsession over open-mindedness and possibility thinking. The potential for making practical progress toward our goals exists, but the way forward will be infinitely easier if we align our reach with our true callings and allow for our higher truths to present themselves.
  • Another semi-sextile creates a sense of uneasiness between Venus in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Aquarius brings the focus of our love to a higher, more impersonal and universal level, which is where Pluto exerts its transformative influence. If we attempt to harness the power of Pluto for personal gain it’s likely to backfire, and it is time to clear old wounds, not create more pain.
  • The conjunction of Retrograde Mercury and Neptune in Pisces may blur things a bit, but it also offers a solution in surrendering the old. Think forgiveness, dissolution, and release. A massive bounty of grace awaits those who surrender control and embrace acceptance as we undergo this powerful transition in the evolution of our consciousness.

As I write this on the east coast of the US, I can feel Spring’s pull beneath the surface of the buds on the branches of the cherry trees.

Each rising Sun calls us to open just a little more, to relax into the warmth and promise of a new day, to trust the cycles of life…and ourselves.

Here’s to shedding the layers of the past and opening to the gifts of Spring ~

With abundant blessings and hope, always,
~ Christina




Fresh Starts, New Life, and Deeper Growth ~ Welcome, March!

“Of the water elements, surrender
Pisces symbolizes clear rivers and streams,
which when free from surface disturbances,
reflect that which is above.”
Isabel Hickey

March offers us abundant opportunities to free our lives from surface disturbances ~ to flow with the greater energy of pure Spirit, and to be living examples of the wisdom: “As above, so below.”

Eclipses hold the energy of wiping the slate clean and charting a new course, and March holds two of these events on the New and Full Moons. The New Moon on the 8th, at 6:58 pm MST, brings a total Solar Eclipse with 7 planets or points in super-sensitive Pisces: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ceres, Chiron, South Lunar Node, and Neptune.  This is a dynamic event with several important aspects. At 18 degrees Pisces, the Eclipse forms a T-square by opposing  Jupiter in Virgo and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Jupiter trines Pluto in Capricorn which squares Uranus in Aries, and Uranus trines Saturn. If you’re thinking “what does this mean?” you aren’t alone. Squares present challenges while trines support flow.

When synthesized, the cosmic arrangement of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse strikes me with the idea of walking ourselves into the world in ways that align with our highest truths – where we witness life and live it, without egoistic attachment. Where spiritual gains drive us more than material ones, and we know the perfection in each imperfect step we take with authentic intention. Where we invite and engage changes that free us from limiting influences and past conditioning to co-create a more evolved, harmonious world.

There is an emotional component that may bring up feelings of loneliness because our longing for social connection is challenged by our need to express our authentic selves. Striking the balance lies in realigning our lives to meet both needs. When tension or restlessness builds, taking time to connect with higher guidance can help us shift our perception and experience. Patience is called for as we cut away what isn’t working and separate ourselves from people and circumstances that aren’t serving the whole of us. As we nurture connections with like-minded and like-hearted others, we can both find and create peace in our collective authenticity. Pisces is the ultimate sign of dissolution – so if something isn’t working and wants to go, this powerful planetary line-up in Pisces invites us to surrender it and trust what comes.


On March 23rd, at 5:48 am MDT, The Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon brings some of the same issues to light, including another opportunity for wiping the slate clean, with a potential increase in the area of relationships. The Full Moon at 03 degrees Libra opposes the Sun at 03 degrees Aries and Mercury at 02 degrees Aries, while a variation of the T-square shows up with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Venus in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. The same squares and trines mentioned above remain in play, with an addition of the Sun’s trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

Here, one way to flow with the dynamics in our lives is to explore our relationships and connections with others and discern if we are being authentic. Do they serve us or limit us?
Do we serve them or limit them? Paying attention to our desires to end things is important –
on both conscious and unconscious levels. Mars in Sagittarius does not want to be blocked in – it seeks freedom and expansion. Again, discernment in the area of what is working and what is not working is essential, as is surrendering what needs to go, embracing forgiveness, and trust.

Spring arrives in-between the 2 eclipses on March 19th, at 10:30 pm MDT, when the Sun moves into Aries. The Moon is in Leo that day, trining both Saturn and Uranus and supporting more of our rebirthing process. Aries inspires us with fiery drive, and Leo adds dramatic flair to the flames. Play, Grow, Stretch, Dance! Lean into life and love!

Two Retrograde Planets to note are Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter remains retrograde in Virgo through early May, so we are supported in continuing to make positive strides in the way we care for our health. Showing up in new ways in our self-care routine increases our success!

Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius on March 25th ~ and will remain here through August 13th. We can prepare to re-evalute the foundations that the rivers of our lives are built on, checking (and re-checking) boundaries, beliefs, relationships, and circumstances for the ones that allow our authenticity and truth to flow freely.

Enjoy the dynamic shifting energies of March ~ May they invigorate and inspire your highest vision and assist its manifestation like the easy song of a river.

Infinite Blessings, Always,

~ Be the Prism ~ March’s Epic Celestial Illumination ~

The Epic Solar Eclipse on March 20th, occurs at 29 degrees Pisces, the final end-point of the zodiac wheel that ushers in a New Era ~ The Sabian Symbol for this point is
“Light Breaking into Many Colors as it Passes Through a Prism”

Filtering Light x 2As I look at the planetary patterns over the past 3 years since the Occultation of Venus as it transited the Sun in June of 2012 (and flooded the Earth with Divine Feminine energy) and the ongoing tango between the super-charged planets of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (which culminates this month with their 7th of 7 exact squares) I am excited beyond words to see the Amazing Arrangement that is unfolding before and through us.
The cardinal energies of Capricorn and Aries urge us to surrender the old worn-out story that keeps us limited, burdened, and held back ~ whether it is based in fear, doubt, guilt, resentment, blame, pity, or myriad other patterns that keep the Light from filtering through us, the question remains:

What new story do we want to co-create…for ourselves and the One that we all are, now?

What does it look like to be open to, receive, and act on the abundant and ever-present feminine energies of intuition, compassion, and forgiveness offered by the many planets in Pisces (Sun, Neptune, Chiron, for now and Mercury mid-month)? How does connecting with the power of Pluto by claiming the authority to co-create our lives feel? What new innovative ways can we be proactive about changing ourselves and our lives, as inspired by Uranus in Aries?

To align with the forward motion available now for a fresh, new, liberating story, see the following ideas and information on timing of cosmic shifts. May they inspire an epic new story, where we all unequivocally shine our most radiant Colorful Light! 

Commit to a Spiritual Practice & Source ~ however that looks for you ~ 

Surrender and Release whatever serves less than the Highest Version of You ~

Ask for Help ~ Guidance surrounds us and the veils are thinning ~

Trust the Intuitive Aid you Receive, from within and without ~

Act on the Guidance and Light received that resonates in your Heart ~ and ripples out
to All  ~ BE THE PRISM ~

Cosmic Events:

Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 5th 11:05 am MST ~ The Light of Virgo helps us choose and serve. Ever-efficient and analytical, how powerful would it be to release the need to control and to instead connect passion with perfection?

Mercury moves into Pisces ~ March 12th 9:52 pm MDT ~  The left and right brain merge when Mercury, the planet of consciousness and communication, floats into Pisces, where logic and intuition work together for the mutual win. Both Divine and Visionary, this heart-led mind can create anything, and everything.

Saturn goes retrograde ~ March 14th 9:02 am MDT ~ In the early degrees of Sagittarius, this task-master in the sky turns around and gives us pause. We can check the foundation of what we’ve created, and wish to create. Is it sound? Based in truth and wisdom? Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom that comes from seeing all possibilities. It is the teacher and the traveler. When Saturn is here, it asks us to question and expand our limits, stretch our boundaries, and reach our potential. It calls us to challenge our beliefs that shape our choices and from which we create our lives. Saturn will remain retrograde through early August, dipping back into the later degrees of Scorpio in mid-June. More on that to come…

Pluto squares Uranus for the 7th and final time since 2012 ~ March 16th 8:54 pm MDT ~
This final exact square of these dynamic planets have much potential to wake us up: to our power, our passion, and our potential, both personally and collectively. The upshot: Uranus in Aries inspires us to take charge of change. Pluto in Capricorn calls us to claim the authority and responsibility for co-creating our lives. Things in Capricorn must be completed before the new can emerge in Aries. Finish what needs to be finished. Clear the space for a new expression.
Let Go…and then LEAP!

Venus moves into Taurus ~ March 17th 4:14 am MDT ~
When the planet of Love abides in one of the signs it rules, its energy amplifies. Venus in Taurus embodies the essence of love and its ability to attract the vibrations it emanates. Our Hearts are the ultimate magnet ~ we draw to us that which we love, perhaps even moreso when we love what we’ve drawn to us.   

…drum-roll please…for the BIG “I AM” day of Light and Life ~

NEW MOON IN PISCES ~ MARCH 20th 3:36 am MDT !!!
New Moons bring initiating energy, when intentions are best planted and nourished by intuition, guidance and support from above. In Pisces, we can feel into higher realms, dream our deepest dreams, and co-create them into form. Unity, Oneness, Compassion, Trust, Faith, Forgiveness. It’s all here. Now. Sensitivity increases, so choosing what we nourish and surround ourselves with, both in our psyche’s and our environment, is especially important.

Eclipses serve to give us a fresh start. Assuming we’ve willingly let go of the old story that limits our potential, this ‘end of an era’ eclipse helps us launch a totally new original expression of ourselves, our lives, our consciousness, and our world. It occurs in the final stages of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac before the wheel continues to let life emerge in Aries.
The phrase, “Out of Many, One” comes to mind.
Pisces is where we merge. Aries is where we e-merge.
The collective story is personal, and vice versa.

This is where Aries, the “I AM” sign of the zodiac brings us to Life, as it embraces the Sun and ushers in Spring. New beginnings. Seeds sprouting. Birth. Rebirth. Emergence. Life. Be.

Mercury moves into Aries ~ March 30th 7:43 pm MDT
When the messenger planet leaps out of watery Pisces and into Fiery Aries, get ready to think, talk, and act in terms of possibility. be fearless. be motivated. be focused.

Mars moves into Taurus ~ March 31st 10:26 am MDT ~
Mars is the planet of Action, it is how we express our selves and our energy. Taurus represents fixed energy, with drawing power, so Mars becomes a powerful magnet here. Consider it energy invested in forming or building something from an idea. What do we want to create? Mars in Taurus says “Begin it, now!”

Enjoy this Life and Light-filled Month ~ Many Blessings!!!