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April’s Healing Gifts: 5 Prescriptions for Reflection & Infinite Energy for Blazing our Path

When the fullness of life bursts just beneath the surface and stirs our primal impulses ~ when leaves bud and animals wake from slumber, when life calls us with its timeless affirmation and commands that we choose. Enter April, and the fullness of Aries: the master of survival with the willingness to emerge triumphant and live fully, absolutely, completely.

Blaze On ~

Many of the clients that I work with were born when the Sun and other planets were in Aries – some would say they “are Aries,” but if you follow astrology you likely know that we are much more than our Sun sign because we possess the energetic qualities of all of the planets to some degree.

When I reflect on the nature of Aries, I’m immediately drawn to the power of Mars, its ruling planet, with its pure desire to express its raw force and energy. It is impulsive, daring; intent on its expression and survival. I think of Spring, when Aries – and new life – begins again.

This April 7th, at 5:24 am MDT, the New Moon is in Aries, accentuating a powerful impulse to burst forth with energy and zeal. It joins the Sun and Uranus in the same fiery sign, urging us to shine in the unique and innovative way that only each of us can. We may well find ourselves on fire to ignite and act out our intentions and instinctive desires during this New Moon cycle. If we take care to avoid rash impulsiveness for personal gain, we’ll honor the collective of which we are a part ~ and likely create and experience harmony versus conflict.

surrenderIf last month’s emphasis was on the spiritual plane of Piscean mystery, dissolution, and flow, this one is about enlivening what was revealed once we wiped the slate clean. What spiritual truths did we encounter as we released what needed to go? What insights did we receive in the dreamtime or in our meditations? How can we bring them to life now?

Several other opportunities for reflection occur in April as 5 planets will be retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn remain retrograde, while this month brings shifts from Mars, Pluto, and Mercury. Instead of being a cause for alarm, I like to consider retrograde planets as prescriptions. Their symbol – Rx – makes it easy to remember this call to go within and reconsider our thoughts, choices, and behavior relative to each planet’s energy.
Rx Journeys or Cosmic Medicine in play:
Jupiter Rx – January 8th – May 9th – the benevolent planet of expansion pauses in the exacting and logical sign of Virgo and asks simply: What is working, and how can it work better?
Saturn Rx – March 25th – August 13th – the planet of limits and boundaries moves through the Jupiter-ruled terrain of expansion and growth. Where can we stretch? What are our fundamental beliefs based on, and are we ready to grow out of them, for the higher gain?
Mars Rx – April 17th – June 29th – Mars transits through Sagittarius and Scorpio helping us reconsider our impulses to both expand and deepen our expression of our desires.
Pluto Rx – April 18th – September 26th – in the middle degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, Pluto calls us to deepen our examination of personal and collective power – are we reclaiming or relinquishing ours? Is our co-creative power limited, and if so, how are we allowing it?
Mercury Rx – April 28th – May 22nd – in Venus-ruled Taurus, the Messenger planet asks us to reexamine our thoughts, beliefs, and words. Are we coming from love and building our lives with the most powerful force of all? Do we believe that thoughts become things, and if so, what are our ‘things’ made of?

April also delivers Taurus energy on the morning of the 19th at 9:29 am MDT, as the Sun shifts from Aries to the Earthy Venus-ruled sign of love and beauty. It’s time to ground, build what we love, nurture what feeds our bodies and souls, and revel in the beauty of the natural world.

Lilac           Iris Dew           Spring Crocus

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Full Moon gleams in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus on the night of April 21 at 11:23 pm, and pulls us into the depths where we can transform our shadows by embracing them – and our power – with pure love.

As Gandhi also said, “Nothing is impossible for pure love.”

Wishing all of us more of that, always ~ and especially as we honor our Mother Earth on Friday, April 22nd, for all our relations ~