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Reflections on Libra’s Full Moon and the healing power of love ~

The angles that this moon makes to celestial bodies to further our collective evolution brings a healing balm to my soul.

The Moon in Libra forms an air trine between Saturn in Aquarius and the North Lunar Node and Mars in Gemini. An inconjunction from the Moon to Uranus in Taurus and Pallas Athena in Pisces activates the ongoing square between Uranus to Saturn.

Meanwhile, the Moon reflects the pure light of consciousness, love, and light of the Sun, Chiron, Venus and Ceres in Aries and a partnership between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces strengthens our commitment to Divinity and Unity.

I immediately make the connection to the current of fresh ideas and possibilities that expand our understanding of ourselves in relation to others when we embrace the perspective of inclusivity.

Standing in the middle of this energetic field of possibility, I embody the essence of life and unequivocally know that love is crucial to our survival. The sensation is palpable and deeply comforting as evidence of unresolved trauma and pain continually surfaces on our planet to be healed.
Here’s to opening our minds and hearts to the energy of the cosmos and embracing all that is possible in the ever-expanding realm of universal love and light. We are the catalysts of our expansion.

With abundant gratitude and love ~
~ Christina