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July’s Moon Cycle ~ featuring Summer’s Growth ~


centerAmerica’s Independence Day dawns on
the New Moon in Cancer ~ the zodiac sign ruled by the same Moon that harmonizes the rhythmic tides of the oceans.
It is symbolic of nourishment, emotional sensitivity, comfort, security, family, and growth. I’ve heard that one can never tell how much something in Cancer will grow because its possibilities are endless.

Relying on the horoscope for America on this day in history, and following that sentiment about Cancer ~ as a country, we were born to grow. My birthday wish for Americans is that we grow in connection to each other and honor the elemental truth that there is far more that we share in common than that which separates us. May we live up to the United part of our name and think and act from the heartbeat that connects ~ and heals ~ us all. Then, may we understand and embrace the connection we have to the global pulse and infuse it with our compassion. 

Our collective growth starts within each of us, of course, so this New Moon and this Month of Cancer energies offers a perfect garden in which to plant and nourish our deepest personal seeds ~ from what feeds our sense of comfort and safety to our grandest dreams and wishes ~ and everything in-between.

We can look for an emotionally sensitive beginning to July ~ with Mercury in Cancer and a water trine connecting Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This translates to supportive energy that helps us (if we’re willing) to take what is personal up to the higher realms of trust, forgiveness, and surrender. Neptune in Pisces symbolizes above all else, Oneness. It is consciousness itself, that dwells beyond ego. Here, vivid dreams, artistic creativity, and enhanced intuition are ours if we enter with humility and willingness. 

An opposition to Pluto, the planet that rules personal power and transformation, lends an edge to the New Moon and encourages us to reclaim any power we’ve relinquished in terms of co-creating our lives and our world. In Capricorn, Pluto currently calls us to take back responsibility and call out abuses of power. If Cancer is the sign of infancy and birth, Capricorn is the wise elder who knows how to lead the way. Each dwells in us and awaits our attention and action. 


Mid-month, the Moon waxes Full on the 19th, in the end degrees of Capricorn, shining the light on our choices, allowing us to see if we’ve stepped forward or back.

A T-square aspect to Uranus (the planet of sudden and often surprising changes) in Aries urges us to pay attention to the need for change. In Aries, Uranus stirs the independent warrior within who wants to blaze a new path. Will we ~ individually and collectively ~ allow our unique spirits to shine? Will we be the creative innovators that our world so desperately needs to contribute to a better future? 

The Full Moon in Capricorn brings a passionate embrace between Mercury and Venus in Fiery Leo ~ sparking us to express and love what makes us shine! Getting creative in our conversations and relationships with others is encouraged – and likely unavoidable!

Saturn continues to square Neptune, reminding us to surrender what isn’t working and reshape our beliefs to accommodate what does. What supports an expanded perspective? What limits can stretch – especially those that we’ve held onto long enough? This aspect is designed to help us adjust to a more inclusive worldview ~ our essential humanity, our relationship to others, the pulse of the Cosmos to which we’re all connected. Neptune in Pisces asks, “Can we let go of that which restricts our greater understanding of Unity and Oneness?” May we be united in our answer…

Happy Independence Day to each of us ~ may we be free to choose with our hearts, always.

With infinite blessings and light ~


New Emerging Story ~

EmergingDuring this mid-winter, almost spring time of quiet reflection, deep changes are stirring beneath the surface,
spurred on by the surrounding cosmos.

What wants to emerge through us?

What tether to our collective worn-out story can we sever?

What new story will we create?Witnessing

From what perspective will we write our next
verse, page, chapter?

Perhaps, the highest one possible…

Here’s to a miraculous new story ~

February’s Celestial Illumination ~ Becoming

WholeHearted Greetings!
February opens with a bountiful Full Moon in the creative and confident sign of Leo on the 3rd!
As it conjuncts Jupiter that night, it amps up the power that comes from connecting with Source, however that is understood. This literally lights the way for us to clear a path in this potent time of possibilities that leads to our BEST visions ~ those born in our HEARTS! Mercury goes direct this month, Mars and Venus partner in Aries, and the New Moon at month’s end grazes the edge of Aquarius just before slipping into Pisces minutes later.

BecomingThere are countless metaphors for the shifts we’re experiencing now ~ and have been, especially since the awakening of 2012, when the outer planets encouraged us to co-create our lives with passion, purpose and authority.  Peeling away old layers of conditioning, shedding identities that are not ours, healing, transmuting, shifting and re-balancing, even as the ground beneath us seemingly offered no other choice.

The 3-year-long ongoing square of the two most dynamic and potent planets (Uranus and Pluto) moves toward its last exact hit next month, followed by a powerful “Soular” eclipse and the Spring Equinox. It is a perfect time to shed, release and surrender all that no longer lifts us up. Eclipses offer a fresh start. The March 20th eclipse is poised at 29° Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac before the emergence of Aries. Interested in species survival, Aries births what is new. Some astrologers have called this the ‘end of an era.’ If you’ve been stretching toward your best life, expect to give a final push before Spring with support from the following events:

Full Moon in Leo ~ Feb 3rd 4:09 pm MST, with a conjunction to Jupiter at 10:31 pm MST. Shine Bright with the Moon and receive ramped up inspiration to change via a trine to Uranus in Aries. Transcending any pull to lower ego-based expressions is wise here, thanks to an inconjunct aspect to Pluto, and its square to Uranus. Instead, tune into any and all forms of intuition as Venus positions itself beautifully between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces represents Higher, Divine Love. The stuff of pure hearts without agenda or judgment. It is all-encompassing and unconditional. Embraced by Neptune and Chiron, our ability to express our hearts truest nature is multiplied.

Mercury goes direct in Aquarius on Feb 11th at 7:57 am MST. This brings more forward support to our clear intentions. Aquarius inspires with possibilities and this Mercury takes us there in a most beautiful impersonal way that serves all.

New Moon in Aquarius on Feb 18th at 4:47 pm MST, literally moments before it shifts into Pisces. Sun glides into Pisces on Feb 18th at 4:50 pm MST. Part of the collective universal shift from the old to the new, this New Moon invites our humblest and deepest intentions into its fertile ground. We are wise to plant with care that which we seek to grow.

Mars and Venus move to and embrace in Aries on Feb 20th between 1:05 pm and 4:13 pm MST. The waxing Moon joins their party that same day, so let the sparks fly! This arrangement brings massive raw energy to loving and living life! Restricted or misdirected energies can result in anger or aggressiveness, so be aware again, of the hearts’ intentions. We can also harness this energy for the new era that lies ahead. What seeds do we want to plant for our survival…on Earth and Above? For extra support in exploring the answers, see Upcoming Events for workshop offerings. Enjoy this amazing Heart-filled Month!

With Abundant Blessings ~

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