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Luminaries among us ~ Falling into October 2015

Love ~Luminaryn., –
1) a body that gives off light, such as the Sun or the Moon;
2) a person who sheds light on some subject or enlightens humankind; famous intellectual





luminousAn evening with Jane Goodall as October opens inspires this writing and call to “each of us to do our bit.” Seated with her and 8000+ others in a moment of silence for those in Oregon’s tragedy that morning, the quiet power of love permeated the room. After greeting us with the hello of our chimpanzee relatives, she shared the path of her heart, where animals and the well-being of our planet Earth dwell in her unwavering embrace.

connectionHer simple, moving stories stirred the childlike wonder and sense of hope in all of us ~ from taking earthworms to bed when she was small (until her mother told her they need the Earth to live), to waiting in the hen house to see where eggs really came from, to her first connection with the chimpanzees she so carefully studied.
She went on to say that we could take infinite moments of silence for all of the violence around the world right now. To each other, animals, our home and planet.

To the question of why she continues to travel and speak 300 days of every year at the age of 81, she answers because she must. She is driven to share her message of hope and inspire each of us to make the difference we can in the small window of time that we have. She feels a surge of energy as she engages with others, particularly young people, in symbolic acts of kindness for our Earth, such as planting 10 trees and naming them after her first ten chimps, with others in Boulder that morning, or marching with over 400,000 others for climate change. There are countless more magical moments, but what I awoke with this morning was the memory that Jane was born in early April, which means her Sun is in the sign of Aries. In the post prior to this one (scroll down) I wrote about Aries, with its drive to survive, and Libra, its polar opposite sign with its commitment to harmony. At its highest frequency, Aries’ focus expands from itself to the whole, and it is completely committed to the survival of its species. Jane’s journey is a sublime example of living the potentiality of her life’s purpose. She demonstrates the harmony and perfection of coming to the center-point of one’s planetary blueprint – with the energies of Libra and Aries alone. I don’t need to know the whole of her chart to know that she’s living it with passion and courage, casting off light like the Sun or the Moon, for the survival and evolution of us all.
That she does so with such grace is our gift. 

light showWith deep gratitude to Jane, the luminaries among us, and within us, I bow in awe and reverence. To those of us who are here, now, shining our light and love in the darkest of rooms, I say thank you. Together, we shine brighter, and where there is love, and passionate action, there is hope.


October’s Luminous Journey ~

As our individual and collective light shines stronger, it illuminates what must change. In the months ahead, we can look for more transparency and continued transformation of structures that fall short of what lifts us up and makes our world a better place. We are being called to understand the truth and then bring it to life, both personally and collectively. In astrological terms, Saturn in Sagittarius has much to do with this shift. When Saturn, the teacher of discipline and limits, is in the sign that Jupiter (the planet of expansion) rules, it offers us a test of understanding. When we are out of sync, there can be an overdoing of what is wrong, and an underdoing of what needs to be done. At its best, we expand our understanding of our limits, and grow beyond them.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo and is well-suited for the task of improving our lives and our world. When out of sync here, we may overemphasize Virgo’s analytical nature and engage criticism that limits our growth. The magic happens when we see things from both perspectives: what is right in front of us, and the bigger picture. In the animal kingdom, the medicine of mouse and hawk have equal value.

Planetary shifts this month ~
Mercury turns direct in Virgo on the 9th as Venus moves into the same sign ~
Mercury is at home here so we can look for common sense to emerge, and clarity in our communications with others – and ourselves. Venus in Virgo loves to serve. If our work is geared toward service from our hearts, we can avoid any sense of duty that Virgo may express.

New Moon on the 12th in Libra ~
Plant seeds that allow harmony to bloom. Let Venus shower them.
Our collective garden needs the Love .

Super Moon on the 27th in Taurus ~
More Venus energy illuminates what, who, and how we love, because Venus rules Taurus. A fixed sign, Taurus draws to it and builds what it holds dear. Time to celebrate what we’ve reaped by surrendering what needed to go at August’s Super Moon in Pisces, and the Aries Eclipsed Super Moon in September. What intentions did we whisper as we gathered to watch that spectacular event, or felt as the majestic photos circulated our world? What realizations, feelings and desires are coalescing and how do we bring them to life? These are the building blocks that Taurus knows well.

With infinite heart-light, may your October be blessed,






love ~ hanging in the balance ~

super moon sunset ~ equilibrium

super moon sunset ~ equilibrium

Libra ~ With its ruling planet Venus, this zodiac sign understands that when two or more options, opinions, or pathways exist, harmony can still be sought out – and experienced. It is wired for harmony and balance. Its keywords are ‘I weigh’…and it will do just that – sometimes to the dismay of those waiting for a decision! Chances are good, if Libra is operating at its higher frequency, that the decision will benefit all concerned.


Aries Eclipsed Super Moon ~

Aries Eclipsed Super Moon ~

Aries ~ With its ruling planet Mars, is
much more interested in having its way. It is wired for survival and owns the keywords, ‘I am’…indeed, it is – and it does!
These are the two energies that are largely in play now, with the event of the super moon
Lunar Eclipse yesterday, and in-between 3 super moons in a row (Pisces last month, Aries now, and Taurus at October’s end). At its best, Aries is attuned to the survival of more than itself…

love ~ hanging in the balance

love ~
hanging in the balance

…which brings us here, now. Centered between the best of both signs, we strike the sacred balance. We know that our survival and expression, is inextricably connected to that of others ~ the whole of us ~ and we honor that knowing with our actions. Aries embarks on new paths. Libra not only joins, but invites others with heartfelt sincerity and love. Harmony takes it all in, and smiles.
With the strength and passion of Mars, and the softness of Venus, may all lives be blessed, and balanced. ~ Christina