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“I have had Astrology readings all of my adult life and I can tell you Christina is special. She makes everything easy to understand and is great at coaching you on how your aspects are helping you to succeed in your spiritual evolution.” ~ Bonnie S. – Denver, CO


“Christina’s workshops gave me a great deal of insights into this pivotal point of my life. The Summary sheet further boiled down the essence of the messages into a type of “Reduction Elixir” that speaks directly to my soul. When I read it in a meditative mode, especially in the mornings, I see images and get messages as to my purpose in life as well as how to channel behavior in my favor that could otherwise overwhelm me. I am referring to this summary on a regular basis as I chart the course to answer my calling and be of service. Thank you so much, Christina, for sharing your gifts with the world. They are much needed and greatly appreciated.”
~ Amy – Denver, CO

“What an amazing experience!! Christina read both my astrological chart and my son’s. Since we are both in a transitional time in our lives, she helped identify for us the astrological essence of who we are and how we can more clearly forge our paths in connection with source. She’s a talented and gifted healer/teacher that guides with love, warmth and authenticity. What a blessing this encounter has been and I can’t recommend the experience enough to those ready and open to it.”
~ Kim G. – posted on FB – Denver, CO

“Thank you again for the reading last week.  It has significantly supported what I already intuitively have known and given me some amazing tools to move through this transition!  Things are continuing to unfold beautifully.
~ Kathryn Mitchum – Evergreen, CO

“Christina, I just want you to know how much I LOVE my remedy! It immediately makes me feel peaceful inside – much better than Rescue Remedy® ever did!  I was driving and saw the most exquisite rainbow….And the thought came to me how sad it might be if we spend our entire lives worrying, feeling sorry for who we are, being upset or angry, and then we get to the end of this beautiful life and realize that we were so so loved the whole time. And we hid our faces from this divine light! It was a similar feeling to what I experienced on Vision Quest – that deep, true sense of connection with all that is…..and everything is as it should be.”   Rescue Remedy® is a trademark of Nelson Bach USA, Limited
~ Lisa Lowe, L.Ac. – Arvada, CO

“I am so glad I met Christina and had the privilege to have my chart read by her.  I have had other chart readings in the past and none of them have come close to the understanding I received from Christina’s analysis.  Not only is she very passionate and technically able to discern a chart, but she is extremely intuitive in how she reads the information specifically for you.  Each section she prepared for me was powerful and insightful, no wasted areas that do not apply specifically to me.  This is completely different from any Internet reading you could do or software driven Astrology Chart, I know because I have tried them. Christina’s gentle but powerful energy shines through as she lovingly explains each section of your chart.  She is also a great listener, and works in detail with you to come up with specific flower essence formulas to help you work with the information your chart reveals.  Her kindness shows through constantly as she truly wants others to heal from what she is presenting.  Again, this is an amazing reading and I am forever blessed to have met and learned so much more about myself with Christina’s help.  Thank you Christina!”
~ Rick L. – Airline Pilot – Denver, CO

“Christina combines her stellar intellect with years of training in psychology, massage therapy, Reiki and other energy healing modalities, flower essences, and astrology with her innate wisdom, passion, compassion, intuition and gentle strength to become the powerful healer that she is today. Christina stands in her truth offering her gifts with integrity.”
~ CC Cunningham, BS, LMT, Reiki Master, Artist – Las Cruces, NM

“Christina’s astrological reading has been the main Compass that I am referring to over and over in recalibrating my life’s True North direction. With a combination of her sage wisdom, intuition, and understanding of astrology, Christina provides a reading that is concise and easy to understand – unlike past readings that have often left me feeling more confused.
I was struck with the resonance of Truth that came through with my reading initially. However, each time I review the reading the truth of it and deeper understanding of how it applies to my life becomes clearer, giving me greater confidence and a solid foundation on which to plot my True North journey. Christina’s gift is a true blessing and I am so grateful to be a recipient of the messages she has channeled for me.”
~ Amy

“Christina, Thank YOU so much….I had no idea I was embarking on such a deep and magical journey – I’m really amazed and have to keep breathing just to take it in. I appreciate your hard work and attention to all the myriad details of star charts, flowers, and all that it entails.  But I mostly appreciate and am so grateful for you – and your heart – and the way you reach out and give of yourself. I feel safe and supported and loved.   And I am open to learning how to stay open to that, and to learning how to allow myself to give that back out.”
~ Lisa Lowe, L.Ac. – Arvada, CO

“The Solar Return Essence Reading that I received for my birthday turned out to be the perfect gift. It has now been almost a full year since my birthday and throughout the year I referred back to my reading often and was amazed at its accuracy. It gave me a lot of insight into what was happening in my life during this time. In conjunction with my reading I also started taking a personalized flower essence remedy to help me with motivation in my life. Within days I started feeling the positive effect of the remedy, and noticed a perceptible increase in energy and drive. Overall, it was an incredible gift and I will continue to work with both modalities as I go forward. Christina is beautifully gifted with this work and I feel blessed to experience the talent, drive, and spirit that she puts into her readings and essences.”
~ Karen W., Massage Therapist and Energy Worker – Littleton, CO

“I have been receiving flower essences from Christina for over 5 years. Originally, the remedies were blended to assist me through a time of grief and remorse. Within a brief time I was able to shift much of the anger and despair into love and understanding.  One of the most astounding factors was that while taking the flower essences I regained my dream recall and was able to journal these dreams to help further in my recovery.

Support From Earth

Support From Earth

Since, I have been taking a few of the combination Flourish™ essences to help with my studies as a medical student. In the morning I use both Mind-Full™ and Activ-8™ to help with memory recall and motivation. At night I use Flora-Sleep™ which helps ease my mind from a busy day and places me into a restful slumber. On occasion I place some of the essential oils and flower essences in my bath for a healing, relaxing and grounding bath. I find the flower essences to be an essential part of my life. I have been truly blessed to know and receive guidance from Christina; she is amazingly gifted and has been essential in my growth of becoming a stronger, more compassionate woman.”
~ Dr. Angela Barreto – Detroit, MI

“Having a reading with Christina was the best experience I have EVER had. Christina’s compassionate approach to her readings created an open and safe environment for a very clear and accurate reading to occur. I felt so blessed to experience Christina’s talent as she channeled through my astrology reading. She is an intelligent, powerful and very talented Astrologer. I would recommend Christina to anyone who is ready to take a deep look at themselves and who is willing to become more awake in their spiritual journey.”
~ Alison – Meade, CO









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