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Celebrating Summer Solstice ~

Yay Summer!! The season officially began this morning in the western hemisphere when the Sun slipped into Cancer at 9:54 am MDT, where growth is certain and abundant, and joy awaits our alignment! If we turn our attention to the natural world that is our home, we can see abundant evidence of growth all around us.

Gardens abound with busy pollinators. Newborn geese instinctively following the lead of their parents. Baby ungulates dance inside protective circles formed by their mothers. As the Sun warms the earth with its light, life is born and finds its way forward.
As we find our way forward in Cancer, we have the opportunity to rebirth ourselves – to nurture and love ourselves in ways that support our growth and bring joy to our days. Cancer is a watery, cardinal sign that must express its emotional needs. It takes us back to this essential and simple truth: at the core of each of us is an abiding need for love.

Neptune went retrograde in Pisces this morning a couple of hours before the Summer Solstice, inviting a deeper dive into the mysteries of life and worlds beyond ours. In this realm, the art of allowing and surrendering to something larger and more powerful beckons us closer to our potential. Forgiveness, and the need for it, is ramped up now. If we’re holding onto things that block our growth, we’re invited to release them – to simply let them dissolve. Releasing resistance with a sense of gratitude allows our blessings to multiply.

In the spirit of appreciation, our current Gemini New Moon Cycle inspired me to share an image of Nature on my Facebook page each day. The Summer Solstice takes me to Day 19 in this cycle of 29 days.

This sacred day finds me wanting to join the Universe in its rearranging of gifts, so I’m offering a free crystal to those that order a New Earth Essence Consultation during the Summer of 2019. The crystal will be chosen to support your alignment with joy, as shown by your chart reading – perhaps smoky quartz if grounding is indicated, clear quartz for clarity, rose quartz for love, etc. Shipping within the US is free. To book a New Earth Essence reading, please email me or place your order here.

This Gemini New Moon cycle will end when the Moon shifts into Cancer and eclipses the Sun on July 2nd, 2019, bringing more opportunities to begin again. I’ll share more celestial insights as we get closer to the upcoming Cancer New Moon cycle and the two eclipses that July brings, but for now, Summer deserves its day in the Sun, as do we. Enjoy!

Happy Summer Blessings and Much Love, always ~