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Planets = Energy – raw forces of nature that fuel our consciousness and our lives.
Zodiac Signs = Expressions of planetary energies – how the energies of the planets shine through us and are played out.
Houses in our Horoscopes or Natal Birth-charts = Environments where the Energies from Above are expressed in our lives – where the energies are played out – in accordance with the zodiac filters that shape their expression.

Each of us has all of the planets in our natal charts (as they were aligned at the moment of birth) expressing through a totally unique arrangement of zodiac signs (i.e. Aries, Libra, Scorpio, etc.) in the various areas of our lives (e.g. 1st house of self-expression and identity, 10th house of public image, status and career, etc.).

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Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Union
The SUN represents our Source Energy ~ or the force that fuels our lives.  It empowers us to live, to exist, to BE.  The MOON represents our response to life, or the reflection of that energy; it describes how we respond emotionally to Life and Love.  It has also been referred to as our Soul.  The Sun’s energy filters through and/or is reflected through our Moon.  Here we see a union of Masculine Energy (Sun) and Feminine Energy (Moon).  At our Essence, we are Both.  For example:  A Scorpio Sun fuels one’s life with Power; its Essence is imbued with the ability to transform and rebirth itself.  When filtered through a Libra Moon, it expresses its Scorpio energy in a Balanced way that seeks Harmony and Beauty.  It sees deeply and intensely like a Scorpio, but weighs or balances that keen insight with an ability to see all sides and apply compassion to situations and relationships.  It wants the win-win, where Power is shared and distributed equally.  In my Astrology Horizons classes, each participant’s natal chart is explored in this way because as magnificent as our Sun Signs are, we are SO much more….
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Dancing Joy Traveling LightlyLesson Three:
The energy of the Sun and Moon, along with the rest of our planetary forces in our chart, filter through the sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of our birth.
  This sign becomes our Ascendant, or rising sign, and it shapes the personality we present to the world.  There are essentially two ways to approach this expression:  one is to absorb the karma around us and to have it shape our identity.  This approach can be more reactive than responsive, and is often the one we choose early in life before our journey of self-exploration and development.
The other is to remain centered in the highest expression of our Ascendant and interact with others from that place.  This position honors appreciation for our spirits, and the spirits of others rather than limiting judgments, or  expectations.  The Sandhill cranes pictured here remind me of the latter approach ~ as I observed these playful birds break away from their ‘V’ formation to soar and sing in random patterns, my heart soared with them.  The collective journey to the south that they were on was temporarily suspended as they engaged in spontaneous play.  After several swoops around the expansive sky, they regrouped and formed the ‘V’ once again, the most effective way to serve their purpose that allows each to share their strengths.  How refreshing to see that Nature holds sacred both the individual and the whole, in the expression of joy and bliss.  Centered in our unique personalities, while serving the whole ~ I can conjure no better description for the Ascendant in our horoscope.

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