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Dawn’s First Light ~ Winter Solstice Blessings 2015 ~

Greetings of Winter Solstice Love and Light ~
Tonight at 9:48 pm MST the wheel of time will turn the Sun’s light into Capricorn’s domain,
and bless us once again, with life and love, and the promise of a new day.

As I welcomed the Sun on this Sacred Dawn in the midst of a most exalted song of beating hearts, drums, rattles and prayers, I was struck by the abundant blessings that surround us in every moment on this planet Earth. Leaving the amphitheater of ancient red rocks in the silence after the song, I turned my gaze skyward to a Red-Tailed Guardian basking in the golden light of the Sun, taking it all in and blessing us as one.



Solstice Moment
With deep and wide gratitude to you, my kindred soul family, I offer a few of these exquisite moments in time. May they inspire and nourish your Earth journey, along with my love ~




Blessings, always,
from Earth and Above,

Christina ~