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Celebrating the Earth and the Beauty of Taurus ~

The clouds are heavy with mist and rain as my bare feet sink into the Earth. Her strength, resilience, and completely unconditional acceptance grounds me into this sacred moment of grace.

The Sun moved into earthy Taurus this past weekend, and it joins Uranus at 2 degrees there today, on this 49th Annual Earth Day.

In Venus-ruled Taurus, we’re reminded to cultivate beauty and turn our hearts to what truly matters. While Taurus wants to take its time when it comes to remodeling our value system, Aquarius-ruled Uranus charges the air with a sense of unlimited possibility and inspiration. It asks us to ground into our vision of tomorrow and pave the way forward by building lives that will sustain not only ourselves, but also our human family. 

Meanwhile, Venus, Chiron, and Mercury form a stellium of supportive, self-preserving energy in Aries, calling us to care for and heal ourselves along the way. The waning Moon in Sagittarius moves closer to its conjunction Jupiter as it opposes Mars in Gemini and forms a T-square to Neptune in Pisces. Freedom, expansion, duality, and forgiveness continue to remain available to those willing to serve our higher collective calling. 

Here’s to growing together, for our common good ~
Blessings, always,





April’s New Moon in Aries ~ Weaving Ourselves Alive

…as are we.

The Sabian symbol for this month’s New Moon at 15° Aries is An Indian Weaving a Ceremonial Blanket in the Light of the Setting Sun.
As Dane Rudhyar reflects on this imagery in his book, An Astrological Mandala, he muses about spiritual seekers being “robed in the Universe…the Great White Robe of interwoven stars.”

Weaving my story with this New Moon, I conjure the warmth and comfort of my woolen blanket on a chilly May dawn so many years ago, and yet, here, now. The juniper in my circle of prayers casts its twisted shadow on the rocky earth as the Moon’s silver light bathes the backs of buffalo mothers and babies, dark cocoa and cinnamon, grazing on fields winking with mica. In that timeless moment of contemplation and surrender, what was, is, and would be coalesced into a heart-stopping void of grace and awe.

We are all robed in interwoven stars, weaving our way together. Every thread we’ve touched, lived, breathed, spoken, held, loved, laughed, rejected, grieved, and released is part of our living and evolving tapestry. As is every thread that waits for us to grasp it.

Here’s to weaving our lives with open hearts across time and space, for the love of all that is life.

With timeless blessings,
~ Christina

Opening to the Creative Celestial Flow of April ~

The Sun and Chiron in Aries continue to stir life within and around us, while the Moon (along with Venus, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces) calls us to feel into the mystery.

Strong currents of creativity are showing up for those daring enough to court them.

As the early degrees of the personal signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are visited by Chiron, Uranus, and Mars respectively, we’re encouraged to continue healing, valuing, and expressing ourselves.

Fortunately, engaging in the arts to express the raw emotions that may emerge now can help ease some of the pressure that comes from diving into the deep end, where evolutionary leaps in consciousness are made. Dance, Poetry, Acting, Painting, Journaling, Sculpting, Music, and Song are just a few of the endless ways to play with these energies.

Some of us may have noticed a shift recently as Mercury moved direct at the end of last week, although clarity can still be a bit elusive as Neptune and Mercury remain close for awhile longer.

Still, as the old ways are released, we can take comfort in the absolute certainty of certain things. Spring follows winter. What is planted sprouts. Intuition grows as it is trusted.
Life finds a way. Love magnifies when given and received, and we all win.

With blessings of life,

~ Christina


March’s New Moon in Pisces and the Wisdom of Adaptability

As Mercury begins its retrograde journey today at 29° Pisces, it’s encouraging us
to surrender old issues and wounds, and it’s amplifying its message by tugging on
Chiron at 00° Aries.

While it’s true that we must begin again in Aries in order to grow, the messenger planet is asking us to make sure we’ve cleaned everything up. Even – and especially – the stuff we’re not consciously aware of: the stuff gathering dust in dark corners, the stuff we revisit in our dreams, the covert stuff we’d rather not discover or accept.

The courageous ones among us will tend to our inner whispers and dreams. The wise ones will cultivate patience, meditation, and allowing. Then, when the timing is just right, we will begin the process of gestating the ideas that are calling for fresh air and light.

Tomorrow morning, on March 6th, 2019, at 9:04 am MST, the New Moon joins Neptune and Vesta in watery Pisces, and sextiles Mars in earthy Taurus and Saturn in earthy Capricorn on either side of it. It also creates a T-square to Juno in airy Gemini and Ceres in fiery Sagittarius, while it squares Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The nature of this Pisces New Moon is watery, feminine, and mutable.

Mutable – adjective– liable to change.

The importance of adaptability was made clear to me as I recently traveled with a friend to the high desert of Sedona just after a record snowstorm. Witnessing the miracle of desert rock formations draped in thick snow, I felt that Mother Earth was quenching her thirst, and I drank in her beauty as I walked with extra care upon her.

As the snow melted, it traveled through rising creeks as sunlight danced with joy upon the swirls and pools that refreshed prickly pear cacti, twisted juniper, and pinyon pine. Forgoing
our plans for long hikes on sacred lands, we breathed into the beauty that presented itself around us and
flowed with what was. 

We’re living in a time where the Universe is asking us if we’re sure of ourselves. And sometimes (often, it seems), it nudges us to choose again. The ability to notice and heed the nudges is at the heart of this New Moon’s gift…and gifts are best when received with open hearts. 

Here’s to receiving the abundant blessings of adaptability and flowing with grace ~

With great blessings and gratitude, always,
~ Christina

Grounding into February’s Full Moon in Virgo

Celestial bodies continue to encourage us to evolve with more shifts this month…

Chiron moves into Aries on Monday the 18th, at 2:10 am MST, calling forth our courage. Surrendering our wounds while Chiron was in Pisces allows for our inspired expression now.

The Sun slips from Aquarius to Pisces that same afternoon at 4:04 pm MST. Pisces holds artistry, unity, and mastery in a chamber of mystery. Tapping into our dreamscapes enriches our journey on both sides of the veil. The capacity for healing to occur in our dreams
is heightened now, and great power can be found when we intentionally engage it.

Meanwhile, the Moon waxes toward fullness and will rise at 8:53 am MST on Tuesday, February 19th, at zero degrees of Virgo. It forms an inconjunction to Chiron at zero degrees Aries, and invites us to heal old, lingering wounds around self-confidence. It trines both Uranus at 29° Aries and Mars at 3° Taurus, connecting 2 elements of earth and fire, and 3 modes of operation: mutable Virgo, cardinal Aries, and fixed Taurus.

Grounding into Earth is important now. Virgo’s Full Moon shines a light on what works and what does not. It loves efficiency, order, logic, process, and routine. It rules the areas of our lives that are conscious, earthly, and health-oriented. While Pisces, whose sunlight it reflects now, loves poetry, flow, intuition, being, and mystery. It rules the areas of our lives that are unconscious, artistic, and spiritual.

By bringing Spirit down to Earth through our thoughts, words, and actions everyday, we demonstrate the powerful perfection of the Pisces/Virgo energies. February’s Full Moon in Virgo spotlights the dreams that we’re manifesting. Do we like what we’ve created enough to celebrate it? Do we move through our days consciously? Gratefully? Gracefully?

A recent winter retreat found me basking in the bits of sunshine splashed on these sacred mountains where the Ute Indians once dwelled in peace. Walking by the flowing river by day, soaking in the healing mineral springs by night, seeing eagles, coyotes, a flock of bluebirds, families of deer, and more crows than I could count, I was reminded how easy healing is
when I’m present, and how generous the natural world is with its gifts of beauty and grace.

One of my walks led me to a medicine wheel where a prayer cairn holds a magnificent bronze eagle that was dedicated to Dennis Weaver upon his transition to the Great Mystery. People who visit this memorial park are invited to place prayer cairns upon and around the wheel. Serenity enveloped me as I entered the space, and like the eagle, my intentions rode a thermal wave of energy skyward. It’s a quiet place of power, this park, where humans and nature coexist peacefully in harmony and hope. February’s Full Moon in Virgo will find me celebrating this state of grace ~ where our co-creation reflects the mystery and the mastery of life perfectly.

Blessings, Always, For All Relations ~

Welcome February ~ inhale love, exhale joy, repeat…

Feeling feisty as February begins? You’re likely not alone, as the month kicks off with some fairly provocative energies – football reference not intended, but hey, if it fits…
We’ll do well to watch out for impulsivity, impatience, and knee-jerk reactions with strong Mars energies activating in Aries, and quickly approaching Uranus there.

When we’re not counting to ten and taking deep breaths, we can tap into the creative fiery trine between Uranus and Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius in the first few days of the month.

Jupiter will join the fiery flow soon enough just after the New Moon on the 4th, so engaging in something creative and fun that feeds our spirits – while not overdoing it – brings expansion.

More to come on the New Moon at 15° Aquarius on February 4th soon! For now, here’s to taking a collective deep breath of higher love, and exhaling joy.

Waning Gibbous Half-Moon in Scorpio Blessings ~

At 2:10 pm MST today, January 27, 2019, the waning gibbous moon will reach her halfway point at 7° Scorpio. She will make an exact square from to the Sun (and an almost exact one to Mercury) in Aquarius and form a T-square to Uranus in the end degrees of Aries.

As one of many squares that are in the skies right now, this one, between the airy masculine energy of the Sun and the watery feminine energy of the Moon, emphasizes our challenge to connect to what’s important in the bigger picture of our lives, for the collective win.

To encourage our evolution even more, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn square Mars in Aries. All of these strong planets and signs want their way, so tensions could mount and/or erupt. Neptune in Pisces also squares Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, pitting more feminine watery energies against male fiery ones.

Fortunately, where there are challenges, there are always gifts. Today, these include a watery trine from the Moon in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces inviting surrender, flow, faith, and love.

Fiery trines between Mars and Uranus in Aries to Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius lift our level of love and understanding higher, as we find new, cooperative ways to assert our individuality where all involved feel a level of freedom. 

An out-of-element trine between Chiron in the end degrees of Pisces to Ceres in the beginning degrees of Sagittarius fosters healing. Ceres shows us how to nurture and mother ourselves – in Sagittarius, expansion and freedom are gestated. If we flow with this restorative current and have fun with our self-care routine, we’ll receive the liberating gifts of unconditional love. We can embrace this healing flow even more if we get outside in nature. 

Finally, an exact cooperative sextile between Saturn in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces helps us bridge the gap between what is real and what is ideal.

How can our higher selves show up in our daily lives so that we flow with our divine plan?

What dreams can we manifest when we consciously work toward them?

What can we surrender to become love?

Blessings, always ~

Embracing the Spirit of January’s Total Lunar Eclipse ~

Tonight’s Full Moon is expanding in the last half of Cancer’s realm now. It’s fast approaching the north lunar node and will tow it along as it waxes full and is totally eclipsed, in the beginning degrees of Leo tonight. 

I sat to write this post yesterday afternoon, at the exact moment that the Moon opposed Saturn in Capricorn and created a T-square to Mars in Aries. It got my attention. Since all I’ve been wanting to do lately is to practice radical self-care, I followed my instinct and did that instead. This morning finds me rested and able to share my musings on how to flow with the shifting tides of the Moon’s energy field.  

Cancer is the sign that the Moon governs. Imagine a caring nanny watching over her children as they learn to become who they are meant to be. The Moon does this for us, too, when we let her into our hearts and follow her lead from there.

Tuning into the omniscient guidance system of our emotional bodies not only smooths out the bumps on the road, but also elevates the journey. Mary Oliver, the beloved, brilliant soul who left this earthly realm earlier this week echoed the Moon’s truth in her poem, Wild Geese ~ “…You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” 

When we are courageous enough to take deep breaths, laugh with our little ones, cry over losses, and give shelter to ourselves when we’re in shadowy places, we are heeding and flowing with the wisdom of the Moon. She never misguides us. Instead, like the loving governess who has our highest growth and development in mind, she shows us the way forward.

Tonight, the way forward holds the promise of light.

As the Moon beams full in Leo, the role of governing our emotional bodies is given to the Sun, who will eclipse it and assist us in severing ties to that which limits our expansion.

Eclipses always offer a blank page for us to fill. What we splash upon it is up to us. Tears, Laughter, Love, Kindness, Presence, Courage, Fear, Trust…the keywords for Leo are “I will.” 

What will we surrender? 

What will we bring forward into the light?

Who are we willing to be? 

Are we willing to shine? 

When we express our highest will, we come to the center of the Leo/Aquarius plane and serve the whole of us, our greater family, where we shine like the Sun and love like the Moon.

Meanwhile, the Moon’s willingness to pull the North Node in Cancer along with it helps us to flow with the wonderfully watery trine to Ceres in Scorpio, where rebirth gestates, and Chiron in Pisces, where impeccable intuition, knowing, and healing awaits.

Here’s to splashing our truest, most beautiful selves all over the page ~ in all of our crazy colors and radiant light…bright or dappled as it may be.

With great love and blessings, always ~

for Mary, and our ever-evolving family of things…

2019 ~ Flowing with the Current of Grace ~

2019 greets us with two potent eclipses to make sure we’re on track right out of the gate.

Meanwhile Mars, our favorite red planet of action, finds its home in fiery Aries on January 1st, and remains in there all month. We can get inspired to reach out for what we truly desire – especially in the area of self-expression and fulfillment. Using this energy will be important so that frustration and/or anger doesn’t build up. 

The New Moon on the 5th ushers in the first eclipse of the year – a partial solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn. At the center of Capricorn, the power and wisdom of owning the consequences of our choices waits for our recognition. Choosing our commitments with care and showing up for what matters brings great rewards.

The Full Moon on the 20th inspires us with a total lunar eclipse at 00° Leo. Planetary energies are most potent at the early and end degrees, and this Full Moon should prove it.     
As the Moon grows full and is eclipsed, we’ll do well to shine our light as the Sun does, simply because it must. In doing so, it enlivens and warms all that it touches. Leo has much to do with the will. When we engage our will for the good of the whole, we embody the best of Leo and Aquarius and align with the quintessential power of Light.

Light-bearers, all, this is our time to shine.

A square from expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius to dreamy Neptune in Pisces is activated all month long. Being aware of higher truths that help us grow will ease potential tension, while tuning into and trusting our dreams and intuition helps us release limitation and know freedom. The mutability of these signs say: “Be flexible.” “Compromise.” “Let go.”

Update on 1/4/19 ~ during the Balsamic phase of the moon…

In this dark, balsamic phase of the moon, just before it emerges new tomorrow at 15 degrees Capricorn…just before we experience a partial solar eclipse embraced by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, just before Uranus shifts into direct motion in Aries, what is asking to be released?
What is outworn in our thinking and our ways of living in the world that we’ve co-created? What are we better than? January holds two potent eclipses for fresh starts – tomorrow’s and a total lunar eclipse on January 20th.
How will we hold and dance with the light? Firemancers all, may we do it mindfully, with great care, and with our hearts leading the way ~

With blessings of light and a refreshing air of optimism,
may we flow with the current of grace, always,
~ Christina


Cosmic Advent Calendar ~ December 2018 ~

Cosmic Advent Calendar ~ 2018 ~ Gifts from Above ~

Day 25 ~ Always, love…

Day 24 ~ The Moon joins the North Node in the end degrees of Cancer, squares Rx Uranus in Aries, and opposes Pluto in Capricorn. A flowing trine from the Moon to Mars and Chiron in Pisces aids our individual and collective healing, while Jupiter and Mercury continue to encourage us to see, speak, and live from a higher place. Taking care of ourselves allows us to serve. Here’s to resting when we need to and waking with love in our hearts.

Day 23 ~ A Water trine between the Moon in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces combined with squares from the Moon in Cancer to Saturn and Pluto in earthy Capricorn invite us to flow today. Here’s to being one with the universal current of grace ~

Day 22 ~ The Moon ebbs full at zero degrees Cancer this morning, asking us to tenderly embrace the little one inside of us. Imagining a world where we awaken to the power
of that simple act of love, always…

Day 21 ~ Winter Solstice Blessings ~ Revel in the return of the light! Drumming up the Winter Solstice Sun in the enchanted Red Rocks park offers a multitude of blessings. Drumbeats stir ancient heart songs as red-tailed hawks circle above lifting prayers to the heavens. Scents of sage and sweetgrass whisk us back to bonfires in sacred groves. Children dance with happy dads and dogs, and cloaks whirl in the wind while friendly folk share colorful messages of truth. Hope, faith, love, and all things beautiful call us into a new year. Here’s to reveling in the light. May it bless us all, always ~  

Day 20 ~ On this eve of Winter Solstice, in the late degrees of Sagittarius, the Sun trines Uranus in Aries, providing a spark of motivation and warmth for the dawning year. The Moon continues to expand in Gemini before she opposes Jupiter and Mercury in Sag later tonight. Maximizing joy as we release all that is outside of our highest good brings us into alignment with the light that returns tomorrow. Happy Winter Solstice Eve, all.
May our blessings be abundant and shared ~

Day 19 ~ A creative Fire trine between the Sun in Sag and Uranus in Aries inspires our genius, while Earthy trines between the Moon in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn help us continue to restructure what matters. Jupiter and Mercury pair up in Sag to lift our vision,
and the Sun in Sag squares Chiron in Pisces to help us take things less personally.
Giving thanks for it all multiplies our blessings.

Day 18 ~ A grounding Moon in Taurus this morning helps us connect to what matters and a trine to Saturn in Capricorn this evening strengthens our boundaries. Here’s to rooting into the Earth and growing from there.

Day 17 ~ The Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn this morning, awakening us to who we are in the world that we’re co-creating and imploring us to become agents of positive change. The day wraps up with a fiery trine between the Aries Moon and the Sun in Sagittarius, turning our attention to inspired endeavors and new possibilities.
Here’s to stepping into the light on purpose!

Day 16 ~ In the words of the wise Rafiki, “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Aspects in the sky today surround us with opportunities for discovery and realization. Venus sextiles Saturn and the Moon trines Jupiter this morning just before it squares Saturn. Later, the night brings another cooperative sextile between Mars and Pluto. Reflection, appreciation, and action elevate our game.

Day 15 ~ It’s another good day to center and ground ourselves since the Moon went void of course this morning. It will move into Mars-ruled Aries later this afternoon. Be nice out there ~ we’re really all one!

Day 14 ~ We’re blessed with the Moon in Pisces embracing Neptune this morning and Mars tonight. If we’re in the western hemisphere and outside later in clear skies, we can look for moonbeams next to the red planet and be inspired. If not, we can be inspired anyway!
Today holds the gift of allowing our souls to connect with the Divine, however we see it or feel it – it’s Pisces after all! 

Day 13 This morning dawned with a Piscean Moon, waxing gently in the sign of Oneness, Intuition, and Dreams. Surrendering what no longer serves our highest vision frees us to be fully alive.

Day 12 ~ Mercury moves into Sagittarius this afternoon ~ Here’s to seeing things from a higher place!

Day 11 ~ What blessings are present when we open our hearts to serve?

Day 10 ~ The moon squares Uranus this afternoon and then shifts into the ingenious landscape of Aquarius today. Opening our minds can take us to refreshing new places. Here’s to seeing the light!

Day 9 ~ Our choices are highlighted today as logical Mercury in Scorpio trines intuitive Chiron in Pisces. The Moon sextiles Neptune and Mars in Pisces before she joins Pluto in Capricorn later this evening. What do we want, and what do we want to change?

Day 8 ~ The Moon moved into Capricorn this morning, joins Saturn there later tonight, and cooperates with Venus in Scorpio via a sextile midday. The night also gifts us with Chiron’s direct motion in Pisces. What is worthwhile, real, and useful? 

Day 7 ~ Along with the Sagittarian New Moon’s invitation to see and feel what else is possible, today holds the healing gift of a Grand Water Trine.

Mercury in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and the North Node in Cancer offer a current of emotional support for our collective healing – if we’re willing to dive in and flow with it. Direct Mercury in Scorpio senses what’s lurking in the deep end, super-sensitive Chiron in Pisces asks us to heal our wounds by trusting our intuition and taking things less personally, and the North Node in Cancer reminds us to prioritize self-love.

Tapping into this current can help us meet the challenge of the New Moon’s square to Mars and Neptune. Mars is a personal planet that helps us get what we want. Its aim is direct and confident. When in Pisces, its focused approach softens and we journey into the transpersonal landscape of Neptune. Here, we’re invited to consider how what we want serves the whole and we’re asked to surrender what separates us. Doing so also supports us in connecting the inconjunct aspect between Mars in Pisces and Uranus in Aires.

The question becomes: What is possible when we embody compassion
and consider our connection with all that is?

Day 6 ~ A busy day in the skies takes us higher into the realms of Sagittarius as the Moon joined Jupiter there early this morning. This afternoon, Mercury goes direct in the late degrees of Scorpio. And later tonight, in the dark of the Moon, as she squares Mars and Neptune in Pisces, we can feel into and love what makes us grow. Balsamic moon phases are fertile places for gestating ideas, dreams, and hopes. Here’s to rising with the Sun and later, dreaming into the deep richness that the night brings on the eve of the New Moon…

Day 5 ~ The Moon goes void of course this afternoon after it joins Rx Mercury in Scorpio – meaning it will make its last significant aspect before changing signs. It will remain void of course until it moves into Sagittarius this evening. These periods of time are perfect for grounding, centering, and simply being. Enjoy!

Day 4 ~ Watery trines from the Moon in Scorpio to Mars and Neptune in Pisces and sextiles to Saturn and Pluto in Earthy Capricorn invite flow and cooperation. Here’s to allowing blessings to arrive…

Day 3 ~ The Moon shifts into Scorpio this morning and then will embrace Venus about an hour later. Venus blesses us with the Law of Attraction, and Scorpio empowers it ~ Here’s to consciously aligning with the Universal Law of Attraction in our thoughts, words, actions, and energy fields!!

Day 2 ~ Venus merges with Scorpio today. Here’s to diving deep into the powerful current of love ~

As the Moon shifted into Libra early this morning, she inspired Day 1 ~ Here’s to breathing in love, beauty, inspiration, and all things Venusian.