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On eclipses, rearranging the furniture, and the energy we leave behind…

In the space in-between this month’s Partial Solar Eclipse (September 13th’s New Moon in Virgo) and Total Lunar Eclipse coming up on the 27th during Aries’ Super Moon, my thoughts recall events of this Spring’s Lunar Eclipse (eclipses tend to connect the dots that way…).
In fact, just reflecting on your experiences in April can lend great insight into what’s occurring now and how you can best integrate life’s lessons of what needs to go and what awaits an embrace.

Soul Adventures ~April of 2015 took me to an intimate oceanside conference with this amazing heart and soul-centered medium,
James Van Praagh. Prior to our class
and under his direction, our small group rearranged the furniture in the hotel’s conference room, not once but several times. Rows of chairs and tables – too linear and exact for what was about to occur – were moved until an simple, open circle emerged. As we moved heavy tables into the hallway, James spoke of how important it is to
consider how we approach and leave the rooms we occupy. Essentially, moving theĀ  furniture became a metaphor for moving our energy.
I remember him saying that we’ll leave that room different than it was when we entered it – and it was up to us to choose the
state that we wanted to leave the room in for those who would occupy it next.

What happened next was exquisite. As we opened our hearts and minds to each other and our journeys, and connected to the tethers of those who left the rooms we occupy on the Earth-plane, the energy in the room elevated to an undeniable and sublime state of love.

Now, as I center myself, free from linear arrangements of what may be expected or
even normal, this question, indelibly imprinted on my heart, remains and continues
to inspire me:

What energy do I wish to leave behind?

Lunar Eclipse in Aries
May this cycle of eclipses help you rearrange your furniture – and your life – into a place and state of well-being, upliftment, and love. And may your energetic footprint be ever so light ~

~ Christina
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Footprints ~ a new perspective for our Earth Journey ~

Energetic FootprintAs we approach Earth Day and later this week, Arbor Day, I want to share an epiphany from my time spent with a beloved teacher of our Soul’s individual and collective journey. Earlier this month, I traveled seaside where I was honored to share sacred time with James Van Praagh
and a small number of kindred souls. As the Moon reached the fullness of Libra, the sign of Mediumship, Harmony, and Love, and was eclipsed by the Earth from the Sun’s Light in Aries, the sign of Self-expression, Identity, and New Life, we opened our hearts to higher wisdom and light, and were blessed in kind.

Among the many gems James shared, and the miracles of Spirit’s presence that emerged during the weekend, was the idea that we leave the space we occupy with energy ~ and we have the opportunity to choose the state of energy that we leave behind for those that follow. James was referring to the room we were working in as well as on a larger scale, the energy of our souls.

I was instantly reconnected to my experience of witnessing and floating in the exquisite energy left behind by a humpback whale on a boating trip in Maui. The pattern that emerges in the ocean after these amazing creatures swim by is called a footprint. To me, the ribbon left on the water feels like a wave of love, filled with reassurance that we are all connected to something so vast, so seemingly incomprehensible, yet entirely knowable through our hearts. As I floated upon the whale’s energetic footprint in reverent silence, the boat gently lifting and lowering my open heart in rhythm to a universal pulse both ancient and timeless, my soul simultaneously transcended and encompassed all space and time.

After working with Spirit so openly and conjuring this soul memory, my fervent intention in this moment, and in this journey of my soul’s life, is that my energetic footprint is worthy of the Light that I am blessed to witness ~ to hold ~ to be ~ and to share.

With oceans and planets of heartfelt Gratitude and Blessings ~ Christina

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